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    can not send email - blacklisted

    good morning all My problem has been solved. The ISP had me change my outgoing mail server to the road runner server and now I can send mail. Of course this does not answer/solve the question of where the spam was coming from. The other computer did not have any viruses or spyware loaded presently. appreciate all your help thanks
  2. craigjhandyside

    can not send email - blacklisted

    Gee, I get to reply and show my ignorance. I am not running a mail server. I am using 5 computers at home, connecting through a cable modem, using a wireless router. I noticed the numbers at SenderBase -after reading through some parts of the forum at midnight last night. The only concern that I have to indicate that spamming is occuring out of my house - is one computer -used by a younger member of the family - has on occasion had viruses on it. I have used Norton a number of times to correct the problem. Is there any chance that it has been tekn over to send spam? What options do I have-I see where the ISP can request to be delisted-but with the number of blockings that show up that is not possible. Should I disconnect from the ISP for 24 hours and receive a new address dynamically? I appreciate your help-none was received from the ISP
  3. Yesterday (thursday) could not send email. Spoke with ISP - Road Runner. One of the techs had not heard of spamcop. error message on attempting to send email. An unknown error was returned from the SMTP account . . . Server response '571 was found in bl.spamcop.net .... The only suggestion that the ISP had was to unplug the cable modem for 24 hours and let the DNS server assign a new address help