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  1. Another option is that your email host system has started "filtering" your incoming email, "protecting" you from email that contain the word spam. Have you checked any spam folders?
  2. Firstly "they" do not have your email. These email were forwarded to you by SpamCop. The host of the spammer, replied to spam reports they received, spam report id 6658527015 and 6658527017. SpamCop then forwarded the responses to you, as the submitter of the original spam. When SpamCop sends a report to the spammer hosts or others, the report comes from nnnnnnnnn{AT} The mailbox is the original report id number. You will notice in the header of each message forwarded to you, the TO: nnnnnnnnn{AT} which includes the report id. You can take that report id and find the original report. Login to your spamcop account, click on the <past reports> tab and inter the report id number to view the original spam report. Of course, if you reply to either of these emails as they suggest, THEN they WILL have your email address. Unfortunately, there is no way to continue the conversation with the source of the spam through SpamCop. I also removed your email address for your post. Not all who review this forum are of good intent.
  3. When you submit a spam do you see something like The system doesn't wast much time with bounced reports, to the sender IP or the spam reporter. After one report to bounces, SpamCop doesn't bother the send anymore reports to you. I'm guessing your mail server may have been a little slow and SpamCop set the your flag
  4. Thank you for providing the Tracking URL. You have the answer. In the four lines you quoted above note the last link the parser tried to track down "" Not the double dot in the middle? That chokes the parser every time. Do a search for "double dot" and you will see several other threads. you also found the answer. delete it and move on.
  5. Thinks for finding the broken link. Years ago and forum.spamcop were tightly linked by ownership and maintenance. Several years ago when the old forum application became clunky and unmaintainable it was moved and migrated to new forum software. Many link internal and external, broke and old destinations lost. Also the issue may be the process was designed for the defunct email system. If you still can't login, I suggest and if that fails try <Browser> -> <Staff> Richard W
  6. 1. You are the only one that can see the first link in your post. 2. You should provide the Tracking URL. That will allow others to see the spam and how the parser processed it.. 3. I deleted your screenshot because it revealed the 16 char in your privet SpamCop reporting account. You may notice that some of the report destinations include devnull which is where SC sends reports for internal analysis when the given email address doesn't accept spam reports (or other reasons). I guess you are lucky that your direct emails to the spammer were returned. IF they had received your email it would have confirmed that your email address was a good one and "real people" read their spam.
  7. welcome to the fight. Unfortunately email no longer exist in the " where Pollyanna belief systems survive."
  8. What would you expect someone to say who makes their money by providing spammers hardware? 'Our money tree said they were really really good people and followed all the rules.' So its not our job. Talk to the other guy. I assume this email was forwarded to you by SpamCop. To my knowledge, without revealing you email, there is no way to tell the spammer's host that they obviously have a client who is not following good practices and it may affect all their clients as a result. Well no way except sending more reports. At any rate I agree with you, I would not contact NANOTECH HEALTH LTD
  9. janiferlewis I broke the link you provided because when I followed it, 1) the page at first looked kind-of like a "Yahoo-support-service" Then the "tumblr" part of the domain name became obvious. 2) I was redirected to a FireFox look-alike with a EMERGENCY update. (yes I use FF). Further links in your post will result in putting your post in moderation (review before being visible.)
  10. A quick for APEWS use of the search function found in the upper right of this screen, would have revealed 8 pages of post similar to yours. Each thread ends pointing out that there is no connection between APEWS and SpamCop, in spite of the false link on the APEWS web page. or see
  11. Unfortunately you are the only one that can see the link you provided. There is not a process to correct your oversight. However, If your report is the only report of this IP address, it was not added to the SC block list. Even if others also reported the IP it came off the block list after 24 hours, without additional reports. Look at the bottom of for additional information, but I don't think the IP got listed but you could check at If the admin of wants to follow-up with SC you should provide them with a written apology they can forward to SC.
  12. A tracking URL would help the rest of us see the results from the parser AND the original spam submitted. Without that, you can compare the trace with the original and see that the "Received" at the top of the header is the one that addresses you/your ISP apposed to the ones further down the header.
  13. Poor programing is rampant and database management is a pain IMHO. Frustrating as this is belligerence is seldom productive. Have you submitted these email to SC, not to report but to use the parser. After the parser does its work you can look at the provided source information and then cancel the report. This would be a way to validate that the business is in fact the source; There is a possibility that their DB has been compromised. In this day and age that possibility is just as likely as their incompetence.
  14. No need for the big corporation to admit they made an error, just quietly change the settings to fix the problem.
  15. That email from the SMTP source of spam is nicer, more civil, then some I have received. It does sound like a "not my job" response figuring you will never bother contact and come back to support{AT}... I would just move on. No real information here.