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  1. Yes my trash bin is full of similar email addresses. They must get paid by volume not quality.
  2. One of the disadvantages of a well indexed internet content is that the bots/spiders that craw the internet for content do not read the content quite the same way you, a human does. One of the down sides is that websites with more references/links get rated higher in list of related sites. That is one reason for referencing spam by TRACKING URL and NOT including live links to spam or spam content in post here. I am sure no one here wants to inadvertently help promote a spammer. I have edited the post above to break the live links. IF someone really wants to follow a link, the information is available -- IF you replace the semicolons and commas with the appropriate characters.
  3. Lking

    Block entire ISP

    @Rasmus167 in spite of your lack of civility, I notice you address two problems. Incoming email "including spam" and email outgoing from your SMTP. Incoming email is blocked by your ISP (at the destination not the source) . You/each of your clients should talk to their ISP about their policies concerning blocking incoming email. Unless each ISP is using SCBL to filter incoming email, I don't see how SpamCop is responsible; unless all your clients receive email ONLY from sources using IPs on the block list. Frequently people reporting issues with outgoing email are using a shared IP address. Few large email service providers dedicate an IP address to each of their clients. With shared IP addresses, each customer using the same IP is subject to the behavior of ALL other users of the shared IP. If one of your ISPs clients is a spammer, resulting in an IP being added to the block list, ALL other clients, whose SMTP uses the same IP are also blocked. You need to talk to your ISP about their policies and how they monitor their clients.
  4. glad you found a solution.
  5. There are a couple of explanations for what you are seeing. The SpamCop Block list is dynamic. An IP address may be on the list for as little as 24 hours. So depending on the timing you may have missed the listing. Another resource you might check is under the <Statistics> tab. there is a browseable mapping of IPs that may provide more useful information https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=map If an IP is listed on other block list it maybe reflected. Historically we have see that some providers have outdated error messages stating that an IP is on SCCBL when they are currently using a other criteria for blocking an IP. You/your partner need to check with their ISP to verify the real reason for being blocked. Sorry for the generic response but without additional information...
  6. Lking

    Simple Instructions

    I also use firefox. without issue.
  7. Looks to me like your email provider is "preventing" you from sending spam. In the past this has been caused by things as simple as your ISP's filter seeing the word spam or identifying your attachments as spam, which of course they are! You need to talk to your email provider and explain why you are sending spam to spamcop and get them to change their system parameters.
  8. Lking

    Website wordpress

    The original post is off topic for this forum. the link was broken so as not to promote the site. Later: The same member came back and posted additional links to the same website. Enough is enough and so the poster was restricted from posting and ALL their post were hidden. (which is why my post is just hanging out here.)
  9. Lking

    Unblock my IP?

    As you found your IP has a good reputation and does not appear to be on any block list. When I try to follow the "spamcop" link in the message it is not a valid link Unfortunately some ISP have a standard error message referencing SpamCop long after they stop using SCBL to filter incoming email. You need to contact the recipient of your email or their ISP. There is no credible indication that your ISP is on the SCBL. The SCBL is dynamic and without additional spam being reported an IP will automatically be removed from the list after 24 hrs.
  10. Lking

    Hi Spamcop, Please Unblock

    You can check the reputation of the IPs yourself at https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=map I notice that two of the IPs (50.31.x.x) have a poor reputation and are on one or more BL. looking at that neighborhood I see that outbound-mail.sendgrid.net does have a sending spam problem, Current and long term. But I am not clear if you are having trouble receiving email which is a problem you can resolve by adjusting the email setting in you CPanel so emails are not blocked. If you are having trouble with the emails you send being blocked you need to talk to your ISP about the IP being used to send email. If your emails are using a shared IP you may be suffering from the reputation of others using the same IP. IF no more spam are reported to SpamCop and no more emails are received by spam traps, an IP will automatically be removed from the SCBL. However, It seems these IPs have more than a casual problem.
  11. Just to be clear, I am a volunteer and do not officially speak for SpamCop. The spam report you received does contain a copy of the offending email (most likely with the destination address obscured). As you can understand some who report spam would not want their email address given to the "spammer" in fear of confirmation that someone looks at spam sent to the address, or fear of retaliation. the spam report was sent to you as administrator, as a tool for your use. To me it would seem your response to a single report, vs a pattern of reports, a bit harsh. If this was a single report for this client it would provide an opportunity to discuss with the client proper double-opt-in email list. Of course I an not suggesting how you should run your business. I am suggesting how to use data provided by SpamCop. The SpamCop Block List, which is the primary purpose of SpamCop, is based of several, relative current, spam reports NOT a single report. For details see What is the SpamCop Blocking List (SCBL)? scroll down to "SCBL Rules'
  12. I don't know you. Both are possible. 😁
  13. That is much better At the bottom of the report is the bad news. "Report would be sent to network-abuse{AT}google{DOT}com" If you do a local search (tool top right of each screen) you will find several related post about google frustration. If memory serves there are also several suggestions for additional actions you could take, with variable results.
  14. @denbyhank you for trying to provide a Tracking URL. The Report id can only be seen by you. The Tracking URL can be found either in the at the top of the reporting page or in the email notification received from SC if you submitted the spam as an attachment. an example would look like
  15. @mgolden as you may have noticed, spammers do visit this forum. It can be assumed they scrap email addresses they find. I tried to remove your wife's email from your post. You did provide the tracking URL, thank you, so there was no point to including the header of the spam (which exposed your wife's email) in your post There does seem to be some network issues right now. I also just got a 500 error. Try later to update your mailhost..