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  1. Received my first "Help The Cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris!" spam. Just to much money floating around to resist. Tracking URL
  2. Like Fredie, the spam seem to be back https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6539674301z237b78bf7ae63db01d0dab06ee5e4606z They started this morning with 3, two to non-mailboxes. Got 15+ this afternoon all sent to random mailboxes.
  3. Lking

    re. @devnull.spamcop.net

    db17 the report will be sent by SC. If you are unsure you could always, as a test, send a random spam to yourself and evaluate how all the SC spam reports you generate look.
  4. Lking

    re. @devnull.spamcop.net

    There are several reasons that SC may send a spam report to @devnull.spamcop.net SC does not find a valid abuse address for the source IP. spam reports sent to the identified/ listed abuse address have bounced 6 or more time. (No need to clutter the internet or wast the bandwidth) The abuse address has ask SC not to send reports. (SC does not want to be a spammer). SC has reason to believe that the ISP passes the report onto the spammer When you submit your spam example, at the bottom of the screen you should see "Report spam to:" Notice the "Re: User Notification" with the unchecked selection box. By checking the box and entering an email address you can send the report to anyone you wish.
  5. If you logoff SC and then go to the Tracking URL you will see that your email address is replaced with "x"
  6. "Dear" Color me confused : ) The confusion is that we (you and I) are talking about two different things. You (and I) use SC to parse the spam email header to identify the source and supporting ISPs of the spam and the spamvertised links in the body of the email. I understand that you /*then*/ use the information from SC to manually expand where the spam report is sent. In addition to the basic results from SC, I also send all 'raw' spam to government databases, US and Australian (spam@uce.gov & Report@submit.spam.acma.gov.au), for archival and whatever use. When a quick visual scan of spam reveals that the name of an established company (Amazon, UPS, American Express...) is used to bate the spam receivers, I also send the raw spam to those companies as a "FYI some spamming a**hole is using your 'good' name to defraud people." In my example above: I noticed the From: Amazon displayed in the "Correspondents" column in Thunderbird so I single that spam out for special handling. Depending on the time of day and other factors, I also take a quick look at the body of some spam scanning for besmirched company names. {It is another discussion, whether or not these corporations have a 'good name'. I am sure they think so and have the resources to defend it.} I have chosen this less time intensive processing because of the volume of spam sent to the several domains I use (232 spam yesterday). In addition to the domain I have had sense 1996, I also manage domains for two non-proffets. I receive all email to these domains unfiltered (note To: bigknow{at}xxxx.com above). For me I "Do not have the time" to do the hard work that @RobiBue does.We each do what we can do. As an aside I am confused by the thinking(?) of spammers. Looking at the "odd" mailboxes spam is sent to. Instead of dropping mis addressed email on the floor, I receive and report it. So I see these odd mailboxes. I can see guessing 'Bob@', 'John@' or "testemail@". I do not understand "f***you@", "A**hole@", "whore@". Who thinks someone would open an email addressed to "whore@"?
  7. Please provide a Tracking URL so that others can see how 'SpamCop does not handle' you submission.
  8. The attached spam is forwarded without change. MY email, Subject: [blah...] spam Report, From: XXX is not what ACMA is referring to. The Attached email "Subject: [Norton AntiS´╗┐pam]TEXT ALERT: Winner, Winner John, is it you? >> Check Now" "From: Amazon <reply@leneif.info>" is not changed, as required.
  9. NO I am not. That would result in a spam Report, from SC going to amazon. I am suggesting something like this header from MY email: with an amazon related spam attached; in this case Note when I "Submit" the spam I BCC the email to SC to hide my private 16 char reporting account from Amazon. Also note: Yes the FROM: is an obvious fake, but the sender is using the well known retailer's name to get "bigknow" to open the email.. I do the same for others common spam FROM UPS, American Express and others.
  10. I stand corrected. What I meant to say was that I add amazon[dot]com to the list of addresses when I submit said spam. So the copy of the spam comes from me not SC. I do get the obligatory auto-response "Thank you"
  11. I don't see a suggestion to also send reports/forward spam to stop-spoofing[AT}amazon.com I add that address to all spam that I quickly identify as relating to Amazon or often amazon.uk
  12. Welcome to the forum. Short answer: No Longer answer: Finding links in the body of spam email is the lowest priority for the parser, after identifying the source and sending spam reports. With those priorities it is a mater of allocation of assets i.e. CPU cycles. And there is a cascading impact. If a link is found in the tail end of a large spam, the spam report also becomes larger than 50Kb to include the link; even more cycles and outgoing bandwidth. The CPU cycles and bandwidth all cost money, which makes it a return on investments. Although Cisco, the current owner, may have deep pockets, the 50Kb limit was established back in the dark ages when SpamCop was privately owned.
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