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    leaseweb spam

    If you have an abuse address for these IPs why not report then in "Routing / Report Address Issues" which you have done with other IPs? The non-response response you received could well be why spam reports are /dev/nulled
  2. Lking

    Need Help Asap

    Your last statement reveals a lot of misunderstanding. SpamCop's block list (SCBL) does not deal the an organization like Constant Contact, an ISP or an individuals. The SCBL list IP addresses that are the source of reported spam or spam received by spam traps, and then only for relatively short periods of time depending on the number of spam to total emails sent and those received by spam traps. For more details see What is the SpamCop Blocking List (SCBL)? Given the large number of emails sent from a Constant Contact controlled IP, (I'm guessing) the two or three reports you are talking about would not cause any action by SpamCop. Your three reports in addition to others caused by other CC customers may be a different story. SpamCop sends spam Reports to the managers of an IP address, usually abuse{AT}whatever{DOT}com, so that responsible managers can take action to stop the spam. The spam report includes a munged copy of the reported spam to help the manager identify the source of the spam, whether intentionally sent or sent by a compromised system. I can understand why CC may take aggressive action. Delivering emails is their business model and having a bad reputation or being blocked affects their bottom line. SpamCop would have no knowledge to support your supposition And I must say this is an argument I have seen on this forum several times before ("Someone is out to get me!"). That is not to say your suspicion is true or not. How Constant Contact deals with reported spam and their clients is an issue for the client and Constant Contact to resolve.
  3. Lking

    Need Help Asap

    without any information it would be hard to provide any useful information or take any action. It is understandable why Constant Contact would take action/warn any customer that generates a complaint, getting all of their outgoing emails delivered is their bread & butter. "A couple" of spam reports from SpamCop will not get an IP address blocked. Emails sent to spam traps is another issue and Constant Contact would not have gotten any information about those email. Constant Contact should have the information necessary to help you scrub you email list. I assume you are following good practices with double-opt-in list and have acted on any "unsubscribe" received. Unsubscribe links are, I believe, included in all constant contact emails as required. Truly need more information to identify which spam reports of the 183994 in the last 24 hours are the 'couple' you are interested in.
  4. Lking

    Email size

    10Mb is a rather high limit for email size for a system that has effectively been closed for several years. The fact that you can still forward email through SpamCop.net without cost, is amazing. The system was sold (what 3 yrs ago) and filtered email was continued, at not cost, as a courtesy to the then current customers. About two years ago, with warning about the uncertainty of the future, email was no longer filtered but just forwarded through the system. At that time it was my understanding that the forwarding service was intended to give legacy users time to stop using, in an orderly manner, spamcop.net email addresses. My point is that the bandwidth, in and out, has not been paid for by users for several years. AND warnings have been given that the forwarding privileges may end at any time. Increasing email max size and there by max bandwidth (which cost someone real money) could bring the legacy service to an end. As just a user/contributor to SpamCop, I would suggest moving email/addresses to other mail services, starting a year or two ago. JMHO
  5. I think this email identifies a logic error in the parser. A local search for {AT}ovh{DOT}net results in only one reference which is not informative. Hopefully others will have more insight.
  6. Lking

    New type of email spam

    It would help others to provide information about your spam if we could see an example. PLEASE do not post a copy of the spam, but do post a SpamCop Tracking URL The tracking URL can be found near the top of the reporting page, or as a link in the email SpamCop sent you stating the spam was ready to send. It could be that the cPanel account has been compromised.
  7. The reason Ricardo was having trouble accessing the link is because I had had hidden the thread from general public view ~ for a while NO one could follow the link until I corrected the problem I created. Sorry to all.
  8. See my longer post at the top of thread. There are other reasons to use SpamCop: Normally SpamCop correctly does the work of finding abuse addresses, and reporting to SpamCop feeds the SCBL.
  9. http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/31015-httpwwwsupplement4healthorghero-testosterone-booster/?tab=comments#comment-125224 I obviously fat fingered the link. sorry.
  10. Lking

    support for DKIM-Signature

    The "no links found" is ref the body of the email not the header.
  11. See my longer post at the top of http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/31015-httpwwwsupplement4healthorghero-testosterone-booster/?tab=comments#comment-125224
  12. with a childish Hostess pastry 🎢😈
  13. It is a somewhat capricious art.
  14. Moving this to the Lounge. this is not much of a "How To Use" thread. We all could us therapy now and then.
  15. πŸ˜‘β˜ΊοΈ Shoveling snow, breakfast & spam in some mixed order after I get up. I'm a night person and sleep in MST (USA). During the day, others are handled randomly during breaks from other task.
  16. My thought, basses for action, has always been 'that the fact that I got the spam proves they already have my email address' As a result I have "spam Munging" set to " Leave spam copies intact " I also have all my email filters turned off. Have used these settings for years, almost as long as I have used the same email address (~22yrs). In that time, I have had one DOS attack from India that lasted for two days and one spammer that sent me one very nasty profanity filled email (must have been a slow day at the bot farm). Bottom line, any one spammer sends out 1,000s of not 1Ms of emails. I have issues but what level of ego is needed to think a spammer will single out my spam report for retribution or even read? There is no money to be made spending the time to pester me. The only smart thing to do would be to wash my email off their list because I reported them. But we know Rule #3 is true. For a long time, I spend about the same amount of time dealing with personal spam. I spend more time each morning clearing the spam from this forum than I do clearing all my inboxes. On the other hand, if some poor ISP or email user has had their system compromised or their legitimate, but poorly managed, email list contaminated with my email address, maybe the added information will help clear up the problem. I have been contacted a few times by naive managers of homeowners groups/email list/newsletters for help. It is true that although every effort is made to cleans spam reports of your email address, the spammers for some reason hid email addresses in may ways/places. Yours is the first example I am aware of in a "X" line in the header. More often they are in the "unsubscribe" link or other paces in the body. SpamCop tries to find the but obviously they don't fine all of them. JMHO
  17. Did you see Help with a mail received few times saying my email is hacked Log in to your SpamCop reporting account and click on the Preferences tab. Look at spam Munging setting. By default your email address is hidden in spam reports. Unfortunately, if the ISP and spammer are working together sending spam reports is futile. However, reporting all spam does feed information for building the SpamCop Block list witch is used by others to help keep spam out of other's inbox.
  18. Lking

