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  1. Lking

    Covid-19 spam

    If you missed it, I just deleted the first Covid-19 related spam. This was an offer for face mask. sure there are more to come. Do be careful
  2. No problem. Not sure how much US government "governs" SpapCop, but ACMA has a MUCH better rep. Our (US) 'Can spam act' I fear is a paper tiger.
  3. Lking

    spam from Google Mail Groups

    Sorry it is not clear to me if you are sending an email outside of the SpamCop system or if you mean you are sending spam reports inside the system. In your original post it is not clear to me where in the chain of events the message you included ( > ---------- Original´╗┐ Message ---------- ) Is this the spam you reported resulting in the spam report you linked to? Or is later. Before I removed email addresses, for security, I was not clear how the FROM or TO or Subject related to you (your email that others can not see). As @gnarlymarleysuggested, the related tracking URL would help. The Tracking URL can be found at near the top of the reporting page or it is the link you received when you submit the spam by email as an attachment. My confusion may be due to my low caffeine level.
  4. Unfortunately, that is generally the state of the world. On the other hand, in some/many countries privet companies or groups do not have the power to control or constrain the actions of individuals in other countries. SpamCop/Cisco is in The United States and mediaform.com.au would appear to be in Australia. Fortunately for you Australia I believe does have stronger anti-spam laws than other countries. Have you contacted/reported this to Report{AT}submit.spam.acma.gov.au Their website is https://www.acma.gov.au/ Have you contacted PayPal? I would read their privacy statement first. I found a link in the lower right of the screen. First look found
  5. Sorry I did not read your OP carefully. Replace eBay with "mediaform.com.au" and most of my post still applies.
  6. Several issues here. 1) eBay's policies 2) Your options on eBay 3) SpamCop's policies 4) Who can control what 1) eBay (I'm guessing) that due to the large number of promotional emails eBay and subsidiaries send in an effort to increase volume so they can scrape 1-2% off each sale, they send "lots" of "unwanted" emails which people report as spam. Based on the response you received, eBay has ask SpamCop not to send spam reports. Not wanting to clutter the bandwidth, SpamCop doesn't: Why would they if the reports go straight to the bit bucket? I too get occasionally still get email from eBay after an unfruitful eBay effort ~5 years ago. Other email seem to be directly related to Google searches. Having been a customer, you gave eBay your email when you opened an account and (again guessing) just clicked on the accept 'term of use' like most of us do. It may seem like splitting hairs, but there is a difference between "unwanted email" and spam. 2) Your options Have you logged into your eBay account and changed you contact options? Deleted your account? eBay may or may not respond to "Unsubscribe" or changes in member options. It would appear not. Most email apps have filters that can redirect selected email to the trash 3) SpamCop As noted above if an ISP ask SpamCop not to receive spam reports, SpamCop will not send them. Depending on the number of IP addresses reports are spread across, eBay may not appear on the block list. 4) Control Of course SpamCop has no control over eBay policies or actions. Unless your ISP uses the SCBL, listing one or more eBay IPs will not effect emails you receive from eBay. I assume by "they" you mean SpamCop. The (eBay's ISP) ask not to receive reports. Different IPs controlled by the ISP may automatically go on and off the SCBL based on reported spam, etc. (See SCBL Rules) What is there to look into?
  7. Lking

    Link obfuscation flaw?

    Keep in mind that the links in the body of the spam are the lowest priority for the parser. Historically SpamCop has been concerned with the source of the spam. Groups like KnukOn (No Junk) were concerned with following the money - the links in the body of spam. Pulling back the veil, following the trail and sending spam Reports to links in the body takes away assets from the primary task of building the block list. You can of course submit your own.
  8. A tracking URL is always helpful to see what the parser is doing
  9. your IT should be easier to talk to than gmail. good luck
  10. Depending on the email used with the forum and with your reporting account, this could be a different problem (similar but different). I guess I did not understand that you have been sending spam from you work email and NOW that has stopped working. Actually this could be easier to fix. Knowing when things stopped working and having a better chance of responsive IT department, resolution should be possible.
  11. Thanks for the additional information. I believe that points to the problem. If you are able to send spam from work (NOT a gmail account) and get email from SpamCop with links to finish reporting the spam; The problem is not with your SpamCop reporting Account. If I read correctly, when you try to submit spam FROM your gmail account the spam does not appear as "unfiled" in you SpamCop account(?) That would mean your email from you gmail account is not reaching SpamCop. Assuming your email(s) are properly addressed, there is a strong possibility that your outgoing email to spamCop is being blocked by gmail because they "see" the word spam or because of the spammy content of the attachment. As dumb as it sounds some ISPs will let spam into your inbox but block the same spam out going from your account. Somethings to check: 1. Check to make sure that the 16-character private submit spamcop email address is correct. 2. Submit a benign, non-spam, email to spamcop just to see if it goes through. - If it gets there, CANX - DO NOT report. This testing will help you talk to gmail about why your emails, with attachments, to SpamCop are being blocked.
  12. Login to your reporting account and check to see if your email server has bounced emails from SpamCop. You can clear the flag BUT if your server continues to bounce the flag will be set again.
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    interest to the 2012 U.S. Presidential race

    Politics are off topic.
  15. Weather they accept spam reports or not, the spam you report does count towards their reputation on the SCBL.