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  1. 5 hours ago, kolor said:

    Hi I would like ask why submit spam take long time for me .I have wait 15sek and more .

    By adding "Fuel" will remove a delay from the process.

    5 hours ago, kolor said:

    I receive daily about 20 spam emails.

    It would seem your email address is on the spammers list.  Submitting spam does not get your email off of the spammer's list.  It does, hopefully, get the spammer shut down.  The bad news is that spammers trade, sell their list of emails to each other.  From my experience spam of this type does seem to go in cycles, so like a kidney stone, this to "shell pass."

  2. 41 minutes ago, Sisyphus said:

    Is there any reason to think this isn't spam?

    I don't think so.  Look at the header.


    52 minutes ago, Sisyphus said:

    The "Registered Email is the FROM: address of a spam report you sent to them (byway of SpamCop) .

    When they  (Auto Replyed) the SpamCop system forwards it to you.  The <some numbers> is the report number (that is how (only) SC links the report and their reply back to you without revealing your email address.

    Login to your SC account and click on the "Past Reports" tab and enter the report id <Some Numbers> to see the spam and who the report went to.

  3. Kind of.  When you see that a report is send to abc#domain.com{AT}devnull.spamcop.net  A report was not sent to abc{AT}domain.com for several possible reasons (that is the spammer, reports have bounced in the past, they have ask NOT to receive spam reports from SpamCop...)   The report is added to the local database for statistical use.

    Your report of this spam does add to the SpamCop Block list and that is no small thing.

  4. As I remember the email standard includes the "." and "emanphoto@" is different than "eman.photo@"  However, some free email providers, like gmail, ignore the "." in the mailbox so the two are effectively the same.

    Given that, No, your test email to "eman.photo@" was delivered to only one mailbox - you.

    As for the emails from Digital River, et al,   Someone may be trying to using the email address to create an account.  Of course without validation no account will be generated.  The Digital River system automatically send a challenge email each time an attempt is made.

    Lots of the challenge email I receive include at the bottom something like "If you did not request this account, please disregard this email"

  5. 1 hour ago, RobiBue said:

    My original thought on marking them as spam by peers

    Several thoughts.  You had marked 4 of the 12 spam I cleaned up just now. In the morning (when you read this) one member, sometimes two, will mark the spam before I delete it even when I sleep in.

    Another way to look at it is

    • On "Thursday"  10 members visited the forum
    • 6 show 1 post and have 1 warning point (i.e. been band for spamming)
    • 2 have joined and not posted yet.
    • That leaves 2 members in good standing ( + me)

  6. Just realized I may be confused.  petzl are you talking about the SCBL or blocking login to the forum?

    The design of the SCBL has been long established. IP addresses come and go from the list depending on established rules based on reports and emails to spam traps. Domain name are not part of the calculation.  I don't think that will ever change

    On the forum blocking blocks of IPs or domains becomes capricious. Looking at the logs and email addresses of spammers first we should block gmail, outlook etc.based on the number of spam posted by those confirmed email addresses.

  7. No I do not see a why to adjust ReCapure  As for a block of IP that would be a philological change above my pay grade.

    In that light looking back at logs for the month of August, if we are going to blocks of IPs then we should block gmail and outlook. Which of course we can't.

  8. FYI While setting up a new phpBB I noticed that if enabled the SpamCop Block list to filter user's IP.  spamhuas is also used.

    The option cautions about "slowdowns" and false positives.  Not sure how admin will know about false positives.

  9. 1 hour ago, petzl said:

    believe they are manually entered not by Bot?

    I was guessing. IF my experience today is indicative I just suggested that a human passes the  capcha then a bot takes over (using the same PC/IP) and creates several accounts to later post the spam.

    I think there are several approaches in use.  1) A bot, does it all opens account, replies to the challenge email, and post spam.  (15min - hr between join and spam). 2) cheap labor does step 1 & 2, bot post spam.  3) Some poor sap does it all.  I think a signs of human are changing the photo, posting 'interest', 'about me', sex, location, etc.  But most spam accounts don't do anything except post one spam.

  10. 9 minutes ago, petzl said:

    Just a check box I'm not a robot

    Well not working the way we expect.  (Surely did not block/slow down any spammers this morning!)

    On the other hand when I checked earlier, I checked the box and got a series of 4 or 5 'find the traffic lights, car, bicycles'   Now it checks the box for me. So I tried changing my IP (moved VPN from Texas to Chicago).  Still didn't ask.  Cookies maybe?? It did seem to take a second to say I was OK - could be slow network or system was reading a cookie

    At any rate, It is not significantly blocking spammers.  If my anecdotal test is true, a human gets passed the first one, and the bot can do the rest.

  11. 3 hours ago, RobiBue said:

    Internet: the final frontier. These are the enterprises of Telo. Its continuing mission: to communicate in strange new ways, to seek out new fiberoptic breaks and new dug-out holes, to boldly go where no internet has gone before.


  12. "And now for the rest of the story"   It seems that near the end of the workday Thursday a contractor working between Durango and Silverton, CO, USA was digging and cut the fiber cable.  It truly was an "oh sh**" moment because they just filled in the hole and went home..  As a result it took telo a while to find the break.  And yes the one and only fiber cable coming into town stops here.  No loop, no redundancy, no second path. ~~ A stub end right here.   It took 5yr of everyone yelling to get the fiber.  This county seat was the last county in Colorado to get something that "looked" like the internet.  Before it was a multi-link microwave shot over 2 mountain passes which carried all the phone service/what ever out of town.

    Because of the mining industry that use to be here, electrical power, on the other hand, came in from both the north and south.  No power for the mines, then we are talking real money.  With the mines closed, there is probably enough extra power here to make our own dilithium crystals.

  13. It is understandable.  Having joined the forum in the last hour, I can understand why you have not received email from he forum for the last 3 years.

    Try with your new account.  Notification works fine for me. There is no indication that there is a issue with the system and current active accounts.

    Post split from an existing, older, unrelated topic and move to a more appropriate forum.

  14. 45 minutes ago, RobiBue said:

    well, it is very possible, that those 2 are legit, just found SC, and decided to sign up in the forum.

    Not to be more cynical than usual, but...  Wandered back and founld one new member "M" who joined ~3UTC (12 hours ago) who's IP is in New Delhi.  We will see

    While looking at the list of new users saw three that have not yet validated their emails (2- outlooks & 1- protonmail) all from New Delhi.  But then again RobiBue may be right.

  15. 6 minutes ago, RobiBue said:

    3 had a post, but it didn't exist (Content Count: 1 post -- but nothing found)

    Those are post I was in the process of hidding .  The user's post count does not update when I hide their post, but there is nothing for you to see.

    Robi we are ships in the night.