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    Randomly rejecting Emails

    I'm trying to figure out why Spamcop is accepting a message from X.X.X.X on one day, rejecting it saying the following "04-06-05 15:03:30 6 DMN: MSG 91733 Blocked X.X.X.X based on RBL List bl.spamcop.net" and the next day getting the following from the same IP "04-07-05 10:03:44 14 DMN: MSG 94476 Accepted connection: [X.X.X.X] (dns.domain.com)." This is very intermittent and quite frustrating. Just to avoid any confusion this is the message I got on the 5th "04-05-05 12:48:59 7 DMN: MSG 87122 Accepted connection: [X.X.X.X] (dns.domain.com)" So basically, one day it's accepted, the next is rejected and the day after it's accepted again. Obviously I hid both the ip and domain name from post. Any ideas?