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  1. I'm curious why the parser doesn't mention that in its report. e.g., "Did not analyze body due to heavy workload." Is it because that kind of message might be helpful to spammers?
  2. I don't think there's any way of determining that.
  3. An earlier post by a deputy said that, in the absence of the former Spamcop email service, Spamcop (aka Cisco) does absolutely no processing on mail sent to spamcop DOT net (or cesmail DOT net, etc.) addresses. There's just a line in a server configuration file that forwards them to the user's specified forwarding address. In other words, the Spamcop email service is gone. It no longer exists. Cisco merely provides forwarding as a courtesy to former users of the email service.
  4. Dave_L

    Preview post/reply

    After the forum upgrade, the ability to preview a new (or edited) post or reply seems to be absent. Is the feature gone, or am I just overlooking it?
  5. Dave_L

    Bad wiki link in announcement

    I don't know of a better one. That's why I was interested in the alleged Wiki article. The parsing report clearly states "Here is your TRACKING URL," but many people seem to overlook that.
  6. I was reading one of the old announcements that are now "in my face" whenever I view the unread posts: http://forum.spamcop.net/announcement/11-how-to-post-a-question-and-prevent-stupidrude-answers/ I has a link that apparently explains what a Tracking URL is, which I thought would be handy to use, but then I found that the link is broken: http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/TrackingURL Does that Wiki still exist somewhere? If so, the link should be fixed. Otherwise, it should be removed (and optionally replaced with more info about Tracking URLs).
  7. In an email notification about a reply to my post, the link provided was invalid: To get it to work, I had to manually change the "&" to "&". This issue only occurs when I have Thunderbird set to display messages as Plain Text. If I display the message as Simple HTML or Original HTML. the link works properly. Maybe this is a Thunderbird or Firefox issue, and not a forum issue, but I don't recall the problem occurring before the forum upgrade.
  8. Dave_L

    Bad wiki link in announcement

    That's an improvement, but it would helpful to have a direct link to a "Tracking URL explanation," considering how often people mistakenly post the wrong URLs.
  9. Dave_L

    Planned Outage - SpamCop Forum

    May the Force be with you.
  10. Hank: I just looked at those two tracking URLs, and they both contain text like this:
  11. As Forum Admin, I think you should personally contact Jennybaby34 and find out why she/he/it posted here. Is she a real human being? Is she a bot that posts on random sites? Is she a 55-year-old fat guy named Bubba trying to support his Twinkie addiction?
  12. This, along with the impaired communication with the people behind the scenes, makes me wonder how much support Cisco is providing to Spamcop.
  13. Dave_L

    All spams lately get "no links found"

    See http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/security/email-security-virtual-appliance/118022-technote-esa-00.html
  14. Dave_L

    All spams lately get "no links found"

    I miss the "good old days" when the-powers-that-be were actively involved in the Spamcop newsgroups. I wonder if Julian Haight uses Spamcop to report his spam.
  15. Dave_L

    Multipart parsing

    In that case, maybe this issue should be reported to "deputies AT admin DOT spamcop DOT net".
  16. Dave_L

    Multipart parsing

    Is removing the quotes permitted, even if it's an obvious apparent bug in the parser?
  17. Dave_L

    Links not detected in body

    Instead of posting the spam here, it's better to post a Tracking URL. That allows us to see the results of spamcop's parsing, and also to see the original spam message if needed.
  18. Spinner, that makes sense. And if Morg2 posts a Tracking URL so that we can see the actual spam email, it could be confirmed.
  19. It might be helpful for you to post a Tracking URL for one of the problematic spams that you're tried to report.
  20. That looks like you didn't paste the full message source, including the headers, in the reporting form.
  21. Just curious: How do you obtain this information?
  22. According to http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/security/email-security-virtual-appliance/118022-technote-esa-00.html, the proper support contact is emailing: deputies AT admin DOT spamcop DOT net If there's no response from that, maybe other contact information at cisco.com would yield results.
  23. When you process (parse) spam (or any email source) with Spamcop, the output will contain at the top: I'm not sure how to check the Mailhosts. One possibility would be to delete all the existing hosts and start from scratch, following the instructions in the Mailhosts forum here. But posting a Tracking URL may be useful before you try that.