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  1. I am not a Hotmail user, but the most current information I see in a search is: Advice on viewing/copying the "message source" in hotmail Assume you are using the web interface in a browser vs a mail app like Thunderbird as suggested above by gnarlymarley Yes it is difficult keep advice updates to reflect ever changing applications. sorry.
  2. Teancum144 In your first post there is a link at the bottom of the first quote. follow that link (past into your browser) and then follow the "Contact us" link. Explain the problem your having. The problem looks to me to be the way OUTLOOK handles/process your emails trying to configure your reporting account. I think the IPv6 links used internally (to outlook) is causing the problems.
  3. Does seem counterintuitive, however, there is logic to the policy. Assuming that the ISP is a good internet member and was being taken advantage of by a spammer, if they say they have fixed the problem, SpamCop gives them some time to show resolution. There may be some delay from the time the ISP thinks they have stopped the spam, and when the last spam are received and reported. On the other hand if the spam does continue, reporting and blocking will again happen and the word of the ISP will be more suspect in the future.
  4. Lking

    Mail Rejected/Blacklisted

    First we need to separate what may be two issues and terminology so everyone is talking about the same thing: 1. If your friend's email is blocklisted, that would mean that his OUTGOING email is not being received by others because the recipient's email system has blocked your friend's email. They (each recipient) would have to whitelist your friend's email address or IP address. 2. If your friend is not receiving emails (including yours) your friend's email system is blocking INCOMING email and it is your friend's system that is causing the problem. Your statement, above, is confusing. "He's is (sic) not receiving some emails." {2} "I ran a spam test and found some site have marked his mail as spam."{1}(Your friend blocked by others.) "So i sent him an email and it was bounced.."{2} (Your email is blocked by your friend's system.) The SpamCop blocklist is a dynamic list that suggest IP addresses that may be the source of spam. The list is developed based on reported spam received by others and spam received by secret spam traps. After no spam is received for a period of time (12 or more hours) an IP address may automatically removed from the list. It is the administrator of the receiving email system who decides whether to block incoming email or place the email in a "spam" folder for review. If you follow the link in the bounce message http:// http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= you will see that this IP address (your email's IP?) is not currently on any blocklist (when I checked) (Color added) The three links provide additional information that may be helpful. For example TalosIntelligence Lookup will show that the IP address is not currently listed in 4 other blocklists besides not being listed by SCBL (SpamCop Block List). To help others provide additional help, please refine your question. Is the problem your friend's OUTGOING email; your friends INCOMING email or your outgoing email? Also it has been noticed here before that sometimes (lazy) email administrators will send a bounce message including a 'canned' error message which may not reflect the be correct cause for the bounce. To answer directly your questions: (Q) How can we fix this issue? (A) First you need to refine your question to identify which problem needs to be addressed (your friends outgoing email being blocked, your friend's system blocking incoming emails, or your outgoing email being blocked by your friend's system.) (Q) Can you whitelist this email/domain? (A) No. The SCBL tracks IP addresses not email addresses or domains. Nor can an IP address be whitelisted by SpamCop, that needs to be done at the receiving email system by the admin or user.
  5. Lking

    Mail Rejected/Blacklisted

    Moved from "SpamCop Email System & Accounts"
  6. 🤣🤣 I am afraid so grasshopper.
  7. Rule #1 petzl, yes but if they are spammer friendly why clog the internet with spam reports?
  8. which is a good reason for SpamCop to devnull the report sent to sendgrid.com
  9. Lking

    Is Anyone Administering This Board?

    Yes, it should all be gone now. You just got up before I did this morning.
  10. Lking

    OVH.Net spam ?

    Nice (Art101 too).
  11. Sad but valid commentary. That's when I too contact my ISP.
  12. I think so. Gmail does not, to my knowledge, share their spammer list with anyone. So who they identify as spammers does not help anyone except Gmail users. By reporting SpamCop the spam you receive it help others no matter whether is was identified by Gmail or false negatives you identify.