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  1. Lking

    Three Ways to Report spam

    We have tried. In most browsers you will see that SCBL is underlined. if you slowly mouse over SCBL a small window will appear. HTH
  2. Lking

    OVH.Net spam ?

    $$$$ The US Congress is asking the same question. The answer is "Their business model." The real question is how to control the problem in a open society.
  3. Lking

    Is there a SpamCop Outage

    That sounds like a security/permissions setting.
  4. Lking

    Is there a SpamCop Outage

    Petzl I just logged in for here.
  5. Lking

    Can SpamCop be used for...

    Did you read https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/14.html? Scroll down to Messages which may be reported: I understand your frustration. Every once in a while one of my domains cycle through the spammer's list of forged "FROM:" or "REPLY:" Although the admin of the domain receiving the original spam must not have a clue about the difference between FROM: and the IP address of the real source, reporting their invalid bounce messages my get their attention. If you are nice you could include a note in the spam Report explaining the difference.
  6. Lking

    Reporting spam has no effect

    https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/297.html scroll down to SCBL rules.
  7. That should work. Or goto <Browse> <Staff> and PM Richard
  8. The system obviously does not like your attachment. You can recover the tracking URL by logging into your reporting account and clicking on the <Past Reports> tab This will list "Report Numbers? when you select the correct report the Tracking URL will be part of the next screen.
  9. "What we have here is a failure to communicate" An example of a tracking URL is https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6634628358z460dafae0c54205ace1fe027dc2ff311z This can be found near the top of the screen after you submit the spam. If you submit by email the tracing URL is the link sent to you to review and complete/submit your spam. In my example above you will see the tracking URL on the third line. IF we had access to the tracking URL someone could cut and past the body of the spam into google translate and see why your domain is in the body.
  10. If I understand the issue correctly without a Tracking URL another thing to consider is, if your email and domain are on the same host and IP. As you know spamcop looks at IPs not domain names directly. Having your domain listed in a spam is odd. spam I have received, even those requesting to buy one of my domains, don't include the domain in the body. In any case your point is well taken. If the domain in the body of the spam is the same as a domain in your mailhost configuration, the solution should be relative straight forward. I would suggest a post in New Feature Request with a Tracking URL as an example to illustrate your request/suggestion.
  11. Lking

    New spammer trick?

    with the double header I think things have gotten confused. @gnarlymarley without knowing @Spamnophobic 's 16 digit code "they" could not have sent to the reporting address. UNLESS they replied to a spam report with the following sequence: @Spamnophobic a spam (email #1) and reported it to spamcop (email #2) spamcop sent a spam report to the the source (email #3) the spammer/his ISP... received email #3 and auto responded (?) with email #4 sent to a coded address at spamcop spamcop received email #4 send to a coded mail box associated with the spam report (email #3) and forwarded the email to @Spamnophobic @Spamnophobic received email #4 which has the spamcop connection hidden and thinking it is spam @Spamnophobic reports email #4 The reporting of email #4 generates the tracking URL above. It has been a really long time sense I have received a reply to an spam report. Looking at the full email in the tracking URL there are spamcop.net ironpost references in both headers (at the top and bottom of the email) to paraphrase Cicero, Mark Twain, Blaise Pascal 'If I had more time this would have been shorter.'
  12. Lking

    SpamCop says it's too old, it's not

    Of course the spammer has no control over thr date entered by your ISP or other servers in the chain after their ISP. A spammer can of course forge the "Date:" header entry visible to all, and if they control their ISP they could control the date in the first "Received:" line in the header visible using the source with a ctrl-U The SpamCop parser used the dates contained in the "Received:" header lines, checking for logical sequence and age. If a date is questionable, I have see 'possible forgery' Which dates are you looking at? An example of the header, using a Tracking URL would be helpful.
  13. Lking

    Emails not being received

    Reading other threads in this forum, SpamCop email System & Accounts should be informative. For example: SpamCop Email Service Changes When SpamCop and the SCBL was sold to CISCO inc this forum and the email system were retained as a legacy. with advice to all email account holders to find other email servers. After a coupe of years the system was reduced to "forwarding only." no SpamCop filtering. As I remember, a couple of years ago forwarding was also discontinued, though the email domain remained. Perhaps someone who has retained a SpamCop email address could add to the current status. As noted in the link above, SpamCop Email System & Accounts have gently been going away sense August 2014.
  14. Lking

    Emails not being received

    @Hatespam~~ just to be sure, which spamcop account are you referring too? The spamcop forum? Your spamcop reporting account? or an old {AT}spamcop.net email account? Having posted to an old troll/spammer's thread, your request is not clear.
  15. Lking

    Spamcop captcha is not loading

    Without any additional reports an IP will automatically be removed from the SCBL after 24 hours.