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    The current refresh (just now) shows - as you suggest It is a dynamic system.
  19. Lking

    wondering about efficiency of reporting spams

    Moved this post to the Lounge. This is a discussion about the effectiveness of reporting vs problems with how to report. houseincloud welcome to the fight. Sorry your email has found its way onto a spammer's emailing list. What you describe, many email addresses and providers (IP addresses) is one of the techniques used by spammer to get at least some of their trash through filters. If you were the only person reporting this spray of spam, it would be futile. However, reports from several people can result in one or more of the IP addresses being used to send the spam being added to the SpamCop Block List (SCBL). From a personal level, you may not see any effect, unless your ISP/email host is using the SCBL. The spammer and the bots they control most likely use ISP that are aware of and are paid to overlook their spam. As a result, the spam reports sent to abuse{AT}... may fall on deaf ears. On the other hand, your reports do help build the SCBL, which helps others, and you get lots of good karma for that! You are getting a fare spam load. I have my email wide open (to catch all the spam) and I have also received 100+ spam sense I went to bed last night. The good news is that the CD/list containing your email address will cycle out of use by this spammer and your volume will drop.
  20. Yea, that is the normal order. and you are welcome.
  21. Examples 1 & 2 illustrate the difference between situations where the mailhost configuration needs only one path (ex 1) and where more than one path needs to be included in the mailhost configuration. In the past it was/is common for those with several email addresses, for security or business reasons, to have one email account forwarded to another for convenience in receiving/reading their email. One example of this would be having an email account boss{AT}flimflam{DOT}com forwarded to myaccount{AT}spamcop{DOT}net (at one time to filter out spam) and then forwarded to abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com where they are able to use a globally accessible web browser email interface to read email on any computer anywhere. This would be example 1 and mailhost would only need to trace an email sent to boss{AT}flimflam{DOT}com. As explained int the SC help, first configure abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com with Mailhost; then myaccount{AT}spamcop and finely boss{AT}flimflam}DOT}com. This one tracking would also cover accounts like info{AT}flimflam or webmaster{AT}flimflam{DOT}com In my personal situation mentioned before, multiple accounts on multiple domains all hosted on the same server follow the same path through my host - I do not forward one account to another. (Down in the weeds) This works because SpamCop is really interested in the path of IP addresses not the path of domain names or accounts and the mail server(s) all have the same IP address (MX record). As an aside this is why there is a problem with Hotmail and IPv6. The forward/backward dns lookup table are not setup correctly so there appears to be a forgery. Example 2 illustrates a situation were the above is not true. For example, the boss at Flim Flam Company, boss{AT}flimflam{DOT}com, forwards his business email to abc123{AT}Hotmail[DOT}com again for accessibility. He also forwards email from his second job, busboy{AT}greasyspoon{DOT}com, to abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com so he can easily read those emails too. In the second example emails for boss and emails for busboy take different (IP) paths and so would each need to by entered into mailhost separately. (abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com first the the other two). In a large number of cases (I'm guessing) both examples 1 & 2 are more complicated than most peoples email handling. If a person passes out their email address (abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com and reads/receives their email from that same mailbox, then that one account is all they need to register with SC mailhost. Back "in the good old days" email apps and access were not as robust as they are today and large providers, Outlook, gmail, AOL etc. did not do much about spam; thous SpamCop and forwarding by knowledgeable email users (geeks) through services to help with spam management in their inbox. As you noted, in 2015 there was a major rewrite of the front end of SpamCop to better track down the sources of spam. What was true then during the transition is still true.
  22. It is not necessary to add more than one email address if they are "all" handled by the same host. The purpose of the round-robin email used to set up your mailhost is to document the normal path taken by email sent to the mailbox. For example I have several domains each with more than one mailbox (postmaster, webmaster, abuse) with the email service all hosted by the same server. It was necessary to set up my reporting mailhost once. From what I understand from your post, your situation may be similar. You can check the result by submitting spam sent to each email account and inspect the parser results (carefully) before pressing <Send> or <Cancel>
  23. There was a time when SC did not handle any IPv6 IPs. Now they do handle IPv6 IPs that are correctly applied. As petzl stated: Which leads back to same old problem, SC can't be expected (at least by me) to maintain a parser that handles ever ISP and spammer variant of the standards whether implemented intentionally to obscure or through incorrect used of the the system.
  24. Yes petzl, I miss spoke.