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  1. Without a example of the spam from/going through gmail it is difficult to provide definitive guidance. A Tracking URL would be the best way to provide an example and how the SpamCop parser processed your submission. While waiting for a Tracking URL, have you read other current threads, under <Reporting Help> concerning issues caused by gmail handling of spam? (a simple search for gmail using the search engine located in the top right of each screen.)
  2. Lking

    So what's up with this forum spammer?

    It is a balancing act between having a forum open to all seeking information and spam. One example is the poor internet user that shares an ISP/ IP with a spammer. If the spammer is blocked from posting here, the legitimate user would not be able to ask for help.
  3. Have you configured you mailhost to include all the forwardeding? Sorry I did not read you post closely enough.
  4. Although it is not aesthetically pleasing, you can leave the old host with no/little affect. If things are working I would leave things as they are. Does you domain show-up in the drop-down list next to <Delete host>? If it is there, you can delete everything and start over with <Add New Host> (a riskier approach in my opinion.
  5. That is not the case. I you will check again, now my example has been completed.
  6. I don't know what your are seeing. In my example above my email is replaced by <x> (red bold below added). Take a look at you reporting options.
  7. I believe that if you check your tracking URL when you are not logged into spamcop.net you will see what other will see and that your email will not be revealed. For example: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6469367419z07b4227d56dc0803077ec3b56d0aaef8z
  8. Without a Tracking URL as an example of "why/how" processed you submission, anyone would just be guessing as to what to do.
  9. Lking

    all reports now going to same place

    Yes that is the Report id (reportid=6821377793) Only you and the person receiving that spam report can see the report. The Tracking URL is a link that can be seen by everyone.
  10. Lking

    all reports now going to same place

    Unfortunately what you provide is a spam "Report id" (see the end of the link). a Tracking URL can be found near the top of the reporting page see
  11. Lking

    all reports now going to same place

    An example Tracking URL would help us help you/answer your question. Reports going to devnull.spamcop.net indicates that for one of several reasons SpamCop is not sending spam reports to abuse{AT}inan.org if you use the search box in the upper right corner of the screen and search for " abuse#iana.org " (without the ") you may find an answer to your question or the underlying situation. If not come back with a Tracking URL.
  12. Lking

    gmail how to

    I would suggest that discussion about "How to" be kept in "Reporting". The objective of starting this thread was to make a single place that could be referenced vs saying again and again the same thing. Just my thought.
  13. Lking

    IPv6 support for spamcop reports

    Is it IPv6 or gmail?
  14. Lking

    Spamcop cannot find source IP

    It is a matter of a difference in philosophy. SpamCop's objective is to keep spam out of inboxes, directly by building a Block List to be used to filter incoming email (top priority). As a second priority SpamCop tries to send host, not the spammer, a spam Report so that a responsible ISP can take appropriate action with the source of spam. As a third priority, the spamvertised links in the body of spam are evaluated. KnujOn, recently folded, took another approach - they followed the money. Their thinking was that if the profit stream is choked off the spam will stop. KnujOn tried working with ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, to get registrars to follow established rules controlling spammer's domains, the spamverised domains and WHOIS information.
  15. I am guessing that at Stablehost you have a shared SMTP outgoing mail set up, not one dedicated to you/your domains. That was my solution I have a dedicated SMTP on my Virtual Machine. That way I have total control of all incoming/outgoing settings. I would press my host harder.