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    Very disturbed and concerned after logging into the forums here to find it flooded with spam. Longtime spamcop reporter. This makes me wonder whether it makes any difference after seeing this.
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    As usual in these forums, you have a great point. Made me chuckle....I didn't see it like that at the moment yet there it was.
  3. I recieved a spam today touting Kings Island/Kings Dominion. I have never been, never will and am not interested. I sure did not "subscribe" to anything from them or their "partners". I promptly reported the spam, here is the report http://members.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=get...rtid=2471399731. I get a response back from peak-10.com telling me that I should "unsubscibe" from the newsletter. here is a portion of their email to me : Dear SpamCop User, We have received your complaint and the offending e-mail. Within the body of the e-mail, the sender states:=20 This message was sent to EMAIL ADDRESS MUNGED as a result of your membership on the Kings Island newsletter mailing list which you signed up for on the Kings Island website <http://www1.cedarfair.com/kingsisland> There is clearly marked unsubscribe information at the bottom of the e-mail. If the offending e-mail has not been deleted, please select the link and you will be removed from the list. Should unsolicited e-mail continue from this user, please notify us immediately. Thank you for alerting us to this issue. The Peak10 Support Team Peak 10 Support can be reached day or night.=20 Call 866-PEAK-TEN (866.732.5836) or send an email to support[at]peak10.com. This message contains information from Peak 10, Inc. which may be confidential and privileged. If you are not an intended recipient, please refrain from any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this information and note that such actions are prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please notify administrator[at]peak10.com by e-mail It was good to read the earlier post about a reare message from an ISP that cares. But the sad truth is that there are too many biased places that either won't do anything about the spam problem or perhaps are even encouraging the problem.
  4. axxx007

    full livemail header?

    There is another strange (we are talking about Microsoft) thing with this new Windows Live Hotmail. As stated here in this thread you can right click the email and View Source to get the spam with full headers. But I'll be darned if I can figure out how to have those full headers when forwarding the spam. If you forward the email - as I used to forward most spam to the source ISP and to spam[at]uce[.]gov when I was using the older version of hotmail - the full headers do not get forwarded. I sure would like to know if anyone has figured this out, as I would like to continue forwarding spam to the appropiate places.
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    I would like to add my two cents and say "THANK YOU WAZOO!" I am not a frequent poster in these forums; but I do like to read through the forums here because they are a great source of knowledge - I have learned a great deal here thanks to the efforts such as what has been put forth by Wazoo. It would seem to me that there is going to be a big hole to fill with his departure, as he seems to keep many of the squeaky parts oiled. I am gonna miss him.
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    Bogus Russian ISP's

    I have received a lot of spam in the last few months from these Russion ISP's to my hotmail account. A lot of this spam has been a spam where the spammer has inserted my email address in the headers to make it appear that I have sent spam out to myself. There is a thread in the lounge on this a few pages back that covers this problem a bit, titled :" My email address in senders properties " ....maybe that will give you some information as well. Most of the spam I am getting going through these Russian ISP's now is pharmacy spam.
  7. If so....can you offer any help on how to submit spam to spamcop? It sure would be appreciated. I have been using hotmail since 1995....before Microsoft got ahold of it and is now totally ruining the whole thing. It is pretty easy to submit spam using the old hotmail by copying the entire email source which shows complete headers as well as the body. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to see the headers in the new system...which means I cannot submit the spam, at least in that manner. Any suggestions or help? Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone using the new Windows Live Hotmail?

