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  1. In the future please include the Tracking URL, and not the text. Looking at a related thread, It looks like may have reconfigured their mailhost. You need to log into your reporting account, click on the <Mailhosts> tab and follow the instructions. That should resolve the error. With that the correct source of your spam may be found.
  2. Yes that is the correct approach. Another option is to add the comment "spam has no body" when reporting as above. With practice the spammer will learn how to use their tool and put the body in correct part of the forum. Rule #3
  3. Good work! Being relentless does work. I know the effort is time consuming, I just spend 1/2 hour to clear the spam out of this forum and will not start on my private accounts. The fight goes on, Thanks.
  4. warned, blocked and post moved from "Email system & accounts"
  5. Checking another Whois I find for This IP seems to be part of a large block of IPs in India used for VPN (hiding the location of the source) Going back to tjsynkral's old post on146.196.52.181 the block of IPs has a different abuse contact now. I have no idea what was a valid abuse address for Oct 2017. Those who seem to support spammers do try to change blocks of IPs all the time to avoid being blocked. Both blocks 146.196.52.- and the block - are managed by APNIC. Those who had in October could now have control of There is a considerable body of anecdotal evidence that APNIC does not strongly enforce the rules. If you have more valid information for an IP or block of IPs <Reporting Help> <Reporting Address Issues> would be the correct (sub) forum to post current updated information.
  6. There was a security update scheduled for yesterday. With other fixes in the works/QA/testing
  7. Thinks for posting an update. I will mark this thread Resolved.
  8. I split this post from your other report on a different IP address. There are several possible reason for not sending reports to search-apnic-not-arin{AT}apnic{DOT}net, including the abuse address 1) has ask not to receive spam reports, 2) SC knows they do nothing with the reports, 3) reports are forwarded to the spammer, etc. However, reporting spam from this IP address does feed the statistics for the SpamCop Block-list.
  9. You can see additional information on the IP here: You can get there clicking on the <Statistics> tab on the website. Looking at the link above, you are correct this IP is not currently on any blocklist. I see that they have changed IP to which currently has a neutral reputation. The only thing I can suggest is to continue to report the spam, the reality of there business module will become obvious to the most blind. Again my apologies for my earlier confusion.
  10. By using a Tracking URL could you provide an example?
  11. Hard to say. This would be an automatic email sent from the email handler at that domain. I assume that the email from the system is an error message. What is the error message? Most commonly this is an error message saying that the email "you" sent could not be delivered, with an error code in the 500 series. If you did not send the email, which is attached to the error message, then a spammer has used your email in the FROM: or Return-Path: on his spam and sent spam to a bad mailbox. The mailer-deamon the automatically then sends the error message letting "the sender" know the email was not delivered. You could send an email to postmaster{AT} explaining the situation, assuming you did not send the email.
  12. The probability that the number of spam sent from a source will decrease due to reporting is small. The probability is zero due to reporting when the reports go to devnull. All reporting does feed into the SCBL. However, you personally will not see any results unless your ISP uses the block list to filter your incoming email. You do get karma points for your effort. Without a Tracking URL it is not possible to know if your spam is 'really being hosted on Google.' If your enter "Google" in the <Search> box on the top right of the screen (without the "") there are several other threads about hosting on/through google.
  13. When things work before and not work now, my first question is 'what has changed?' Has your email app changed? been updated? As stated in one of the links in the results There are different views of where SC sends spam reports. If you better destinations for reports, Suggested updates can be posted to <Reporting Help> <Routing/ Reporting Address Issues>
  14. That is a real possibility. You need to check with your ISP. At one time I had that issues with my internet host. If SC received your email there would be a report to process in your account and return email (see petzl's post above).
  15. Last question first - yes forwarding spam as an attachment works fine, IF the email application used correctly includes the attachments email with complete header. So the clue is in you OP. When you "changed to Spectrum" did you also change the application used to send email to SC? What application are you using to send email, with spam attached, to SC? Looking at you older post, Thunderbird still works fine for me.
  16. Dave, Welcome to the fight to control spam. First it would be most helpful when you have questions about spam or what the SC parser has done, to include the TRACKING URL for the submitted spam. The Tracking URL is at the top of the screen This approach to posting questions also has the advantage of not making the thread a long scroll; Depending on the browser used the thread (questions) can be in one window and the spam/parser results in another. Point in case, I finely scrolled down far enough to find your Tracking URL(s) and changed my "Quote" example above to include one of the TWO Tracking URLs in your post It is hard for me to figure out what is going on, but it seems that the second Tracking URL (...ccc1z) is the email you received which included a forwarded message. The first Tracking URL (....9f6z) is an attempt to submit the "Original message" to the parser. Assuming this is correct, you can not cobble together a message and get a valid results. That is why ...9f6z ends with. The "Original message" should not be reported by you. You can only report spam you receive, not something forwarded to you. Looking at Tracking URL ...cc1z. I think the answer you are looking for to do your own reporting to the source of the email you received is The parser decided that the source of the message was SC found support[at] as an abuse address for that IP address, however, ~half of the reports sent to that mailbox are bounced so not to clog the internet with messages that will be bounced (and the return message) SC just tracks the information with a devnull message. The same is also true for an alt abuse address info[at] Again welcome to the fight
  17. Nhaj700 Have you read other post/threads with the tag "Submit"? As stated above this is a know problem: Sometimes the parser does not complete. Still no idea when this will be resolved.
  18. Have you tried this?
  19. These are messages from FireFox. They are trying to protect you. You need to add as an excepting. Been a while but as I remember when the warning window first pops up, there is an option to "continue" or 'I understand the risk' or something. Then you are ask to add the website to a list of exceptions.
  20. Looking at example #1 & #3 You would think for business reasons they would care. But they seem to bounce all (or just SpamCop) email sent to abuse{AT}.. As for the links in the body of #1 & #3 seems that has set up a special address for spamcop spam reports. #2 & #4 are the same except there are too many links in the body so only the devnul for the source is recorded Anyway that is what I see.
  21. What is your question?
  22. I moved your post "server not works" to the Lounge

    The Reporting Help forum is " A forum to help users with reporting spam using the SpamCop Parsing and Reporting Service."

    Hope this does not cause you any problems.

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  23. Have you contacted Spamhaus? Have you talked with those that connect your server to the greater internet to insure that your IP is not shared? Of course without knowing your IP only general ideas can be offered.
  24. I suggest emailing " deputies AT admin DOT spamcop DOT net "
  25. Should I copy it somewhere? Yes. That was a gentle suggestion to include the Tracking URL of a spam report you are posting about. That way all of us can see the full email & header, the information the parser found and what action the parser suggested.