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  1. I would suggest an Exchange 2013 or Microsoft user group.
  2. Lking

    Dumb spam

    The last four bitcoin addresses are different. reports all sent to the same IP second example
  3. Lking

    Dumb spam

    Tracking URL We seem to be at the end of this run. Poor "Katie" has forgotten how to uses the spam tool. In addition to spam sent to my real mailboxes for the passed two weeks, this one was also sent to all the "standard" invalid boxes at this domain. Prices varied from $1100 to $1800. Those I looked at all came from some .ru TLD. I didn't think to double check the bitcoin addresses to see they too were a "form" variable or not. Conformation of the Spammer Rules "Spammers are Stupid" and Spinosa's Corollary
  4. Lets be sure this thread/discussion remains a discussion of the technical issues and does not dissolve to a less productive level.
  5. The problem is that the Mailhost for your reporting account is intended to identify the known valid path email (and spam) takes for your submitted emails. Email sent to an "entirely unrelated account" looks to the parser like email not sent to you, based on the Mailhost data. You got a confusing error message because you configured the Mailhost data with a gmail account AND the spammer also used a gmail account. It is possible to configure your reporting Mailhost for several entirely unrelated receiving accounts. For example my mailhost is configured so I can report spam sent to 4 different domains. You can do this by clocking on "Add New Host" under the Mailhost tab.
  6. Lking

    Spamcop will not load

    You can discount these two options. I have been reporting 100s of spam/day here for 10yrs+ and have experienced only one DOS at one of my domains and there was no reason to point to SpamCop reporting as the cause. Not to say it did not happen but more likely are other option. There are some ISP or email providers that do not have a "helpful" view of spam reporting or have implemented webmail apps that make reporting very hard. For example, if you do a search here for "gmail" (without the quotes) you will fined several threads identifying problems. For more specific guidance/help more details would help. For example if you could provide a Tracking URL Also you may find some helpful information under "How To Use"
  7. Lking

    IPv6 support for spamcop reports

    I suggest you start a thread in "Reporting Help" and provide a Tracking URL for a spam that has this problem. That way others who use gmail will be able to make better suggestions. (I will then move you OP to the new thread.
  8. Lking

    IPv6 support for spamcop reports

    Knitter have you used the search tool in the upper right of this screen to look for "gmail" or "IPv6"
  9. Lking

    Spamcop server

    I suggested a more direct path; 1. go to the top of this screen. 2. with the "Browse" tab highlighted, "Staff" is one of the options. Click on "Staff" 3. On the second row of the Staff Directory you will see "Richard W" 4. Under his name is a 'message' icon. click on that to send Richard a private message to explain your current spamcop problem.
  10. Lking

    Help required

    Have you gone to https://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml entered you mail server's IP address? This will give you insight into why your IP has been listed. In general if your IP has been listed it is because emails from your mail server's IP address, or the address shared by your server, have been reported to SpamCop as spam. It is also possible that email originating from the IP were sent to a spamtrap. A more detailed explanation of how the SCBL worked can be found at https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/297.html Scroll down to 'SCBL Rules' for details. If you have further questions please ask them as part of this thread, members will be glade to help.
  11. Lking

    Spamcop server

    Just to be sure. Did you understand how to email Richard?
  12. Lking

    Spamcop server

    Kolor, I believe RobiBue is correct; your privet 16 character submit code has been compromised. I have edited your post above which again exposed your 16 character code. Go to <Browse><Staff> above and click on "Richard W" to send him an email requesting a change/update to your reporting account.
  13. Lking

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    Unless your ISP uses the SpamCop Blocklist to filter/sort your incoming email, you will not see a direct affect in your inbox for submitting spam.
  14. Lking

    Spamcop server

    The "Average reporting Time" parameter has not worked correctly sense it was added to the screen.
  15. Lking

    Spamcop server

    Kolor, The way I read what you have quoted, it is not the spam/email that is causing the problem. It is the application you are using to forward the email that is causing the problem. Check your email application and see if you can change the format from "html" to "text" You may be able to look at the source of the email you sent to SpamCop using <ctrl>U I believe you will see that the attachment is included within some html code, and have <p> </p> or <br> code inserted in the header. NOTE: I have edited your "quote" deleting the example header which reveals your email address, your secrete/private spamcop submit address, etc.