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  1. Sorry to hear you are getting spammed. We all have been on a prolific spammer's emailing list at one time or another. I hate to say that has guaranteed that you will get even more spam from this source. By responding, you let the spammer know that your email address is valid AND someone reads the email to fine the "Unsubscribe" link. Unfortunately an unscrupulous spammer or ISP will ignore the spam reports sent for you by SpamCop and there is nothing anyone can do about that. However, by continuing to report a given spammer, even when they cycle through several IP addresses, their IP address will be added to the SpamCop Block List, used by many ISPs to filter their clients incoming email. If your email ISP does not use the SCBL that is not much help for you I am afraid. You do collect the good karma for your efforts. If you would provide an example Tracking URL it would help others here to give you more guidance.
  2. As you can tell from this year long thread, some spammers don't change. Reporting all spam from and their clients that use IP addresses controlled by them, will help keep their IPs on the SpamCop block list. Yes, many ISP's use rather dumb filters, based on domain names - not IP addresses, to filter incoming email. Why someone would think a spammer would include the word 'spam' in their domain name and use that to filter email, I do not know. I believe you should be able to add to your white list to over-ride the basic filtering.
  3. Currently I'm not having the problem but as you can see from this thread I have had problems. Guess it is your turn in the barrel (a good place for C2H5OH, yes?)
  4. Doing a search on "Outlook" I see problems going back to 2004. With OL messing with the header before you can get/forward it there is no fix farther down stream (towards SC). A quick look at the history leads me to believe that what OL does with the header has changed over time, so a "fix" would also have to be dynamic. That is not a workable situation. Which is to bad for your reporting. Have you looked at the possibility of using something like Thunderbird for you email? I have used it 'for ever' without problem. There also is an addon to help with reporting (to SpamCop and others).
  5. Of course no one else can process your spam and get anything but an error message. For example, if I submitted your spam none of the header would match my mailhost settings so the parser would just throw the example out. Don't know why SC dropped the link in the text except part of clearing your email witch would have been sent as a parameter in the link. But you are correct surly is not a drop box link. When the parser goes down the sequence of Received: header entries, two internal IP are found first ( followed by a break in the chain, so nothing usable. The link in the body would have been a low level priority even if it had not been lost. Notice I broke that link in your last post. I wouldn't want an unknown link laying around for someone to click on in ignorance.
  6. Don't know my use of HORDE seems to be working OK. Lucky I guess.
  7. Edited the OP in this thread to remove references to bmorris{AT} addresses as "our drinking friend" suggested. You forgot to do this as you did last time. This is a prime example for why a Tracking URL is the way to reference an example of spam. That would also let the rest of us see what the SpamCop parser did with the example. has no meaning not seeing the results of the processing.
  8. Goto <Browse> -> <Staff> Try Richard W,
  9. You did not say who's spam trap you hit, one of SpamCop's or someone else's. How do you know you hit a "spam trap" or was your (your shared) IP just reported? As Derek said, spam trap addresses are hidden, kept secret. To keep the address hidden, reports of a hit are not provided. Of course in the case of unsolicited email, using the un-subscribe, only confirms that someone reads email sent to this address (and more spam will be read).
  10. The problem with "just forwarding" spam is that none of the needed header routing information is included. Without that information SpamCop can not identify the correct source of the spam. There is no point in continuing to using a <Forward> button. This approach will never work. When reading How do I submit spam via email? you will see the word forward, as in " Forward as an attachment " does in fact mean to cut & past the whole offending email as in some email applications, for example Thunderbird <ctrl><U>, <crtl><A>, <ctrl><C> to display-all, select-all, copy-all and of course <crtl><R>
  11. FYI

    Will be AFK for ~24hrs. Life is getting in the way.
  12. Given the length (time wise) of this and related threads, it appears not. That does reflect the philosophy often seen in similar threads, 'why can't SpamCop work around such-and-such mis-formed email?' Generally if the email header does not conform with the standards, the parser throws it out. The resent problem with a double dot in URLs comes to mind. The approach by the parser vs email applications: email applications, like browsers try their best to be fault tolerant so that no matter what they receive they can display something. This makes the user happy with little risk. SpamCop on the other hand wants to be absolutely sure they have correctly identified the source of the spam before impugning the reputation of an IP address. Guessing what a misformed header format could have been/intended to mean just adds another degree of uncertainty. The risk are high that if to many errors are made SpamCop's reputation will suffer. Unfortunately, this does not make reporters happy.
  13. If you/your system is reporting mxguarddog as the source of spam even though they are a legitimate part of your email path, I think there are several possible actions you can take: Have you updated to your SpamCop Mailhost to include mxguarddog? The function of the Mailhost list is to exclude servers in you normal email processing path from reports. When processing spam submitted, you can "un-check" reports directed to mxguarddog. Adding mxguarddog to a white list would preclude anyone from submitting as spam email from mxguarddog. While there involvement in you email may be correct, that may not be universally true.
  14. I would suggest contacting the deputies again to resolve mailhosts issues, as you have in the past.
  15. Welcome to the SpamCop forum. Please note that I have broken the first link in your post. Not knowing what the spammer now has at the end of this link OR may have in the future, I do not want to follow the link. Nor does SpamCop want to have, what may be a poisonous link in this forum that some visitor could follow to disastrous results. We do not want a link on this forum to assist a spammer get better SEO ratings by having references to their domain. Thank you for providing a Tracking URL as an example of the spam you are addressing. By providing the Tracking URL, all of up can see the spam, and how the SpamCop parser processed your submission, without you copping the spam into your post. I notice the spam cut/pasted into your post is not the same as the Tracking URL If you will look near the bottom of the results of parsing the spam you will see Which explains why reports were sent to SERVERHUB.COM, because they host a link included in the body of the spam, not because they sent the spam. Looking at the bottom of the results you will see Which tells us that the IP address where the spam originated, is controlled by Yahoo, and SpamCop does not send them spam reports. Because they are spammers and they don't care.