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  1. It is generally assumed that spammers do more here than drop their loads but do read. There are also tickets open for the problem(s) with an update expected soon.
  2. Good. Thanks for the update. I marked resolved.
  3. Glad to hear things are working now.
  4. Have you looked at your Mailhost configuration? On that page is a flag that may be set which prevents quick reporting
  5. Please see No Submit button on report form and the threads I referenced there.
  6. And there are others that use the whole domain that has never used the MX except as a trap, so any email received by the domain is "spam."
  7. Something to be said for that!
  8. Off topic ~ how do you like Debian? I haven't been able to find the driver for my WiFi
  9. Yes, this has been reported before. There are tickets open. See several post: Certiain messages break spamcop Unable to report Spamcop server made some mistake Cyrillic domain in email body
  10. Tag removed, warned, blocked and post moved from " Mailhost configuration of your reporting account"
  11. Yes see: Unable to report SpamCop server made some mistake Cyrillic domain in email body There are tickets open on this parser problem. An update is expected soonish.
  12. It is never a good idea or productive to ask a spammer to removed you address from their emailing list. They view any contact from you as conformation that a real person does read their email and that is success for them. See Spammer Rules, Rule #1, Finnell's Corollary. A more direct way to keep these spam out of your inbox is have your ISP block them or use your email app to direct them to a spam folder. I assume you are reporting your spam to SC. This may not help you directly, depending on how your ISP handles incoming email, but it does help others filter their email.
  13. As noted in other threads, there are updates coming. In the mean time, have you check your email IP as suggested above? Why do you think you are currently on the SCBL? Have you received spam reports from or has some ISP reported that you email was blocked/not delivered because you are on the SCBL? Or is there some other evidence? Which IP address used by your outgoing SMTP is on the SCBL? That would help members here see why it is being blocked. This information would help others give you better information about how to solve you issues. Have you looked at the information behind the link More information for report recipients ?
  14. Are you reporting the spam you receive to SpamCop? Are you or your email ISP using any filtering for you incoming email? It is never a good idea to respond to spammers. See Spammer rule #1, Finnell's Corollary
  15. Just to be sure everyone is aware, this is a pear-to-pear forum, users attempting to help others with issues involving spam and/or SpamCop in particular. I do not have any direct connection nor official position with SpamCop. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. With all those disclaimers: I would suggest you scrub you emailing list to removed those "users" that do not want to receive your emails. Of course, assuming you do have a current business relationship with the addressees of you emails, your emails are not technically spam, unsolicited commercial email. However, it is obvious some recipients do not want to receive your email. Just as a matter of good business it should be remembered that the email standards do not guarantee the timely delivery of email and therefore any important business correspondence should not be sent only by email. It is apparent that there are several addressees that have reported the email they received. It requires several reports, in a short period of time, to add an IP address to the SC blocklist. You can check if your IP is listed here. There is also a possibility that an email from your system was addressed to a spam trap. This is just me, but if I received an email stating " funds due and the amount that they will have to wire to our bank by the date stated" I would be tempted to report it as spam just like all the other similar emails I receive on a daily bases, unless I recognized the sender and had opted-in to receiving email from them. Anticipating a suggestion, it would not be appropriate to "white-list" your IP address. The correct action would be not to send email to those that do not want to receive them. Without any knowledge of you, your business or your relationship with those that have reported your emails, I would not want to be miss understood but it should be keep in mind, Spammer rule #1, in particular Russel's Admonition and Sharp's Corollary.