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  1. Spammers will include an "opt out" link to help them look legitimate. The do us their "opt out" as a way to validate the email addresses on their spam list. Sorry. To help understand your reporting/forwarding problem, we need a little information: What email application are you using? Are you using Thunderbird or Outlook? Or are you using something like gmail's web application in your browser?
  2. Lking

    Country of Origin

    It would have been nice if you had submitted the email to SpamCop.net so the parser and then provided here the Tracking URL Then The parser could have identified the source IP, the location of which may answer your question It would not have been necessary to hide you email address in the header so all the spammers could not collect it. In general it would not be necessary for you to be able trace through the header to get your answer.
  3. Lking

    SpamCop and Thunderbord plug in

    I will be sad when my copy stops working.
  4. Lking

    SC parser chokes on spam headers

    Is you point that the message "error: couldn't parse head" is incorrect? Looking at the first part of the report, the header is processed. The error message follows the header "Finding links in message body" Looking at the results spam reports are sent to admin where the message originated. Processing the body of spam/sending spam reports to spamvertised links in the spam is a secondary priority for SpamCop. The error message is confusing and should be changed along with the link to "More information." But I would not hold my breath. Dealing with parsing of the header and related security issues have much higher priority.
  5. Lking

    SC parser chokes on spam headers

    Unfortunately you provided a "reportid" not a Tracking URL. Only you can see the report. On the submit past the tracking URL is near the top, or it is the link in the auto-respond email you received from SpamCop Welcome to the forum.
  6. Lking

    Reporting not working mainbody

    PLEASE do not post spam in the thread. By posting the tracking URL everyone can see the complete header and body by following the link and clicking on <View entire message> Everyone can see how the parser has handled the submitted email You do not have to manually munge you email search engines that crawl through this forum, do not see all the links in the email and by that increase the ranking of the spamvertized site. the thread does not become obnoxiously long for readers to scroll through. If there is a message you do not want to report, you can cancel the reports and the Tracking URL is still valid. reports are sent to cancel[at]spam.... Thank you.
  7. Lking

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    I get auto response for all the spam reports I send to Amazon. I don't track the IPs or spend to much time looking at the the spam so don't know what effect it has. As in other threads, No the spam is not going away. As long as people respond to spam, with money or political action, spam will continue. SpamCop never really expected spam to stop. There first objective has always been to block the spam. Like the spammers them self, there will always be ISPs that will take spammer's money.
  8. Lking

    Giving up on Chinese spam

    True Fred. So true.
  9. Lking

    Reporting not working mainbody

    without the email header it is hard to say who the spammer is. If you would provide a Tracking URL, others could then see the whole email and perhaps identify less time consuming and possibly a less error pron way to submit the spam. At the top of the SpamCop reporting screen Welcome to the forum
  10. Lking

    Parsing Confusion, old n00b

    did you delete more than the one line? Received: by 2002:a9d:21b7:0:0:0:0:0 with SMTP id s52-v6csp2028874otb; Sat, 28 Apr 2018 09:00:41 -0700 (PDT) A tracking URL would help
  11. That is one of the advantages of providing the Tracking URL, which you did in your OP. Thank you.
  12. I would suggest delete the offending body (and with it the obfuscated links) and replace it with something like "body deleted." start deleting with line to the end (including matching line). Make sure to leave the blank line which signals the end of the header/start of the body. Follow the blank line with your comment.
  13. Lking

    Autoresponse Emails Blocked?

    You might ask "deputies AT admin DOT spamcop DOT net" They should be able to see the bounce. I would start with the host of the DNS MX record for "johnson.name"
  14. Lking

    Autoresponse Emails Blocked?

    Check with your ISP they must have started blocking email from SpamCop around Aug 21. If some SpamCop messages to you bounced a flag was set in your account so SpamCop doesn't clog the internet with messages that will not be received and bounce messages in return. Talk to your ISP and make sure they will not block emails from SpamCop (Some dumb filters block email with the word 'spam' in them). Get them to fix their filter or white list SpamCop.net Then log into your reporting account and clear the "bounce flag." If your ISP continues to bounce emails, SpamCop will again set the flag and stop sending emails again.
  15. I would suggest that "apple" should be made aware of all spam that is designed to look like it comes from them, phishing or not.