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  1. The New Feature Request forum would be the place for such a suggestion.
  2. Welcome to the spam fight. First of all responding directly to a spammer confirms that your email address is real and someone reads it, makes your email address more valuable to them for sale to other spammers. -- A mistake we all have made at one time or another. I would suggest the best thing to do is to open a reporting account at and then report their spam. When you report spam to SpamCop, it does two things: 1. Information you submit is used to build SpamCop's Block list which can be used by email providers to help filter spam from their customers inboxes. This may not directly help you keep spam out of your inbox, but you get lots of good karma for helping others. 2. SpamCop send "spam Reports" to the ISP sending the spam and upstream providers letting them know they are supporting a spammer, and that as a result their IP address may be blocked and that this will affect all their clients. This hopes that the ISP is a good 'internet neighbor' and will take action to remove the blight from the email system. 3. As a low priority, SpamCop also tries to send spam reports to the host of any website advertised in the body of the spam. This is a 'follow the money' approach to stopping spam. There are also other sites that accept your spam as part of the fight to stop spam. I also report/forward all my spam to (No Junk spelled backwards). KnujOn has #3 above as their priority. I do not know about Norway, but in some countries the government have programs to stop spam.
  3. Yes. With an abundance of caution SpamCop stops when email header standards are not followed. In this case the parser does not have the information/ability to know with certainty the source of the email, therefore does not "want" to run the risk of falsely identifying the source.
  4. Sorry, unfortunately when the forum was moved to new software many link were broken.Try SpamCop Blocklist Help If you don't find an answer that helps, Ask again.
  5. I'm guessing that RIPE has achieved their objective by making the "Abuse contact" a CAPTCHA. I would suggest when you find situations like this during your research that you make an entry in "Reporting Help" -> "Routing/ Report address issues" forum.
  6. michaelanglo and lisati, I believe are both correct. I overlooked/ forgot the detail that the original email was sent to a friend that was using the same office email system (At least we are assuming that the original email was sent to the same email system that Steve has configured in his SpamCop mailhost). I surely do report spam from 4 domains, all mailboxes with one vary simple mailhost sense all domains are served by the same mail system/host and therefor follow the same internal path.
  7. Steve could not report the "Clean" attachment (without his friend as the source). The attachment is not addressed to Steve and so the parser would choke when checking with the mailhost configuration (if that's what you had in mind).
  8. I can attest to that! 2-3 years ago when I started helping to clean out "the trash", and even just 6 months ago the level of spam was much lower. spam usually came in bunches; 5-10 all of one kind, Indian escorts for example or supplements, overnight maybe one day a month. Now it seems to be 20 to 40 a day. To me they do seem bot generated. All look to be the same format, often several copies of the same body. Only on rare occasions does one "member" post two or more spam. Haven't done a count, but density seems to go down the list of forums members can post in, How to use, Reporting Help, Blocklist Help, etc. Sometimes they get down to the Lounge and Geek/Tech things. At one time bots used live people to crack the CAPTCHA. The bot pass on the graphic, person pass back the answer, and the bot do the posting now that it was in. (talk about a soul killing job.) We seem to have three classes of spammers: 1) '... joined the community' and spammed within minutes, about as fast as the system would let it get through the steps. Could be a sw or live crack of the CAPTCHA. 2) a few that spam and they have been laying low for a while before the spam, 3) and finely there are obviously live posters that don't have a clue. 'I have a business I want to sell...' or 'I developed X' which may be relevant. When I follow the link I have obviously taken the bat and am in a tar pit. I do not have a level of access to change the security, but there is merit a non-googleable CAPTCHA.
  9. Welcome Steve, The short answer is "You can't report spam received by others" you can only report spam YOU receive from the spammer. In the case you address, your "friend" is sending you the (copy of) unwanted email.
  10. Glad you have gotten a break from your spam. Sad read.
  11. Again I edited your post to removed your unique submit ID. By publicly exposing this 16 characters reporting address, your reporting account can be used by others to falsely report email as spam for nefarious purposes AND you would be blamed/ be responsible. It is not possible for others to look at the email you submitted and know if it is spam. "We" do not know if you have a relationship with, have had a relationship with, the sender. That is for you to decide. Not all unwanted email is spam. Yes it looks like the email you submitted was properly processed.
  12. He doesn't respond to email vary often.
  13. working fine.
  14. Was the subdomain newly created and the DNS not had time to distribute the new IP? "IP not found ; discarded as fake." Not knowing what you currently have configured in Mailhost it is hard to say. However, the last line in above is the key. Start with a path through your mail servers that is only one step added to what you currently have configured, moving out from there.
  15. We assume you have set/checked your reporting preferences. Have you sent yourself a copy of a spam report? As noted elsewhere what you see looking at a report id or Tracking URL is not the same as the report that is actually sent.