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  1. Whether a report is received/read or not by abuse{AT} or sent to devnull, the data is added to the the blocklist database affecting the reputation of the IP address. Based on what everyone is reporting in this thread, I'm guessing that "selectively" bounces email sent to abuse{AT}... If spamcop was receiving notice(s) of bounced spam reports, they would set a bounce flag for that email address/IP address and not send anymore spam reports. Reports would instead be sent to devnull for historical record. Sense that is not what reporters are seeing, SpamCop spam reports are not being bounces. As I remember, when SpamCop receives 6 bounce notices for an email address, the flag is set. SpamCop does not want to the noise level on the internet pointlessly adding to the bandwidth. The same is true if your ISP for some reason bounces emails to you from SpamCop. On the other hand, individuals who send reports to the same email address, are reporting that their emails are being bounced forcing them to use the online submission website. Whether does anything with reports, personal report or SpamCop reports, is a different matter.
  2. I would suggest getting things working correctly before making this type of change. Just ran a "Submit" test. Based on the date/time stamps I received the "[SpamCop] has accepted 1 email for processing" within a minute. If you see the Unreported spam Saved: Report Now as gnarlymarley suggest, check for changes in you ISP's filters.
  3. warned, blocked and post moved from "configuration of your reporting account"
  4. lemj3, please my #2 above. It would help us all see what is going on. OK never mind.
  5. Sometimes official help in needed. Try deputies{AT}admin{DOT}spamcop{DOT}net
  6. Login to your SpamCop reporting account and click the MailHost tab.
  7. if you start at you can get to It has been observed that sometimes ISPs use a standard "SpamCop blocklist" reason for rejecting an email even when they have used some other reason, i.e. updated their filter but not bothered to update their canned message.
  8. Do a search (tool upper right of the window) for APEWS. As you can see the guidance from APEWS has been an effective misdirect sense 2007.
  9. I think you will notice (when you are not logged in to your SC reporting account) that your email address is replaced with "x" for example Bcc: x, and in the first Received: line " for x; Fri, 09 Jun 2017 11:35:45 +0000 (GMT)" In the report, the line above explains why the parser stopped tracking the source back., or the IP, is the last verifiable server to handle the email. As a result What SC is telling apple is that because of the way their email servers have documented they path of this email it is not possible to trace the path farther back. This gives apple an opportunity correct what they insert into headers or identify how spam is getting into their system.
  10. If you would provide the Tracking URL for this or similar spam the rest of us could then see all of what you submitted and what the SpamCop parser did with it. With only part of the email submitted, and part of the results of the results of the processing it is not possible to have a complete understanding of what has happened.
  11. Thanks for the Tracking URL. What I see is that the parser does not see a body. The header ends with even when you click <view entire message>. The header should end with a blank line followed by the body. An email without a body was submitted or there is something following the "Email: " line that is causing the parser to truncate the submission. How are you submitting to SpamCop? If submitting by email as an attachment, you should be able to look at your outgoing email and see what was sent. If using the webpage to submit, after you past the message into the window, you should be able to scroll the content of the window before you click <process spam> and check for the blank line between the header and the body.
  12. The better answer is 'What is Google doing to the email so that no longer complies to the standard?' If you would provide a Tracking URL then the other member here could look at the submitted email and help you figure out how to feed the parser. A search for Google using the tool in the upper right of this screen, will result in lots of threads that may answer your question. As a matter of policy, the parser is not changed to resolve the ever changing lack of standard compliance by all the different email applications. Is this a problem with only some email spam or is this a new problem you are having with all email submitted?
  13. If I understand your situation correctly, you have changed from using Verizon webmail to using AOL. In that case Yes, you will need to update your mailhost with SpamCop. You could have provided the Tracking URL for the example above and not exposed you email address for all, including spammers which troll this forum.
  14. Glad to hear the good news. I sure wish this issue was resolved, but I fear we will hear from this source of spam again.