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  1. Was the subdomain newly created and the DNS not had time to distribute the new IP? "IP not found ; discarded as fake." Not knowing what you currently have configured in Mailhost it is hard to say. However, the last line in above is the key. Start with a path through your mail servers that is only one step added to what you currently have configured, moving out from there.
  2. We assume you have set/checked your reporting preferences. Have you sent yourself a copy of a spam report? As noted elsewhere what you see looking at a report id or Tracking URL is not the same as the report that is actually sent.
  3. Because nothing has changed. If you look at the bottom of the example you provide inline, again, you will see there is no body to the email only the header.
  4. It has been noted before that sometimes the ISP is more focused on the bottom-line that on being a good member of the internet community. In those cases your solution maybe an only recourse. Reporting them to SC does help those that use the SCBL.
  5. Try this Login to and go to the report you want to make into a PDF. Click <ctrl>A <ctrl>C (select all) (save to clipboard) Go to Acrobat and select [Create] --> [PDF from Clipboard]
  6. What is the parser to do? What is added to Mailhost is to keep from reporting your own host in the stack of Received: entries in the header. But when one of your host is the bottom of the stack, the parser can only conclude that "someone" had hacked your SMTP to send spam and from there send spam to you (among others). If so, you the source ISP, need to be told i.e. the spam report. The concept of someone sending them self spam and then reporting it to SpamCop just was not something to consider.
  7. #1 Strongly suggest switching to "submit" vs "quick" reporting until you get things straightened out. That way you can look at the SpamCop results and CANX reports before reporting yourself. #2 If I read correctly, YOU sent a test email to one of your defined addresses (to simulate a spam) and your test email was sent to Spamcop as if it were spam, which is what you wanted. Spamcop identified YOU as the source of the test email (spam) as it should. ~~ See #1
  8. FYI only you can see the report identified by the "Report id" that you provided. You should have provided the "Tracking URL" As a test I suggest you use submit for a spam and send yourself a copy of the report. I believe you will see that the report sent is not munged. It is confusing, when looking at history either by Tracking URL or Report id the header is munged.
  9. There are two primary objectives for reporting spam to SpamCop; 1) is to provide data to build the SC Blocklist for use in dynamically identify sources of spam to filter incoming email, and 2) send a notice (spam Report) to the ISP source of the spam. From your post, in this case SC has determined not to send the spam Report. There are several reasons not to send the Report discussed at length in other threads. BUT even when 2) is not done, 1) is still a valid reason to report spam.
  10. Did you do a search for "Earthlink"? Is this still current?
  11. Whether a report is received/read or not by abuse{AT} or sent to devnull, the data is added to the the blocklist database affecting the reputation of the IP address. Based on what everyone is reporting in this thread, I'm guessing that "selectively" bounces email sent to abuse{AT}... If spamcop was receiving notice(s) of bounced spam reports, they would set a bounce flag for that email address/IP address and not send anymore spam reports. Reports would instead be sent to devnull for historical record. Sense that is not what reporters are seeing, SpamCop spam reports are not being bounces. As I remember, when SpamCop receives 6 bounce notices for an email address, the flag is set. SpamCop does not want to the noise level on the internet pointlessly adding to the bandwidth. The same is true if your ISP for some reason bounces emails to you from SpamCop. On the other hand, individuals who send reports to the same email address, are reporting that their emails are being bounced forcing them to use the online submission website. Whether does anything with reports, personal report or SpamCop reports, is a different matter.
  12. I would suggest getting things working correctly before making this type of change. Just ran a "Submit" test. Based on the date/time stamps I received the "[SpamCop] has accepted 1 email for processing" within a minute. If you see the Unreported spam Saved: Report Now as gnarlymarley suggest, check for changes in you ISP's filters.
  13. warned, blocked and post moved from "configuration of your reporting account"