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  1. Lking

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    I have no idea how much of the profit goes where. I would guess it depends on how much each person involved thinks their soul is worth. It is supported to be. ICANN should be controlling issuing of domain names and agencies,. But there is evidence that they are not actively taking aspects of their responsibilities seriously. If not money, what? Today's forum spam here included, male "enhancement" drugs, weight loss drugs, skin creams, muscle building diet pills, all for sale for money. I did not read carefully but I did not see anything with any "socially redeeming value" or other objective supported by pictures of women in bikinis or bed. JMHO
  2. Lking

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    It is a mater of money. Some IT managers may not get paid if the money, maybe extra money, if action is taken agents the spammers. For those that don't see the difference, the spammer's money is just as spendable as any other.
  3. Lking

    HabuL & Thunderbird v60.0.3

    Can you share? Being out of the line of security updates is not a good situation.
  4. Well they have finely done it! Thunderbird v60.0.3 is not compatible with to unsupported (But necessary) HabuL! When I tried to forward as an attachment to SpamCop that too failed. Attached emails seemed to be forwarded in line NOT as an attachment. Be warned. I was able to revert to 59.0b2 With 100+ spam a day...
  5. Lking

    url not a routable address

    SpamCop's first priority is to build a blocklist of the sources of spam. Your examples do resolve the source and do add to the reputation of the source IP The Second priority is to send spam Reports to the spam's source ISP and up-stream link. Your last submission did generate and send three spam reports The third priority is links in the body of the spam. The parser does fail to resolve the one link in the body of your submission. When I do a quick WHOIS search I do not find any info for iswvmhse.host (not extensive nor did I look in more than one place.) Your submissions do succeed in supporting the first two priorities. I do not consider that a waste of time. As someone said 'Do not let perfection be the enemy of the good.' Can things get better. Without any doubt! (Stepping down from my soapbox before I get a nosebleed.)
  6. Lking

    Reporting not working mainbody

    What your report confirms what KnujOn reported before they closed. Godaddy is one of the top domain issuers and host for spammers. Sammers keep their lights on so I would not hold my breath for affirmative action.
  7. Continue reporting them to SpamCop and on to Google. If a 1/3 of the large ISP/MSP would fix/block 1/3 of the spammers they host life would be much nicer. In the mean time HotMail is blocking me. The fight goes on.
  8. Yes I remember seeing spam similar to this. Thank you for including a Tracking URL. I assume you did not follow the unsubscribe link, which confirmed for the spammer that a real person reads email sent to your email address.
  9. Lking

    url not a routable address

    With some digging I found one similar to what you report. In fact right I cant follow the link either. But I didn't expect more from a spammer's unsubscribe link.
  10. Lking

    url not a routable address

    The Report id you provided is only visible to you. The Tracking URL looks like If you follow the Report id, and then click on Parse you can see the Tracking URL just below
  11. Lking

    url not a routable address

    It is hard to say with so little information. You said you report through SpamCop. Could you post a Tracking URL so we all could see all the available information? Are you talking about the URL/IP of the source of the email or a URL embedded in the body of the email? You did not say which browser you used in windows, but "Windows" and most browsers try hard to respond to all user request - That does not mean they find the right or useful answer.
  12. In the future, PLEASE post the spam Tracking URL vs the raw email. By posting the spam directly you help the spammer by including all the links which make it look like SpamCop is sharing links to the spammer, boosting their standing with any search engines. It also makes a long scroll for everyone to get to the discussion. Without a question about reporting, I am moving this thread to the Lounge.
  13. Lking

    error: couldn't parse head

    It is unfortunate that you deleted you Mailhost before understanding the error message and the cause of the error. It looks like Hotmail is buggering the header of the spam. They are doing the same to the emails you are returning to SpamCop trying to reconstruct you Mailhost configuration.