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    No Headers

    @Dracosse, thanks for the information. I too have been using FF for years, and forwarding as attachment with FireFly works just fine as a process. The problem remains with the header's lack of "Received:" line as identified by @gnarlymarley Have you gotten any answer for Comcast or you email provider? I would suggest that Comcast/xfinity is just the deliver 'pipe' connecting you to you email host, @gmail, @hotmail, @outlook or whoever. They are the ones that received and passed on to you the email with the badly formed header. NOTE: The previous two post (by @Hanco and copied by @Dracosse) revealed the private code for submitting spam - and have been deleted.
  2. What is obvious to the casual observer, is not necessarily obvious to the parser. Depending on the workload, number of spam being processed, the parser may not even look at the body of the email submitted. This has long been a concern of some users because spamvertised links sometimes are not identified The SpamCop parser is a tool.. You as the user are responsible for assuring that the IP addresses added to the SCBL and email reported as spam ARE really spam and NOT any one of the other annoying or objectionable email that we all receive. To remind users of that responsibility, the message is included.
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    No Headers

    keep us informed.
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    No Headers

    The reason I ask, is that if nothing has change the results will continue to be unchanged. As noted by gnarlymarley, there are no "Received:" lines in the header you provided. It is by tracing backwards the Received entries in the header, that the spamcop parser identifies the source of the email presented. I am not hopeful but, have you ask your ISP how they delivered an email with a mis configured header? SpamCop or the SpamCop parser can not process an email that does not come close to meeting the email standards.
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    No Headers

    Have you change anything?
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    No Headers

    thanks Marley
  7. It is possible that your email host (icloud.com) had changed their configuration, witch will affect your mailhost configuration on record with spamcop. Ask your ISP. If ISP servers have been reconfigured then you need to update your mailhost configuration. by logging into your spamcop account, clicking on the <Mailhosts> tab and follow the instructions. How you submit your spam, email attachment or web form, the parsing of the header will be the same an uses the same mailhost configuration.
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    No Headers

    sure wish you had included the Tracking URL as a link vs just in a graphic so others could follow the link without typing in those random char. What is visible in the graphic must not be all the email and header. What did the rest of the email look like? at least down to the first blank line (end of header).
  9. Hi JoJo, Welcome to the SpamCop forum. Sorry you joining is under such stressful conditions. I think you post identifies three issues. Sorry you have gotten onto the emailing list of one that has such a poor business model. Unfortunately, at this point unsubscribing from their email list only validate that a real person reads the email. Have you reported the problem with freebizmag/com to your credit card company and your bank that issued the card? You are their paying customer. This may not stop the spam in the short run but (frebizmag.com has your email) but it may affect their bottom line. If enough people report the servers sending the spam, this also can affect them directly. This seems to be the easiest (effective) way for you to report spam. After cutting and pasting the spam into the online form and clicking the submit button, your done. Before you click the submit, just above the button you should see one or more check boxes beside where the spam reports will be sent. For example: On the other hand The success of forwarding spam as an attachment, depends on the email application and server you are using. Some email apps modify the header before attaching, attaching inline will also prevent SpamCop from processing your spam. and result in the response you received
  10. No, not really. SpamCop.net uses cookies with your reporting account.
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    How Do I Use SC on MY Mail Server?

    From a cPanel I don't know if you have access to the settings for the "Professional spam filter" options. The SCBL works like other block list. but the real question is SpamCop an option for the system installed by hour host.
  12. As discussed in several places there are three general reasons spamcop sends reports to @devnull.spamcop.net The abuse address has bounced 3(?) past spam reports SpamCop knows that the spam reports sent to the ISP are passed to the spammer The "abuse address" has ask SpamCop not to send reports Keeping in mind that sending reports is the top priority. Looking at the Statistics Tab I see that 3-8 spam/second are processed to identify the sending IP
  13. Welcome to the forum SpamCop has always successfully stived for a low/zero false positive spam source. As a result, SpamCop enjoys a good reputation. Unless you are familiar with the email standards it may be counter productive to edit the header. It is better to not identify a spammer that to falsely identify some (any). I am not familiar with AquaMail, maybe other users have some experience with that mail app and can help. The header in your link is "confused." I don't know if this is due to the way you submitted the spam, your mail app or mis configuration by the spammer. A cleaner example would be a better place to start.
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    Why am I paying with my time?

