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  1. Do you get a TRACKING URL that you can share?
  2. It seems that some one (The local power company) drove through town with their bucket up. They ripped the cable off of 5 poles before figuring out what that funny sound was.
  3. In my zeal this post was incorrectly deleted. My bad.
  4. The way I read the notice, they are talking about the SCBL, not reporting spam that feeds the SCBL. BUT that is JMHO. As with all things, my opinion included, 'You get what you pay for.'
  5. Lking

    Three Ways to Report spam

    Yes you need to go deep into the Admin area to add an acronym. NIU any other suggestions?
  6. Lking

    Car history checker app

    "T" included a link this time and got banned. Topic locked
  7. Lking

    Car history checker app

    @petzl Now we know for sure.
  8. Lking

    Car history checker app

    I think you are correct. The original post IP is linked to Kharkiv, Ukraine and the response from Brooklyn NY, USA Surprise surprise the original poster has links to both IPs. Benign clutter.
  9. Lking

    Car history checker app

    This topic has nothing to do with spam, SpamCop or trying to manage spam. Although off topic the posts do not contain any links, so it has been moved to the lounge vs "Suggested tools and Applications" related to the topic of this forum.
  10. Yes my trash bin is full of similar email addresses. They must get paid by volume not quality.
  11. One of the disadvantages of a well indexed internet content is that the bots/spiders that craw the internet for content do not read the content quite the same way you, a human does. One of the down sides is that websites with more references/links get rated higher in list of related sites. That is one reason for referencing spam by TRACKING URL and NOT including live links to spam or spam content in post here. I am sure no one here wants to inadvertently help promote a spammer. I have edited the post above to break the live links. IF someone really wants to follow a link, the information is available -- IF you replace the semicolons and commas with the appropriate characters.
  12. Lking

    Block entire ISP

    @Rasmus167 in spite of your lack of civility, I notice you address two problems. Incoming email "including spam" and email outgoing from your SMTP. Incoming email is blocked by your ISP (at the destination not the source) . You/each of your clients should talk to their ISP about their policies concerning blocking incoming email. Unless each ISP is using SCBL to filter incoming email, I don't see how SpamCop is responsible; unless all your clients receive email ONLY from sources using IPs on the block list. Frequently people reporting issues with outgoing email are using a shared IP address. Few large email service providers dedicate an IP address to each of their clients. With shared IP addresses, each customer using the same IP is subject to the behavior of ALL other users of the shared IP. If one of your ISPs clients is a spammer, resulting in an IP being added to the block list, ALL other clients, whose SMTP uses the same IP are also blocked. You need to talk to your ISP about their policies and how they monitor their clients.
  13. glad you found a solution.
  14. There are a couple of explanations for what you are seeing. The SpamCop Block list is dynamic. An IP address may be on the list for as little as 24 hours. So depending on the timing you may have missed the listing. Another resource you might check is under the <Statistics> tab. there is a browseable mapping of IPs that may provide more useful information https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=map If an IP is listed on other block list it maybe reflected. Historically we have see that some providers have outdated error messages stating that an IP is on SCCBL when they are currently using a other criteria for blocking an IP. You/your partner need to check with their ISP to verify the real reason for being blocked. Sorry for the generic response but without additional information...