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  1. A similar lock-up has been noted when a link in the body contains '..' for example The answer seems to be 1) report all other pending spam in you queue then 2) <delete all> pending spam waiting to be reported. This should get the offending spam out of the list of spam waiting to be reported. At this point the spam is over 11 days old so there is nothing else to do.
  2. Did you see/follow the link More information on this error.. ? Some SC philosophy handling miss formed/formatted email/spam is provided. What you suggest may seem to be trivial, but if you read many old post, you will see this forum is full of "trivial" fixes suggested for one or another intentional trick or dumb error that trips up the parser. The question becomes 'how much time should be spent tracking errors made by spammers or their software tools?' Gmail has the objective to generate a display for each email a client receives no matter how god-offal (people would scream if 'trailing white space' caused no display). If on occasion they get one wrong, nothing is lost and they can claim 'The email is wrong but we tried.' On the other hand, if SC tries to correct an error and the effort results in an incorrect accusation, the credibility of SC is lost. I might also suggest "New Feature Request"
  3. Moved from "Reporting help" => "Routing/Report address issues" Other post in the sub forum identify corrected addresses for given IP/IP blocks.
  4. Sound to me like you and Others each need to configure your/their individual reporting account mailhost to reflect the path(s) their email takes. All accounts are independent so configuration of one reporting account will not affect another. One reporting account at a time.
  5. Yes, the mailhost for each reporting account needs to be configured. However, reading between the lines, are several people reporting using the same SpamCop reporting account? The reporting mailhost does not involve the mailbox but the path to the mailbox. For example, personally I report spam from all mailboxes on four different domains using only one reporting account. All the email is serviced by the same host so the path for all email for all the domains is the same; a fairly simple mailhost configuration. The configuration is more involved where email from several domains (gmail, me, yahoo...) are all forwarded to a single account and reported from there.
  6. I assume your question is why? The way I read the results is: When the parser got to 3: received and found the entry was incorrectly formatted (no date) it backed up to 2 which is an internal handoff. Of course if 3 in incorrect 4, can't be trusted either. Wouldn't want to report yourself - internal handoff - which leaves the untrusted/trivial forgery which "we" wouldn't want to report
  7. Sense the Tracking URL is yours what you see on the screen is different than what others see. For example if you click on the tracking URL petzl gave as an example, above, you will see places were <x> replaces personal information.
  8. Of course if we had a Tracking URL "we" could see why the parser chose not to process down to the entry.
  9. No I haven't made much progress either learning the "art of the search."
  10. did you see: 116 Spams over night from Qtum Main Network?? Dozens of chinese spam emails per day Seems that SpamCop accounts are experiencing a DoS attack the last few days.
  11. Yes, I would "send report now" if I were you. It seems to me that the sender wants you to hit return and there by validating that your email address is valid and someone reads the email. Same-same as "unsubscribing" only different.
  12. Unfortunately no one else can see the file you tried to load. A better way would be to use the web page to submit the email (spam). You can stop before sending reports. At that point near the top of the screen will be a long Tracking URL. If you cut and past the Tracking URL into this thread then we can look at the spam, other things and then give you our opinion. Later you can use the Tracking URL to return the the parser and Send the reports or Cancel them if you do not feel it is spam.
  13. Glad that forum members were able to provide useful information. I would also suggest that your business/client has made the same assumption that 'most' email users have made based on normal experience with the service. However, a reading of the email standard will reveal that the standard does not guarantee timely delivery nor delivery of email. That does not keep me from being stressed when my copy of the New York Times is not in my inbox when I get up ;-)
  14. Did you try the suggestion made in your thread Adding office356 host mailhost?
  15. If you look closely at the header of the message you should see that the email you received was sent to sent from the ISP to <report id>{AT} and then forwarded to you by spamcop. Your username (kluless) is part of the part of the spam report Each spam report sent using the report id (a 10 digit number) as the sender So when/if the recipient replies to the report, as in your case, their response is sent to the report id which is linked to your reporting account and can be forwarded to the email address tied to your reporting account. i.e. No munged was violated.