    See the following related thread. http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/41289-resolvednbspadding-fuel-via-paypal/?tab=comments#comment-146330
  15. Wen I click on the link in your post above, I go directly to my post starting Going back to your original post you identify two issues, the same two issues I suggested in my last post These two issues are NOT related on the SpamCop end. notification of spam submitted to submit.{your private code}{AT}spam.spamcop.net are sent to the email address identified in the <preferences> tab of spamcop.net. Notification email are send from a mailbox at the spamcop.net domain. Your mailhost configuration under the <Mailhosts> tab is use by the parser ONLY. The information in the header/body of the email sent to you and returned by you, traces the path the email followed through your ISP servers and any forwarding you may have implemented. This information is used by the spamcop parser application to distinguish between your ISP host and others in the path the spam has taken. One dot point above does not effect the other. The common nod in issues of the dot points is your ISP. Users of SpamCop have in the past experienced problems, off and on, with any number of ISPs, mostly related to the ISP's less than informed effort to manage spam. And yes, ISPs have filtered out emails from spamcop.net because they "see" the letters "s p a m' somewhere in the email header - dumb yes, but reality. It is also experienced that the problem may clear up without acknowledgement that the ISP changed anything. Another ISP related issue is the ISP blocking your submitted spam because 1) you send so many emails 2) again they see the word spam 3) they see you sending the spam they let you receive. You can check this issue by submitting spam and then logging into your account to make sure what you submitted was received. If the spam was processed of course you should receive a notification. If the submit was not received by the parser, talk to your ISP. If the Notification was not received by the email address show in your <preferences> tab, talk to your ISP. I have ex-wives that were more communicative than some ISPs. The obvious answer, 'get a new ISP' is not available to all, I know. By choice I live on the ragged end of the internet and have only one (think god) provider and only one path back to civilization. My solution to getting material to/from spamcop (and others) is a VPN. This way ALL my traffic is encrypted from my PC to my VPN provider's server and then where it is really going becomes available. Century Link only see that all my traffic goes to one place. Mailhost configuration. From your second post in this thread Your ISP reconfiguring their servers, changing POP3/IMAP, changing the path through their servers will not affect JUST email from spamcop. If you still get other email sent to the address on file with spamcop you SHOULD get email from spamcop. UNLESS during the reconfiguration you ISP changed the filters of incoming email to block spamcop.net Lost of things to look at in this post. Validate the path to and from the spamcop parser as suggested above *** your mailhost configuration IS NOT this problem *** If we ran the world this would be so much simpler AND ISPs would live in the 4 ring of hell!
  16. I see two issues Missing notifications of submitted spam mailhost configuration Taking one step at a time: While you are talking with your ISP, ask them if they are blocking email from SpamCop. Some ISP in an over zealous effort to keep spam out of users inbox, block any email that contain the word "spam" i.e. spamCop.net This could explain the missing notifications.
  17. You mailost configuration will/should not affect where your notifications are emailed. It does affect whether you report servers in you email path - not a good thing. No there is not a known limit. I report spam received by several accounts on several servers. I have more than 10 host/domains listed. Other people have their email forwarded through several (more than one) servers, each which adds an entry in the list Have you checked Change Email address or name under the Preference tab? I have not heard of these preferences changing, but in the long run bits can randomly change. If all looks OK let us know.
  18. problems with OUTLOOK is ongoing. Have you searched for "OutLook" using the search tool in the upper right of this page?
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    "spam" from Spamcop

    This post was moved from "Blocklist Help" Not to quibble over definitions, but given you participation over the last 15 years, the notifications are not spam. If you would like to change your notification choices you can make changes by: Click on your account name in the upper right hand corner of this screen In the drop down menu, click on <Account Settings> In the Settings screen, in the right hand column click on <notification settings> On he Notification Settings screen, there are several options you can select or not After making you selections be sure to click the <Save> button located near the bottom center of the screen. I hope this has been helpful.
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    Why am I paying with my time?

    To follow on what petzl posted. There are two paths here 1) Stop the spam out right. As petzl posted, IF the abuse desk/ISP a good member of the internet or the cost of too many report gets to high, the ISP can stop the spam from the IPs they control. Yes, the spammer can just fine somewhere else host there spamming but that is life 2) spam traps, analysis or reported spam add to some block list, spamassin, spamCop, or who ever. For any blocklist to have an affect on your email, some ISP or node in your path must use that blocklist Depending on where you report your spam you may help one or both approaches. one or both may affect spam you receive. As a bonus you may get washed off the spammers list.
  21. Understand that. There are times when I just trow away some examples. Looking at some of my current spam it looks like the last "Content-Type:" may be out of place. I would suggest after you past in the spam, insert a blank line after the "To: undisclosed-recipients:;" line. Just a suggestion. The parser should still see you email address in the Bcc line in the body and "x" it.
  22. Let me expand on my shorthand reply Yes, (If I had received the email you received), I would report this (email as) spam. My apologies for any offense perceived in my comments. None was intended. Life is to short.
  23. Yes I would report this spam.