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  1. This is a known problem with the parser. Tickets have been open sense October. No clue when it will be fixed.
  2. Within this SpamCop forum covering the fight against spam, the Lounge is the correct place for this discussion. While opinions are welcome and have been expressed in the passed, "we" must also moderate our "free speech" on this forum to avoid admonition on political, religious or slanderous statements. Keep in mind that I, LKing, am only a volunteer on this forum trying to keep this forum useful to those having issues with receiving spam and/or fighting spam. Opinions I express are mine and may not reflect the position of the owners or supporter of this forum. Not being able to draw conclusions about blocklisters in general because each BL has their own rules for which IP to block and for how long, a blanket blocking of Cloudflare would, it seems to me, to be as irrational as blocking gmail/yahoo/outlook because of the large amount of spam sent from mailboxes in these domains. A vary tight definition of spam is 'unsolicited commercial email from a company which you do not/have not had a relationship.' Many people/organizations, SpamCop included, have expanded that definition, but no generally accepted definition included specific content. If you start including email as spam only because you disapprove of the content, that does become censorship. There are on the books in most countries laws against terrorist activity, copyright infringements, etc. Whether those laws are enforced or not, is a separate question.
  3. Could be
  4. Seems to be working now. using both submit@ and website. Could it be your end?
  5. SpamCop nor this forum is responsible for how other members of the internet operate, but as a public service: Call PayPal Customer Support >> {Call Us} >> {Call Us as a guest}
  6. Well, as it happens I just received an additional data point I would include the Tracking URL except the email included links into my PayPal account with auto-login The email is a real PayPal email with a link to page of account statements. spam report would be sent to epsilon{DOT}com same as cDancer's email. So in the face of additional information, I guess I am backing off from my previous post. With that, there are several courses of action to talk to PayPal, with the account email address, to resolve the issue. If you did not setup the PayPal account accessed by your email address, I would strongly suggest getting the account deleted/closed. However the account got setup, it would be hard for you to prove no responsibility for any nefarious action through the account. On the good karma side, PayPal should want to investigate how the account got set up by someone else with you in control of the email account.
  7. As I suggested the email is NOT from PayPal, as shown by Another clue is the link in the body and the redirect. Notice that the admin of the source of the email and the link in the email are the same, a none PayPal domain. Also notice that the paypal TLD is ca, Canada. The structure I have always seen is<country code> as in or When I get spam spoofing PayPal in addition to reporting them, I also send a copy of the spam report to spoof{AT} The do acknowledge receiving your spoof email.
  8. Are you sure that the emails/spam are really from PayPal? As I am sure your are aware the FROM: line in an email is easily forged by spammers. Are reporting your spam to SpamCop? It would be helpful if you would post a tracking URL so we all could see the spam and evaluate the normally hidden header. I manage three PayPal accounts, personal and ones for non-profits organizations, and only receive PayPal emails like "Your Monthly statement is ready" or 'Payment was received from/sent to xxx'. On the other hand I do randomly receive "PayPal" email (from Russia or Yugoslavia) saying my account is about to be closed if I didn't {Click here} to login and fix the problem. If the unwanted emails are from PayPal, have you looked at there Contact Us link at the bottom of the Login page?
  9. There are several possible reasons that spam reports are devnelled. The intended recipient is known to pass directly to the spammer. passed reports have bounce back to SC The recipient has ask SC not to send reports
  10. I added the tab submit. Please read other strings with tag submit.
  11. It always help to provide a tracking URL for an example particularly when your question is "What is happening here?" When you can identify an abuse address that the parser does not, take a look at Routing/Reporting Address Issues and post your suggestion with why. Look at some of the other post there. I would suggest ones looking at posted by C2H5OH a prolific researcher.
  12. #3 above sounds like the answer. If you change the TO: submit to BCC: that should fix it.
  13. Lisati, I think you are OK. I see two possibilities. The most likely, SC sent a spam report to the spammer's ISP. Each spam report is sent to only one recipient and from a unique SpamCop address that includes the report id (reportid=1234567890 for example). If the recipient does click on Reply/ReplyALL their email goes only to the unique SpamCop address. From the report ID SC can link the report to you. If in preferences you agree to accept messages from recipients, SC then forwards the message to you. This way SC tries protects your email. The other addresses in Habul, FTC, FDA or KnujOn do not reply to spam sent to them. The AU group does send an automatic acknowledgement each spam reported. But only back to you (sender of email from Habul). In Habul if you have included an email address(es) under "Custom Report(es) address" under the <Basic settings> Tag, they may hit ReplyAll. If they do you should see pending spam in your SC reporting account, as if you submitted more spam (but didn't). I use Habul to send spam to all the above, SpamCop, FTC, FDA, and ACMA in Australia. Sometimes when I get a phishing spam "from" say Fedex I add their abuse email (abuse{AT} to the list of recipients. To protect my private submit address I change the SpamCop TO: to BCC: so it does not seen by the other recipients.
  14. kolor going back to your first three post in this thread (and others), there is a current problem with the parser which caused the results screen to stop be for displaying the option to send reports. Go to the top of this thread, click on the tag "Submit" and see several other post/thread. This is a know problem, that is being worked on.
  15. You can login to your reporting account, go to the " Preferences " tab then "Report handling Options" and have reports sent to you as a BCC: While you are looking at Preferences, there are several options about how spam reports are handled you should look at.