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  1. Lking

    SC parse incomplete

    Moved from <Geek/Tech Things>
  2. As an example I offer the spam posted on this spam fighting forum.
  3. As RobiBue suggest for some reason your address may have removed from their database. That would of course imply a though process on the part of the spammers. Actions by your ISP is 'between you and your ISP' Much to the puzzlement of my host/ISP i have all email filters bypassed/turned off.
  4. This forum "New Feature Request" is the correct vehicle to pass suggested changes to the SpamCop tool. All suggestions are evaluated and prioritize based on its value to the objectives of SC.
  5. Lking


    Upon rereading with more sleep do up me "acronym"?
  6. Lking


    Done. HTH
  7. Lking


    According to Samuel Morse "S"
  8. Lking

    SCF Email notification/s

    With the email column in 1) set to on take a close look at the options when you "follow" a thread. Not sure what the problem is. MM is an ordinary newbie "Members" not even an "Membera" as you are and MM gets emails. There is no way the system can relate my two accounts the emails are in different domains. ~~ No one is going to do the traffic analysis and notice that both emails use the same IP (we share an ISP) or that the two domains have the same IP (I have both domains on the same host/VM). I can not see your account settings so I am some what limited to suggestions.
  9. Lking

    SCF Email notification/s

    I can not speak to your expectations in general, however in this case your expectations are not the issue. I was trying to say that mail notification is working for MM, however some times the deliver is slow. I would suggest a couple of things 1) turn on all the notifications and then save at the bottom of the screen. 2) check junk folder for <noreply{AT}spamcop.invisionmanaged.net> the source of the notifications. Testing takes coordination (or patience) sense you do not get notification of your own post. Testing in this thread is a bit of a clutter. Suggest 1) above and the check the options when you follow an active thread.
  10. Lking

    SCF Email notification/s

    Good idea. You may notice a third poster in this thread? Just to be sure you have check all you notification settings. 1. Top right of screen, click on your login name and pick <Account Settings> from the drop down menu 2. In the right 1/3 of the SETTINGS window under "Other Settings" select <Notification Settings> 3. Scroll down past the first <SAVE> and look at your selected option. You will notice that in some cases when you mouse over an option you will see "The administrator has disabled..." When I started looking, I didn't remember seeing this before.
  11. Lking

    SCF Email notification/s

    I did receive the following email
  12. Lking

    SCF Email notification/s

    Yes the notification system does work. I receive several admin types for example when someone reports a spam or when someone makes a post that needs to be approved, I am notified. In the passed bulk notification has been sent when the forum will be down for maintenance. Which notice are you looking for? I will try to see why it is not working for you.
  13. Lking

    How i delist my domain?

    The IP will automatically be delisted in ~20 hrs when I looked. Did you follow the link https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&ip= in the page you referenced? I would also suggest you contact your ISP to see if others share that IP. If so others could be the cause of the listing. In either case, you should review your operation.
  14. Guess your are just lucky(?)