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    I've been blacklisted

    Thankyou for the help you are giving me, I do appreciate it. I can't however give the information you require as my dad's mailwasher is failing to bounce it (it says "maybe forged address"). We have tried several times even uninstalling and reinstalling the mailwasher program. I have read and re-read the FAQ pages you have given me (and I did this before my original post aswell). Therefore I have not recieved any bounced/blocked messages to provide you all with. I have since emailed him again and had no warning from spamcop. So I will probably just leave the problem. It seems very minor at the moment anyway. Thankyou all for you time!
  2. tash

    I've been blacklisted

    I'm very sorry... the reason I havn't given the data because I don't know most of the data myself. It seems that you need to be a computer genius to understand most of this stuff! and I am by no means a computer wizard, so please state things in the most basic way. We looked at that the list of IP addresses Wazoo found, and managed to find listed on spamcop... several others are also listed on dynablock and/or clb.abuseat (but not spamcop): - client-82-8-237-159.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-12-50-1.brhm.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-12-58-171.brhm.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-8-243-183.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-18-211-251.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-11-118-164.glfd.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-11-98-163.glfd.adsl.ntlworld.com This is not listed on spamcop when typed into the spamcop page, but when clicked on in the list, it appears as listed on spamcop. - client-82-12-59-42.brhm.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-11-114-121.glfd.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-8-225-157.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-18-218-219.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-11-108-161.glfd.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-11-99-124.glfd.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-11-109-123.glfd.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-18-253-110.brhm.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-8-240-171.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-8-244-210.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-8-230-83.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-8-244-80.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-11-111-121.glfd.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-12-35-220.brhm.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-12-45-2.brhm.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-8-236-67.brnt.adsl.ntlworld.com - client-82-11-104-19.glfd.adsl.ntlworld.com As you may have noticed... these all start with client-____ in the hostname, the other host names on Wazoo's senderbase list were not listed on spamcop nor dynablock and began with someting other than client- . I don't know the relevence of this, if any. As Wazoo stated, I am networked to the internet via my dad's computer. But this is only whilst I study at home. In theory, once I am back at university, my hotmail address will no longer be affected?? However, now it seems that my dad will be listed on spamcop as a spammer if going via the IP address? Is this correct? In summary, as we understand it , my emails can be sent via any one of the 46 IP addresses Wazoo found. Some of these are not listed as spammers, whilst others are. I can not influence the IP address selected - this is entirely within the control of my ISP (ntlworld). If my email is sent through an IP listed as a spammer, I am seen as a spammer and I may get bounced. Whereas if it is sent on an unlisted IP I will be fine.. basically it is the luck of the draw.. The only way to resolve this is to report it to NTLWORLD in the hope they will try and resolve it. Is this correct???? One last point of info. My dad is running an Apache web server but is NOT running an email server. I access the internet by networking to dad'd PC which has a cable modem.
  3. tash

    I've been blacklisted

    Unfortunately I didn't get a bounced message (I only know I'm blacklisted because the recipient was my dad, who has me on his friends/trusted list, so he informed me). However, just today I did get a bonced message from an e-mail Isent to somebody else... The email I got back is as follows: It didn't even display the original message content. Also the "To:" address was my e-mail rather than the person I sent it to... Maybe that is just something that happens when emails are bounced *feels dumb* Hopefully you can understand a bit more now. Thanks for the quick responses!
  4. Today I sent an e-mail and it came up as blacklisted at the other end (through a mailwasher filter). The mailwasher showed the message "origin blacklisted by spamcop" I use a simple hotmail address. When I came to the SpamCop website it said I must insert my IP address (, I did this but the message " is not a routeable IP address" came back. I have read through all of the information, but can't seem to find a way to get myself off the list since my IP is not listed. I also sent an email via another 2 email addresses (one of which was hotmail) and they were ok. I can only imagine that hotmail has several servers and my email is on a server with a spammer.... :angry: Can anyone suggest what I can do? EDIT: I thought I should also mention that I never got a notification that I was being blacklisted.