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  1. If you know the correct/a better abuse address for this IP then the "Routing/Routing Address Issues" sub forum would be the correct place to post the results of your research. I thought your post was questioning that fact that the spam Report went to @devnull.spamcop.net
  2. From the parser output you linked APNIC is an " Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community. " Guessing they would get more spam reports that they would bother to process. I APNIC is not going to fix the problem, why should spamcop wast the bandwidth or clutter the web with a report that will be put in the bit bucket. To directly answer you question, this is not an error it is a decision not to sent a report. Do note that your submitted spam does feed the SCBL (Using ... for statistical tracking.)
  3. Lking

    When is a bug a bug

    Yes she did. Coming from assembly language & FORTRAN I always thought COBOL was verbose "(self documenting" aside).
  4. Lking


    This thread has gotten out of hand. I am locking the thread so everyone has an opportunity to take a deep breath. We try to keep this forum civil. Strong feelings about a subject, the facts and opinions are understandable. Please keep opinions about other members of this forum to your self. They are not appropriate here (Positive views, thank yous are acceptable). As for the comment(s) that may have gotten the whole thing off the track: As moderator, based on the Subject I did move the OP to "spam purgatory" where I read the post and then moved the post back to the Lounge.
  5. Fake it tell you make it. But we diverge from the OP
  6. Lking

    When is a bug a bug

    Fun fact: "The first computer bug was a moth" In 1980 when I met Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, then 74, one of the stories she told was about the "First computer bug." During WW II the (US) Navy assigned her to work on/program the Harvard Mark 1 computer. She said one of her jobs was to maintain the maintenance log. (I guess in 1940s that wasn't a sexist blunder). She reported that one morning while fixing one of the frequent failures, a moth was found in one of the may (mechanical) relays. She documented the failure and the fix "taping the bug in the log."
  7. I am reasonably sure it depends on whether you are looking at your own or someone else's Tracking URL. No Aren't we all??
  8. If you have available the Tracking URL for the reported email, you can follow that link and see the full email (header & body) and where spam reports were sent, If you email the spam as an attachment used your "Submit" address you received an email, the top of witch is If you used the web form to submit your spam at the top of the screen you will see In both cases if you ARE NOT logged into you reporting account following the Tracking URL will show you the full email. Counterintuitive I know that you need to be logged out to see the full email. It is what it is
  9. Lking

    May this happen to all spammers

    Its time to change my puns
  10. Lking

    May this happen to all spammers

    🤣 ROFL
  11. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6541728812zc02269439c79a8cfe3e73c408000bad1z
  12. Lking


    Question: Do you have your browser set to block "pop up windows? That may be the problem. Please notice the dotted line under SC ?? if you move your cursor over SC, JMHO, SCBL or TANSTAAFL the small pop up window should appear.
  13. Congratulations to you too! And thanks for letting us know about any success.
  14. Lking


    You did mouse over SC and see the little popup window with "SpamCop"? If there are other commonly used, relevant abbreviations/acronyms let me know in this thread and I will add them to the list.