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  1. I found one and stopped.
  2. https://www.ultratools.com/tools/ipv6Info
  3. Lking

    wondering about efficiency of reporting spams

    Don't say it out loud! you will break the spell.
  4. Unfortunately there are several. The forum has gone through a change in the underlying software system and database. Many links were broken, mostly in the area of older help post.
  5. That is correct. You still should review where reports are going in the "Report spam to" but your email host will not be in the list. Yes the reporting process will be the same.
  6. The objective of Mailhost configuration is for the system (the parser) to "know" the normal path of an email through your email host/ISP system. With this information the parser can identify when a spam is injected into the normal path. The information also help prevent you reporting your own system as the source of spam. Without configuring you mailhost you must review the results more carefully to assure you do not sent reports to part of your normal email processing system.
  7. Please see http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/29542-help-with-a-mail-received-few-times-saying-my-email-is-hacked/ Are you talking about the visible FROM: line which is easily forged, or the chain of Received lines in the complete header?
  8. Lking

    leaseweb spam

    If you have an abuse address for these IPs why not report then in "Routing / Report Address Issues" which you have done with other IPs? The non-response response you received could well be why spam reports are /dev/nulled
  9. Lking

    Need Help Asap

    Your last statement reveals a lot of misunderstanding. SpamCop's block list (SCBL) does not deal the an organization like Constant Contact, an ISP or an individuals. The SCBL list IP addresses that are the source of reported spam or spam received by spam traps, and then only for relatively short periods of time depending on the number of spam to total emails sent and those received by spam traps. For more details see What is the SpamCop Blocking List (SCBL)? Given the large number of emails sent from a Constant Contact controlled IP, (I'm guessing) the two or three reports you are talking about would not cause any action by SpamCop. Your three reports in addition to others caused by other CC customers may be a different story. SpamCop sends spam Reports to the managers of an IP address, usually abuse{AT}whatever{DOT}com, so that responsible managers can take action to stop the spam. The spam report includes a munged copy of the reported spam to help the manager identify the source of the spam, whether intentionally sent or sent by a compromised system. I can understand why CC may take aggressive action. Delivering emails is their business model and having a bad reputation or being blocked affects their bottom line. SpamCop would have no knowledge to support your supposition And I must say this is an argument I have seen on this forum several times before ("Someone is out to get me!"). That is not to say your suspicion is true or not. How Constant Contact deals with reported spam and their clients is an issue for the client and Constant Contact to resolve.
  10. Lking

    Need Help Asap

    without any information it would be hard to provide any useful information or take any action. It is understandable why Constant Contact would take action/warn any customer that generates a complaint, getting all of their outgoing emails delivered is their bread & butter. "A couple" of spam reports from SpamCop will not get an IP address blocked. Emails sent to spam traps is another issue and Constant Contact would not have gotten any information about those email. Constant Contact should have the information necessary to help you scrub you email list. I assume you are following good practices with double-opt-in list and have acted on any "unsubscribe" received. Unsubscribe links are, I believe, included in all constant contact emails as required. Truly need more information to identify which spam reports of the 183994 in the last 24 hours are the 'couple' you are interested in.
  11. Lking

    Email size

    10Mb is a rather high limit for email size for a system that has effectively been closed for several years. The fact that you can still forward email through SpamCop.net without cost, is amazing. The system was sold (what 3 yrs ago) and filtered email was continued, at not cost, as a courtesy to the then current customers. About two years ago, with warning about the uncertainty of the future, email was no longer filtered but just forwarded through the system. At that time it was my understanding that the forwarding service was intended to give legacy users time to stop using, in an orderly manner, spamcop.net email addresses. My point is that the bandwidth, in and out, has not been paid for by users for several years. AND warnings have been given that the forwarding privileges may end at any time. Increasing email max size and there by max bandwidth (which cost someone real money) could bring the legacy service to an end. As just a user/contributor to SpamCop, I would suggest moving email/addresses to other mail services, starting a year or two ago. JMHO
  12. I think this email identifies a logic error in the parser. A local search for {AT}ovh{DOT}net results in only one reference which is not informative. Hopefully others will have more insight.
  13. Lking

    New type of email spam

    It would help others to provide information about your spam if we could see an example. PLEASE do not post a copy of the spam, but do post a SpamCop Tracking URL The tracking URL can be found near the top of the reporting page, or as a link in the email SpamCop sent you stating the spam was ready to send. It could be that the cPanel account has been compromised.
  14. The reason Ricardo was having trouble accessing the link is because I had had hidden the thread from general public view ~ for a while NO one could follow the link until I corrected the problem I created. Sorry to all.