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  1. Yup. UCLA it is. My personal mail goes through the Campus servers, my business mail through the Medical Center. I tried to stick it out, but the discussion appeared closed when I was directed to the FAQ. I'm not that sophisticated a user, just a paid up one. Your "fix" did the job, and I can report again of course. Many thanks, M.
  2. I thought it would be helpful yesterday to register my personal university address as NOT a spam source. It appears that I misunderstood the purpose of registering. When I tried to report spam sent to my business university address, it is reporting the university as the spam source. There are no boxes to uncheck because I report silently. Clearly this was not a good idea on my part. My best option probably is to reverse what I did yesterday, but how? Totally chagrined, thank you for your help, Mildred
  3. I DID complete the registration process and got the confirmation receipt. I'm clearly in over my head and shouldn't have tried this. I just deleted my e-mail address (that was the only choice). The pulldown list of hosts at the top shows all the university servers, but delete wasn't a choice. It now shows nothing registered. I'll stay in the sandbox where I belong... Many thanks for spelling it out for me, M.
  4. I guess I wasn't clear enough. I registered my university as what I thought was NOT a spam source. I have not been able to report anything since because when the reports are processed, we show up as the source, which we are NOT. I need to reverse my registration, not a report as described in the FAQ. Still chagrined, M.