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  1. turetzsr, that was a little condescending. This concerns a known bug in the reporting interface. The people who maintain that interface also have a responsibility, to ensure that it works properly.
  2. So two weeks have passed, and the bug is still present. I just accidentally sent report copies to several inapplicable addresses, because I forgot to uncheck them.
  3. I wouldn't think "bounce[at]srs.perfora.net" would work, since the preceding character "-" in the Return-Path header is not one of the delimiters ("." and "[at]") mentioned in http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/304.html
  4. Dave_L

    yet another war of words

    IMHO, since you know that several newgroup regulars are going to jump on any of your posts which seem to promote the forum vs. the newsgroups, I think that you should use more subtlety in "advertising" the forums. It would be more constructive to continue to work on increasing the value of the forum as a resource, and only post an occasional link to a specific FAQ or thread.
  5. I don't have that problem with Firefox 1.0.2 on Linux (Debian package 1.0.2-1).
  6. Dave_L

    I am shocked, no smtp?

    On http://spamcop.net/ I think it would be appropriate to add to the above: SMTP is not provided.
  7. I recently imported all my mail from Outlook Express to Mozilla Thunderbird. It worked ok, except that the imported mail had some odd lines at the beginning: From - Mon Jan 1 00:00:00 1965 X-Mozilla-Status: 0000 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 Return-Path: <munged[at]example.com> ... Does this look like a bug, or maybe a result of some test/debug code? Will these extra "headers" be a problem if I replied to or forwarded one of these emails?
  8. Thanks for the replies. Those three lines are at the beginning, with nothing preceding them, so I guess there won't be a problem.
  9. I was unable to use my Spamcop email address either when purchasing SpinRite 6 online at http://grc.com/, or when attempting to sign up for product update notifications at http://www.grc.com/mail.htm. The following error was displayed: "The Anti-spam eMail Address you provided is incompatible with automated eMail processing." I reported this to their support contact, and received the following reply: Does this seem reasonable to you? I think it's based on a miconception, since my Spamcop email address *is* my actual email address. It is not a forwarding address. I pay for the Spamcop email account, and access it directly from my email client by POP3 or IMAP.
  10. Other than the oddity of their refusal to accept [at]spamcop.net email addresses, my experiences with GRC have been positive. I had no problems when purchasing SpinRite 5 (by phone) or SpinRite 6 (online). I used ShieldsUp numerous times when I was using a dialup modem, and never got hacked or infected. Now that I have DSL, my provider's gateway prevents ShieldsUp from accessing my computer, so that service is no longer useful to me. I'm not sure how good the support is, since I haven't had much need for it yet. There may be some issues with SpinRite 6, due to its newness, and lack of documentation. A prospective buyer might want to skim the grc.spinrite newsgoup to see other people's opinions. But I've used SpinRite 6 within the last few days to run diagnostics on several drives. The only issue I encountered was that it gave a warning before scanning the drive on an old (1998) computer; the scan worked, though. And there are limitations in regard to scanning USB drives and RAID drives, so I'll have to temporarily reconect those to normal internal IDE ports in order to scan them.
  11. Dave_L

    Correcting a false spam report

    Send an explanation to the same addresses to which the report(s) were sent, including enough information to identify the report. If you're the only one who misreported the email as spam, then I don't think it will have any effect on the blocklist.
  12. Dave_L

    Email down - what's up?

    Or he could have dropped his pager in the pool again.
  13. Dave_L

    Preferences Help Needed

    I can't help with your first issue. I have five email addresses under "Public standard report recipients", separated by commas, and that works correctly. Note that there's a limit of 100 characters for that input field.
  14. Dave_L

    Reporting site down?

    Yes, it's working now.
  15. Dave_L

    Reporting site down?

    Is the reporting site down or having problems? http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog It won't accept my username/password (which haven't changed for at least a couple of years). Same result with both Mozilla Firefox 0.9 and Internet Explorer 6 on Win2K. I checked here and the newsgroups, but didn't see any related posts.
  16. After adding a new host, I got this. Are these kind of errors of interest to anyone, or should just I ignore them if they occur in the future? I did get one test email for this host, and Spamcop successfullly processed it and added the mailhost to my config.
  17. I don't think the presence of a few words such as those, by itself, should cause SpamAssassin to block an email. Suppose you were asking someone about email abuse, such as in this case, and included those words. Then your email would be tagged as spam.
  18. I prefer VER because I can do the two steps (submission and confirmation) in sequence for each spam. If I submit a group of spams by email, and then at a later time confirm the group of reports, I have to spend extra time and effort reviewing each spam to recall its content.
  19. Dave_L


    It's not a big deal, but is the upload-avatar feature enabled? I tried to upload an avatar, and got a message that my avatar settings were updated, but the file didn't show up here.
  20. Do you have INBOX checked? New folders can only be created within the INBOX.
  21. Dave_L

    Anonymity using Spamcop

    There's a Preview Reports button you can use to see exactly what the report(s) will look like. If I see obvious identifying information in the spam, I'll usually manually change each occurrence of it to "x" or "MUNGED".
  22. Dave_L

    Poll about Avatars

    Static Avatars ONLY Actually, if avatars are only going to be used in the Lounge, I'm not sure if it matters to me. I'll probably post mostly in the other forums, and not spend much time in the Lounge.
  23. Dave_L

    Poll about Avatars

    I looked at the results before voting, and then it wouldn't let me vote. I guess that's what it meant by "null vote".
  24. Dave_L


    I used to think avatars were silly, but I've found they serve a couple of useful purposes. 1) They make the forum a little more "fun", which encourages activity. 2) They make it easier to identify the poster of a message. Unique avatars stand out more than text names. But I understand that on a board like this one, there are likely to be a wide variety of users, some of whom would abuse the privilege.