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  1. For what you're doing right now, that is all you can fined out about the "visitor"
  2. If you just do <?php foreach($_SERVER as $key => $value) { echo "$key => $value<BR>"; } ?> Then you will get any values in the $_SERVER array that you may not know the name of, for example
  3. Lking

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    A Tracking URL would help. It has been quite a while sense I have seen this. As I remember if spam continue to come from a given IP, after the ISP has been given an opportunity to correct the problem, SpamCop will again accept spam and add the IP to the SCBL.
  4. A bot looks at the html not the screen so it 'sees' what style or CSS would hide. Hope the question approach works for you.
  5. Another quick add to the form would be a site unique simple question or a Sesame Street type question (things that are not Google-able) for example: Which one doesn't belong? Orange, Grape, Apple? With a set of 3 or 4 random questions, with different answers it slows down the bots. It is also quick to implement and change the questions. It is all an arms race.
  6. The short answer is no. The email you are receiving from the Contact form on your website/domain will appear to come from your system NOT from the mailert.ru, in your example above. You can see this by looking at the header of the received email, depending on the email application you are using. For example in thunderbird, when looking at the email if you press <crtl> U you will see how the email was delivered. If you follow the path from the top down you should see that the IP address is the same as your domain or you host. In reality these are emails you are sending to yourself.
  7. Lking

    Convert from PUNbb 1.4.4

    This is a forum related to fighting spam. I would suggest you find a forum related to your applications. A WPForo forum may be helpful. Thread moved to a more appropriate forum.
  8. Lking

    New email threat and processing shortfall

    No there is no timeline for resolution. Have you done a search for "IPv6"? There are several threads on this ongoing issue.
  9. Lking

    New email threat and processing shortfall

    Next time please use SpamCop Tracking URLs instead of posting the email inline. From the Tracking URL we all can see the original email, the path the parser took, and the actions the parser recommends, without cluttering the thread.
  10. Well for starters, the SpamCop Block list, blocks IP addresses, not domain name. I have no clue about mxtoolbox or their lookup tool.
  11. The SpamCop block list is a dynamic list that requires several examples for an IP to be added to the list, UNLESS an emails is sent to a secret spam-trap. In any case, an IP address will come off the SCBL after a given time if no more reports are received. You can check SpamCop Block List to see if your email server's IP address is on the list. You can also check Browseable map of IPv4 netspace to get a view of your overall reputation.
  12. Lking


    If you would provide a Tracking URL it would provide the rest of us more information to answer your implied question. The Tracking URL will also let us see how the parser reach the answer(s) it did.
  13. Glad to hear that things are working. Can I mark this thread resolved? One way to restrict spam is to 'tightly' comply with the standards.
  14. Lking

    how to report scam links

    The fact that these websites are links in a spam, does not mean that they are the source of spam; and SpamCop is primarily interested in the source. As a low priority, when processing time allows, they do try to send spam Reports to host of links in spam. The SCBL is intended to block the sources of unwanted spam, if the links are not the source it would not be useful to report/include them in the SCBL.
  15. The links in the body of spam are the lowest priority task for the parser. If you look at the "Statistics" tab you will see thy are processing ~5 spam/second on average. If you submit spam at times of high load, parsing the links in the body of your spam may not be done to avoid falling behind on the higher priority task. Its an old reference but reminds me of "Lucy on the candy assembly line" from I Love Lucy ~ years ago (B/W TV) but a classic!
  16. Lking

    Is Google even paying attention to Spamcop?

    at the top of the submit screen is the Tracking URL It can also be found in the email sent to you by SpamCop What you provided are "Report id" which are visible only by you. This is a common confusion.
  17. Lking

    E-mail reporting -- "No reports filed"

    Hmmmm could be, my domain/email has not changed sense 1996. Nor has my SpamCop reporting account except for changing host as I out live them, so maybe.
  18. Lking

    E-mail reporting -- "No reports filed"

    It seems that what I learned (before going back to bed) was that I agreed to quickly. The above are snippets from the email I received after doing a "quick" submit. I jumped to agree when looking at "past reports" and I saw the same thing dlongnecker reported. Looks to me like someone change the screen or feed from 'quick' reporting. On the other hand looks like the spam was accepted and reports generated.
  19. Lking

    E-mail reporting -- "No reports filed"

    Learn something every day. Now I can go back to bed 😉
  20. Lking

    Is Google even paying attention to Spamcop?

    The response to spam reports by big provider, Google, Microsoft, etc, is spotty at best.
  21. Lking

    ocn.ad.jp spam

    Those involved in this thread need to keep in mind that the SpamCop forum is different than many other forums. The objective here is to oppose spam, help others use the tool provided by SpamCop and provide others help in their efforts to keep spam out of their inbox and off the internet in general. Meeting those purposes can be aided by keeping the level of civility high. Please review your future post with civility in mind.
  22. You should be able to look at which servers are listed in your mailhost. (would have shown where to look but the server is "having issues" 😉 on the mailhost tab look at the dropdown list of host.
  23. Have you googled the 450 error returned by your email server? That would explain why the spamcop mailhost system fails to send email to your email system The clue is in the result you quoted. I saw more than one link with suggested help when I searched for "450 error" I can not vouch for anyone of them. Your choice.
  24. Spammer Rules Rule #1 "Spammers Lie"
  25. Lking

    Flooded With Groupon spam

    SpamCop's first objective is to build a blocklist that can be used by ISPs to help filter their clients incoming email. All email submitted and parsed do support this objective. In some cases the second objective, sending spam reports to host of the sender, are not sent for one of several reasons. These spam reports are filed at @devnull.spamcop.net for historical reference. spam reports are not sent because, 1) the addressee, in this case iana.org, may have ask NOT to receive reports, 2) reports have been bounced, 3) it is known that the host/isp forwards the spam reports directly to the sender/spammer,... SpamCop does not want to add to the email clutter on the internet, so if reports are not used correctly or not received, they choose not to sent them. The parser is also a tool you can use. If you feel the tool does not meet your needs you can of course supplement where reports are sent.