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  1. With their efforts to hide the real spamertized URL, sending a spam report to them/their ISP has a vary low probability of having any affect. Although the spam does not come from there (the first priority) it would be nice to crush the money trail too.
  2. Based of the dates in the Provided Tracking URL I guess you are still getting similar spam. I assume that www.tb7h.outualo.men is not just the displayed URL in the body. If domain checkers, WHOIS and SpamCop can't identify the "real" destination, I'm at a loss. Maybe with a live example others here may be able to help.
  3. Steve what you provided is not a tracking URL that any of the rest of us can use. Notice you provided a link from a different domain (https://members.spamcop.net) NOT https://www.spamcop.net
  4. Lking

    Spamcop cannot find source IP

    I suggest everyone take a deep breath and relax for a minute or two or more. This thread needs to focus on the technical issues, NOT individuals, individual understanding nor motives. Do keep in mind that how to work with the tool(s) available is the purpose of this forum (Reporting Help) and that there is low probability that any changes will be made to the SpamCop parser to accommodate a draft standard or miss formatted header lines currently being inserted by gmail/google. That is the view of a volunteer moderator not employed by SpamCop in anyway.
  5. If you would provide the TRACKING URL so that everyone could see all that the parser did, it would help us understand why the parser stopped.
  6. One or more Tracking URL would be the information you need to provide.
  7. What you provided above are several "Report IDs". Unfortunately, only you can see the reports when you are logged in to SpamCop.net. A "Tracking URL" can be found at the top of Report page and looks like
  8. There is no plan to fix a problem that does not exist with the parser. The problem is that a blank line is missing. The standard requires a blank line to define the end of the header/beginning of the body. If the spammer's email package does not include the blank line the parser can not identify the where the body starts. As you can understand that it is not practical to try to program the parser to handle all the ways that a spammer could NOT follow the email format standard. You can identify the end of the header and insert a blank line to correct the spammer's error.
  9. If you would provide a Tracking URL it would be helpful.
  10. Lking

    tinyurl parsing

    Do keep in mind that the link in the body of spam, websites that are spamertized, are the lowest priority task for the parser.
  11. Lking

    spam not recognized as such

    Do read the gmail related threads in this section.
  12. Lking

    spam not recognized as such

    If you you would provide the tracking URL for this spam it would provided everyone else a view of the spam AND what the parser did.
  13. Reading between the lines, the devnul mail box abuse#iana.org{AT}devnull.spamcop.net gives the clue you are looking for abuse#iana,org Going back to the Tracking URL, the IP of interest is and that can be used with a WHOIS look-up to find contact info.
  14. There are several reason why the report was not sent to the ISP: 1) they have ask not to receive spam reports, 2) It has been found that the ISP forwards the reports to the spammer 3) reports sent to the identified abuse address for the ISP bounce... SpamCop not wanting to be part of the internet clutter, sees no point sending reports to an ISP that, at best, will not accept or ignore the report not taking action. It is always hoped that an ISP would see a stream of spam reports related to one of their clients and cut the spammer off. However, some ISPs are more interest in making money than being a responsible member of the internet community.