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  1. I suggest a search (upper right of this page) for "Too many links" without the quotes. Others have commented on this. Links in the body of the spam are the lowest priority.
  2. A project of passion, with limited financial support. A loss.
  3. contains no date. An incorrectly configured server breaks the chain.
  4. I have never see that. Have you looked at the full text of the spam you submitted? The body of the email may have been deleted by your ISP, email app, or email host in the current "protect us from ourselves" environment to "avoid" a detected tracking images. I would just uncheck the phishing report and move on.
  5. There are several possible reasons why reports are not sent (I assume that is what you are referencing).
  6. Could you provide a Tracking URL so all on the forum could see the details of your question. The Tracking URL is located at the top of the screen with the parser output.
  7. There are several possible problems: 1) your ISP is blocking your out going emails because they think they are spam, 2) your ISP is blocking the incoming email from SpamCop because they see the word "spam" or 3) SpamCop has stopped sending you email because their emails to you have been bounced by your ISP. To identify which is the issue login to your reporting account. Above the box to manually report spam, you may see "Report Now" (? I think those are the works). By clicking there you can complete the reporting process. This also indicates that your submit emails are being delivered. If not talk to your ISP. Under the <Preferences> tab scroll down and look for a flag set indicating that emails to you have bounced. DO NOT clear the flag until you talk to your ISP so they don't bounce email from SpamCop, then clear the flag. If your submit emails are getting to SC, and the 'bounce flag' is not set, talk to your ISP about blocking email from SC. Sounds like "talk to your ISP" is the answer. Check first so you can tell them what they are doing wrong. Sometimes ISPs change configuration of their email system without notice so things stop working for 'no reason' Let us know if this doesn't resolve you problem and we will try again. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Do a search for "Quick+Reporting" Take note of the warnings scattered in these threads.
  9. unfortunately only you can see the "this report" You should had provided the Tracking URL. There is no "oops" button nor other way to tell SC that you blow it. The fact of one report in error will have an impact is quite low. If you are the only one to submit a report of a given IP address, will not cause the IP to be added to the SCBL. (see scroll down "How it works" On the other hand if the IP has several other reports besides your error, I would not worry about that either.
  10. kolor you will have to explain more completely what you mean. Looking at the link you provided, currently that IP address has a "spam level" of none for today and last month. Today the IP has a email level of 0.0 for today. Although the IP does have an email reputation of "poor" but many not be on any current block list because it has timed off the list. For how the SCBL works go to and scroll down to "How the SCBL Works" and " SCBL Rules "
  11. Unfortunately only you can see the spam reports referenced by the 10 digit report number. If you would have provided the Tracking URL we all could see the action taken. Yes, I'm afraid they are. Yes. SpamCop of course can not directly block any spam. SC does create a block list (SCBL) that, if used by (your) ISP, can be used to filter emails delivered to your inbox that are from IPs know to be spammers. In the hope that the manager of the source IP is a "good" member of the internet community SC also sends a spam Report to them so they can work to stop the spam coming from their IP. Of course if the revenue from the spammer is more important than good citizenship, they will not take responsible action.
  12. Not to be redundant, but could you provide the Tracking URL? I understand you have included inline in your post, what you feel is the pertinent information. But have you provided all the pertinent information? We don't know for sure.
  13. I suggest an email to deputies[at]spamcop[dot]net Some updates to mailhost configuration are doggy.
  14. It has been a while but as i remember with your email controlled from cPanel you should be able to control your SMTP and outgoing filters. You should be able to turnoff all spam "controls" and filters. If your host uses a common SMTP for all clients on a machine, turning off outgoing filters would be a problem. But then you would also other reputation problems. Maybe time to upgrade/change your VPN options to have a stand alone email service.
  15. tag removed, warned, blocked and post moved from "How to use"