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    one-time delisting ?

    Thanks for your answers, I do now better understand it. Ok, how does the system determine if the spews has stopped? However, we are now listed again. I will now install an accesslist, which rejects unknown users on the mailgateway per SMTP, so, no bounces will be sent anymore. What will I have to do to get rid of the listing? Shall I fill out such a dispute form mentioned on the listing page? Or, would it be enough to tell you here the IP? Just in case the latter is enough: the ip is Thanks in advance, Tom
  2. scip

    one-time delisting ?

    So, it does frequently spam tests, doesn't it? Is this documented somewhere, what exactly is tested? And which test matches for my site? Well, you could add a ticket number to the administrator notify which makes sure that only authorized personel is able to initiate the delisting. Maybe you take this as feature request? That was not my question, of course do I know how to test my site myself. I wanted to know WHAT the spamcop system (robot, agent?) exactly does? There could be a list of currently tested spam-indicators with names, like e.g. spam assasin already does. The admin notification could then contain a list of one or more IDs of matched spam tests. This would enable the admin to know where to look at. No digging blindly around. I hope I made it clear now. In fact, I never received such a report, users notified me that some destinations are rejecting us. I then visited the report site and there were no substantial information, which test matched, nor could I view the original report of the person who reported us initially. Well, I know that. But I am only the admin of a customer system. They tell me what to do, I cannot decide anything myself. You may agree with me that this is very annoying, but that's the situation here. In this very case the site were reported because of a bounce issue, which is also discussed elsewhere here (the faq, if I remember right), but at the moment I am not allowed to do something against this. So, the next time the site will be reported, they will be offline to all sites which they communicate with by email. In addition I will have no further way to delist the site because of the one-time behavior mentioned above. In the end, the customer will complain and stuff, I may loose my job, because I am unable to help them because they don't allow me to do so (and, of course they do not understand the key problem if I try to explain it). So, you do not fight spam with this, but put people in risk of loosing their job. You might find this view overdrawn, I just draw it to show my current problem. kind regards, Tom
  3. Hello, the faq states that delisting is possible only once. What's the motivation behind this? Why is there no online testing too, which many others provide for postmasters to make sure that the bug/hole/whatsoever is really fixed before issuing the delisting? kind regards, Tom