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  1. Lking

    Hi Spamcop, Please Unblock

    You can check the reputation of the IPs yourself at https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=map I notice that two of the IPs (50.31.x.x) have a poor reputation and are on one or more BL. looking at that neighborhood I see that outbound-mail.sendgrid.net does have a sending spam problem, Current and long term. But I am not clear if you are having trouble receiving email which is a problem you can resolve by adjusting the email setting in you CPanel so emails are not blocked. If you are having trouble with the emails you send being blocked you need to talk to your ISP about the IP being used to send email. If your emails are using a shared IP you may be suffering from the reputation of others using the same IP. IF no more spam are reported to SpamCop and no more emails are received by spam traps, an IP will automatically be removed from the SCBL. However, It seems these IPs have more than a casual problem.
  2. Just to be clear, I am a volunteer and do not officially speak for SpamCop. The spam report you received does contain a copy of the offending email (most likely with the destination address obscured). As you can understand some who report spam would not want their email address given to the "spammer" in fear of confirmation that someone looks at spam sent to the address, or fear of retaliation. the spam report was sent to you as administrator, as a tool for your use. To me it would seem your response to a single report, vs a pattern of reports, a bit harsh. If this was a single report for this client it would provide an opportunity to discuss with the client proper double-opt-in email list. Of course I an not suggesting how you should run your business. I am suggesting how to use data provided by SpamCop. The SpamCop Block List, which is the primary purpose of SpamCop, is based of several, relative current, spam reports NOT a single report. For details see What is the SpamCop Blocking List (SCBL)? scroll down to "SCBL Rules'
  3. I don't know you. Both are possible. 😁
  4. That is much better At the bottom of the report is the bad news. "Report would be sent to network-abuse{AT}google{DOT}com" If you do a local search (tool top right of each screen) you will find several related post about google frustration. If memory serves there are also several suggestions for additional actions you could take, with variable results.
  5. @denbyhank you for trying to provide a Tracking URL. The Report id can only be seen by you. The Tracking URL can be found either in the at the top of the reporting page or in the email notification received from SC if you submitted the spam as an attachment. an example would look like
  6. @mgolden as you may have noticed, spammers do visit this forum. It can be assumed they scrap email addresses they find. I tried to remove your wife's email from your post. You did provide the tracking URL, thank you, so there was no point to including the header of the spam (which exposed your wife's email) in your post There does seem to be some network issues right now. I also just got a 500 error. Try later to update your mailhost..
  7. Lking

    SpamCop says it's too old, it's not

    If you search for "Tracking URL" (including the quotes) using the search tool, top right of each page, you will find 112 local references to "Tracking URL" that may be more helpful than a internet wide search.
  8. Lking

    SpamCop says it's too old, it's not

    As others suggested, a Tracking URL would be more helpful. In addition to the offending email others can see what the parser did. When others follow the Tracking URL SC redacts the email removing you email so you don't have to. By not including the raw email in the forum, its content is not crawled by bots and indexed giving visibility to the spammer.
  9. Lking

    Three Ways to Report spam

    We have tried. In most browsers you will see that SCBL is underlined. if you slowly mouse over SCBL a small window will appear. HTH
  10. Lking

    OVH.Net spam ?

    $$$$ The US Congress is asking the same question. The answer is "Their business model." The real question is how to control the problem in a open society.
  11. Lking

    Is there a SpamCop Outage

    That sounds like a security/permissions setting.
  12. Lking

    Is there a SpamCop Outage

    Petzl I just logged in for here.
  13. Lking

    Can SpamCop be used for...

    Did you read https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/14.html? Scroll down to Messages which may be reported: I understand your frustration. Every once in a while one of my domains cycle through the spammer's list of forged "FROM:" or "REPLY:" Although the admin of the domain receiving the original spam must not have a clue about the difference between FROM: and the IP address of the real source, reporting their invalid bounce messages my get their attention. If you are nice you could include a note in the spam Report explaining the difference.
  14. Lking

    Reporting spam has no effect

    https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/297.html scroll down to SCBL rules.