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  1. Lking

    Spams received already outdated

    Thanks for the information. The tracking URI others suggested would have given others access to the information you provided above AND allowed visibility to the actions by the parser. I would think that a talk with your email service provider is in order. As you noted the delays reflected by the top three Receive entries is, I think, excessive. Have you brought this to your ISP's attention? They may not be aware of the delay, nor the consequences. It is likely that none of their other customers report spam and care about the delay in receiving spam. I am amused by the server name: front26-smtp-dirty.sfrmc.priv.atos.fr Does you other email go through this server? Or only spam? I would not want to assign motive to the delay in receiving spam. As I said, your provider my not be aware of the delay caused by the spam filtering/ email Authentication process. For your reference the tracking URL can be found a the top of the reporting screen following the lines above.
  2. I moved this post to a more appropriate forum. Your question is about reporting mot the blocklisst Yes you can report spam as an attachment. Send the spam as attachments to the private submit email address you received when you created your spamcop.net account. Be sure to include the complete email including header and body.
  3. With your mailhost setup, you are ready to go. Just log into your account, past the full email, including header, into the form and submit.
  4. @klappa I merged your post with an earlier related thread. Hope this is not a problem.

  5. Lking

    Message from the Wilderness

    Steam is alive and well! ~~ in the tourist season anyway.
  6. Glad to see all is still working in the rest of the world. The other night the town lost power for about an hour, killing cell service and the internet. I assume the power bump killed the fiber optic equipment - as a single thread out of town. All is back after 28 hours. My first call this morning (08:30!!) was a robo call. There was also a text asking to conserve water next 48 hours while the system recovers from a fire in town. Yes, I live here by choice. Things above, keep down the local crowds and I wontn't have to move to higher ground due to sea rise. Although global warming will have its effect. Happy holidays to all.
  7. Lking

    No Headers

    There is no limit. I report hundreds a day. Day before yesterday I reported over 450. Having used Thunderbird for years and never had, or heard of, an issue with headers, I do believe the issue is the processing of your email provider. On the other hand, No one else using the same email provider is reporting the same problem. I don't remember, have you used <ctrl>U to look at the header of spam that fail to see if the Received: lines are there before you forward them? The reason for looking is a "divide and conquer" troubleshooting. "We" know the receive lines need to be in the header to arrive at your email provider from outside. If we can eliminate your system/how you report that will help localize where the problem is occurring.
  8. Lking

    No Headers

    No matter your politics, today the American TV is depressing.
  9. Lking

    No Headers

    Glad your problem is resolved.
  10. Lking

    No Headers

    Well yes, currently version 68.x Things would be easy enough to check <ctrl>U will display the full content and header received. By looking at a "good" email from a known source (a friend, your bank...) would tell the story. TB has been one of the easiest to send reports from for a really long time.
  11. Lking

    Replies from spammer BOK IQ PL

    An auto response to a spam report can be frustrating. In addition to the spam report that resulted in this (these) auto replies, the offending IP may have been added to the blocklist which is used directly and indirectly by others to filter ALL email from this source. You can check the IP by clicking on the <Statistics> tab on the SpamCop.net website. Getting any response from an ISP is a step up
  12. Lking

    No Headers

    Hotmail, gmail, outlook have been known to make changes, without notice or acknowledgement. Not sure why others have not reported similar issues. Good research @RobiBue
  13. Lking

    No Headers

    Yes spam seems to be a never ending fight. My count sense midnight is 109. I assume you are reporting/attaching several spam a time. I settled on 15 spam at a time. This is a convenient cumber to visually scan and attach. It also keeps the size small enough to pass all limits Many users report just the number they have time or interest to report. For example reporting just the "Canada drug" spam or other block that catch their eye. The others are just dumped in the trash.
  14. Lking

    No Headers

    http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/42877-no-headers/?tab=comments#comment-149703 Link to other thread included for reference. Suggestion: Not sure this would save time, but before submitting a spam the header could be inspected for "Received:" lines (<ctrl> U) and not report those similar to those reflected in the examples above.