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  1. Lking

    Spell Checking

    SpamCop spamvertize mailhost blocklist
  2. Lking

    spam via VPN

    Same old problem with/without VPN. "Its just an email for aunt Mable"
  3. Lking

    spam via VPN

    It does depend on the VPN/PIA provider. The service I use has contacted me a couple of times because of the level of activity between me and spamcop.net On the other hand I am amused by the adds/weather from Huston or Washington DC depending where I connect. When I first signed on, there was lots of discussion between us about them not tolerating any activity by me that took advantage of being hidden. Privacy was a different issue.
  4. Lking

    The problem against spam users.

    The source of an email can be identified by the FROM: line or the IP address found in the list of Received: lines in the header. The FROM: which looks like a good choice and is valid for all legitimate emails emails you received, it is easy to forge by the spammer (or anyone) and maybe a valid email for someone totally unrelated to the source of the spam. Although it could be a Joe Job, The forged/spoofed FROM: is just a randomly selected mailbox. The IP address found in the header Received: lines must point back to the true source (well mostly). If the IP address is not correct the network will not be able to do the required handshaking as the email (packets) move through the network to the destination. As you correctly observe, anyone using the same IP address will also be blocked along with the spammer who shares the IP address. But this is why spam reports are sent to the managers of the IP address i.e. the abuse[at]... for the IP address or block of addresses. This gives a 'caring" admin the opportunity check their logs, identify the sender and crush the bugs using their bandwidth. This is a good reason to have a dedicated IP address, especially if you rely on you email being delivered.
  5. Check Can I automatically forward spam from my spamtraps? On the Staff tab contact Richard W
  6. This may be your issue. Your mailhose configuration should reflect the path of reported email (spam) not the reporting email. Depending on your situation this may be a distinction without a difference. If all the email spam you are reporting has all been sent to [at]ourdomain.com received by one host then the configuration should be simple. The purpose of the mailhost configuration is to document the local path of email through your servers from 'the outside world' to your inbox. This information enables the parser to know which Received: lines in the header are expected local entries and not part of the external source of the spam. I think you are correct about the source of the problem. Is email to spamcop[at]ourdomain.com now follow a different path than other email? I think an in depth review of what you tweaked is in order.
  7. Just to be sure and not knowing your email configuration: You have configured you mailhost following https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/397.html for all paths?
  8. The "Submit" by SpamAssassin should result in a Tracking URL just like the the example in your OP. That tracking URL will include the spam sent by SpamAssassin. Or am I missing something?
  9. You should be able to log into your reporting account and click on the <Past Reports> tab.
  10. Lking


    Sorry for the "clutter" The last 24 hours. I had a local hardware failure. New laptop works fine.
  11. Lking

    SC parse incomplete

    Moved from <Geek/Tech Things>
  12. As an example I offer the spam posted on this spam fighting forum.
  13. As RobiBue suggest for some reason your address may have removed from their database. That would of course imply a though process on the part of the spammers. Actions by your ISP is 'between you and your ISP' Much to the puzzlement of my host/ISP i have all email filters bypassed/turned off.
  14. This forum "New Feature Request" is the correct vehicle to pass suggested changes to the SpamCop tool. All suggestions are evaluated and prioritize based on its value to the objectives of SC.