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    Netvisit server blocked, again

    Lets iron out a few things and leave it at that. I don't disagree that rejection should be done at SMTP time, yes 'misdirected bounces', bogus NDNs, Joe jobbing, etc is a problem. I disagree with the policy that spamcop has put in place to list originators of these NDNs. Spamcop has a large number of subscribers to their RBL, a large percentage of these are small time mail servers run by small businesses with limited resources. Spamcop made a significant change to their policy by beginning to list originators of NDNs. I remember finding a one liner about this policy change on a FAQ around the time it was implemented but now after spending a few minutes on the website I cant find any reference to it. IMHO there should be highly visible notices all over your website advising of the change and its impact, that users of spamcop's RBL will be rejecting mail from entities that are running their systems to accepted standards and specifications. Maybe standards need to change, maybe spamcop thinks it can draft people into revolution, maybe the needs of the end user should have been considered.
  2. dub

    Netvisit server blocked, again

    Note: I don't actually care if this gets approved or not but try and see past your own inflated sense of indignation and take this on board. I don't need support, just offering my agreement (granted with some embellishment) to a post on an existing thread. I was just googling for other instances of people having this problem with your RBL. I am already confident that spamcop can't (read won't) help me, the best I can do is minimise the impact of your policy by showing people how stupid it is, a process that is working better than expected. Sorry but like it or not your 'administrator' status will lead people to believe you are spamcop staff as such your posts will carry this stigma.
  3. dub

    Netvisit server blocked, again

    Maybe you should have bothered to take in the context? The 'keeping things functional' bit is classic, real comedy. I have, in fact, been having a bad week, due primarily to dealing with the fallout from this policy change. Might I offer a 'sc** you, ***hat' in return. And way to drag an innocent commercial entity into what you have deemed a personal problem. Another fine example of spamcop's professional attitude.
  4. dub

    Netvisit server blocked, again

    I agree with Jim, Spamcop is acting irresponsibly by making such a significant policy change. In correspondance with Ellen I was advised that their justification for expecting people to go against standards was 'ten years ago it was acceptable to run an open relay'. Spamcop has seated themselves firmly in the 'run for morons by morons' group of RBL with the likes of spambag.org and SORBS. I work for an organisation with over 400,000 email users who are now having their mail rejected by countless small companies who simply dont know that spamcop has adopted this moronic policy. The best we can do is advise them on a case by case basis that spamcop is has been taken over by crack smoking internet terrorists and should be avoided at all cost. So far we have found only agreement once the facts are presented. Well done spamcop, you f***** monkies.