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  1. This is my favorite spew for today. I have been receiving one or two copies a day all week from this domain.

    This one caught my attention by trying to send my email address to walkmills.com every time I opened the mail.

    Looking at the body of the message I found 6 copies of my address in the HTML code, filling in blanks, being sent as part of a format download request, as part of a "remove" link, etc.

    Other than that, this guy seems really concerned about my morgage interest rate = or is it just interest in receiving my morgage payment? :unsure:

  2. I understood. I was just using my spam count as a measure of the amount of "counter-spam information" I have to file <g>, limited, yet empathizing with your plite.

    I too celebrated anniversaries on the today/yesterday schedual, mostly yesterday --- That may explain why I have been married 3 times <g>.

  3. rooster I see your point.

    when you daily extract entries for reference, a weeks worth of messages are all dated "today [at] ..." without some effort. a real date, 05-04-19, could be used as a sort field or just to keep "today" (monday) seperate from "today" (Friday).

    Although I am only dealing with 20-30 spam daily (not asking for more!<g>), I still haven't figured out what to do with it except just raw counts and reporting.

  4. They are back. now it is CYRR.PK that is being pushed by the spam. Again Yahoo.com doesn't want to hear about it. It is understandable, the yahoo reference is just a "news" artical about the same stock/company, not the source of the spew.

    Oh well, just one of many. :(

  5. I've noticed that the response to email reports are some times getting longer. The last two have been over an hour! I submitted several email reports one came back right away (2-3 min) the others took longer.

    For example the following clipped response from SC:

    From - Wed Apr 13 10:34:32 2005


    From: SpamCop AutoResponder <spamcop[at]devnull.spamcop.net>

    To: PostMaster[at]x.com

    Subject: SpamCop has accepted 1 email for processing

    Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 14:24:38 GMT

    Message-ID: <spamid751975792[at]msgid.spamcop.net>

    Content-type: text/plain

    In-Reply-To: <425D2286.9090000[at]x.com>

    References: <425D2286.9090000[at]x.com>

    SpamCop is now ready to process your spam.

    Use links to finish spam reporting (members use cookie-login please!):


    The email which triggered this auto-response had the following headers:

    Return-Path: <lking[at]x.com>


    Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 09:45:42 -0400

    From: Lou x <lking[at]x.com>


    To: 419.fcd[at]usss.treas.gov

    Subject: FYI: No monetary loss

    Note the time I sent mine is 09:45 and the time SC sent theirs is 10:32. I have two expamples. I even thought my ISP was blocking my out going mail.

    The ones that are slow seem to be ones being sent to 2 addressees. For example SW offer are sent to microsoft and to SC, drug offers to fda.gov and SC, the one above was sent to treas.gov and to SC as a bcc.

    Am I cousing the problem or what?

  6. Newbe question I can't find the answer to in FAQ.

    Do "Additional Notes" get added to all the spam reports as apposed to "Comments for ..." being added to just one copy of the report?

    Seems obvious but we're getting down to the nits. Do you know does anyone read the notes?

  7. Discussed much in a number of other places.  The basic problem is that these other outfits can't seem to agree on a standard address, some don't want to be bothered, some go with that the first 100 notifications are enough, etc. etc. etc.


    The following was reported in The Washington Post as a place to report Phishing:

    Anti-Phishing Working Group, http://www.antiphishing.org/

    I have not received any phish bate lately (don't tell any one!) but looking at their web page it looks like the right place to report. They have the same reporting requirements as spamcop (email attachment with full header etc.). They appear to ask for all reports so figured I would add <reportphishing[at]antiphishing.org> to the TO: list.

    If (when) I get some phishing spam I will report any blow back.

  8. If you still have the message, was the break caused by a large number of spaces within the " " to cause it to wrap (in which case it should have indented the next line) or a CR to cause that view?


    The line break seems to be caused by a <CR> not the old 50*<sp> trick I have offten seen used to obfuscate links in phish bate.

  9. When I reported a spam using the web page, it reported an error saying the header was not compleat. I read the error pages cancled the report. When I looked at the source (Cnrl-U) I found the following lines in the header:

    From: "

    " <Napoleon[at]charter.net>

    Reply-To: "

    " <zrer326alyp[at]comcast.net>

    As I guessed when I reported again I changed the lines to read:

    From: "" <Napoleon[at]charter.net>

    Reply-To: "" <zrer326alyp[at]comcast.net>

    the second time all was well. This is the first time I have seen this trick in my short life.

  10. :blink: Been a while sence I could not give away my money, but I can't buy fuel using Verisign.

    I'm using Netscape 7.2. I login, report spam. every thing works fine. I feel guilty so try to buy some fuel. So from the "Report spam" page

    I press <Add Fuel to your Account>

    goes to the "Add fuel to your SpamCop Reporting Account" page

    I press <Proceed to Vegisign Payment page>

    next page is

    "Data Entry Error"

    Entry = CUSTID

    Value = SPvx.........

    description = ' this should be 11 char long' (not the 16 char SpamCop ID)

  11. <quote>

    What email application are you using to sen this message? Where are the messages stored (some webmail application)? How are you creating this message?

    Spamcop email submission requires a very specific format, usually accomplished with "forward as attachment". Simply pasting the text into a blank message will, with certain configurations, not produce a usable message at the receiving end.


    Netscape 7.2 email app. Stored on my hard drive, using POP not a webmail app. again Netscape 7.2 email app used to create message.

    The FAQ for reporting using Netscape suggest the cut and past method or as an attachment using drag and drop. I found the drag & drop less handy, but it didn't work eather.

  12. Sorry - I intended to indicate that using the same process (Cntr-U, -A, -C , -V) to get a copy of the spam and header I 1) get an error messages from spamcop when I past the spam into an email to spamcop, but 2) do not get an error when I past the same information into the spamcop webpage.

    What other information did you need?

  13. Can't use email to submitt spam report. Each email gets a:

    "Sorry, but SpamCop has encountered errors:

    Headers not found.

    It appears you did not provide all email headers. "

    I am using Netscape 7.2. I use the cntr-U, cntr-A, cntr-C approch to get the spam and then past it into the email report with cntr-V.

    after I get the error message, I go to the web page, login and fill the box with the spam using cntr-V. works fine.

    Am sending the email report to the address sent with reg. or on the webpage