    I found the answer to my own question (no thanks to the people that answer Microsoft email for support on hotmail.) There are two versions of the new Windows Live Hotmail, a Classic version and a Full version. If you are using the Classic version and try to view the source of an email, all you will get is the source of the email body. You have to actually be using the Full version of Windows Live Hotmail. Then, from the inbox you right click on any email and choose 'view source' from the menu offered. This will show you the entire source - full headers and all. A nice feature with this is that you can do this without actually opening the email.
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    Unwanted Button and Tab

    I don't think you have a virus. The button showing 'International Website address' is actually part of IE 7. Here is a portion from Microsoft "IDN Display Protections Internet Explorer 7 natively delivers full IDN functionality and display protections. The Internet incorporates a global community, and browsers must be able to handle non-English characters and domain names. Operators of malicious Web sites have used international character display issues as a mechanism for phishing attacks against users and as a way to hide the true Web site domain name. The problem derives from international alphabets; many characters in certain languages (e.g., the letter “a†in English) can resemble entirely different characters in other languages (e.g., the letter “а†in Cyrillic). As a result, an individual with malicious intent may register a similar domain name to fool users into submitting their content to a false site. Previous versions of Internet Explorer did not have IDN support and thus were not vulnerable to this attack. Internet Explorer 7 not only delivers native IDN support but also provides extensive security mechanisms to protect users from attack. One of the core security features of IDN support in Internet Explorer 7 is the multiple language display in the Address Bar." Farelf's link is a good bit of info too.
  10. axxx007

    Unwanted Button and Tab

    Can you provide a little more detail? What you have in your post is very vague and lacking. What version of IE are you using? Specifically where is the "added" button? What does the button look like? Where do you see it showing 'International Website address report'? Etc., etc........as much info as possible.
  11. I am not sure if anyone can dictate how yahoo or motmail delivers email. But I am a hotmail user, and I can tell you that any email address can be added to a "safe list" so the mail gets delivered to the inbox instead of junk mail (not bulk mail). If someone were to get email delivered to their junk mail folder, where it should have went to the inbox instead, they could click on the "This is not junk" icon which will then send it to the inbox and present the user an option to click on a link to add sender to a safe list.
  12. axxx007

    My email address in senders properties

    The information learned here is always valuable, and is much appreciated when someone with the knowledge such as Rick and Wazoo provides answers. Here is a tracking URL http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1314073331z8...51abc7ecd55e7cz for one of the image stock spams I have recently recieved and reported. Wazoo, thank you for the instructions on how to obtain the tracking URL.
  13. axxx007

    My email address in senders properties

    I have been seeing a lor of this lateley as well. Most of it has been stock image spam. The headers will have my emaill address in several of the lines. I don't have a report link to put here, but let me show you an example of the headers on the spam: X-Message-Status: X-SID-Result: X-Message-Info: Received: X-Originating-IP: X-Originating-Email: [MYEMAIL[at]ADDRESS.com] Return-Path: MYEMAIL[at]ADDRESS.com Received: Message-Id: To: <MYEMAIL[at]ADDRESS.com> Subject: From: admin[at]fakecompany.com <MYEMAIL[at]ADDRESS.com> The above lines are in the spam (without the actual data in them.) Several of the lines has my email address posted. When this is parsed through spamcop, it is not removed or munged.
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    Feds: Notorious Seattle spammer indicted

    I hope they lose the key after locking this guy in.
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    HotMail Account Access denied

    Doesn't it seem strange that this post from 'fantoosh' has the same exact line in it that is in the first post on this thread by 'Jan"?
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    You most certainly have spyware on your machine. Chances are that you have other symptoms - like your machine running slow or sluggish. McAfee Internet Security is not so good with spyware as much as it is with a virus. In order to remove spyware, one might have to use 3 or three different programs - no one software program will catch 100% of spyware. Don't ignore this problem - take care of it now. If your machine has spyware on it, it has the potential of being accessed by someone else.
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    U.S. tax dollars at work

    Thanks for that info.....it is very interesting. Wish that could happen to all the spammers.
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    Spamvertised Web Sites

    I cannot give you any technical answer or information. But let me ask you why would you think in the first place that it would be OK for someone to send UNWANTED email (also known as spam) to someone who has NOT subscribed or asked for it, and then use an argument that they added an "unsubscribe" link? Why should you unsubscribe from something you have not subscribed to? Makes no common sense to me. Bottom line is it is spam. Even if the method of obtaining the email addresses seems legal, it is plain wrong.
  19. axxx007

    Stupid spammer reasoning

    The past couple of days I have been getting spam ComsumerBase LLC out of Evanston IL that has this statement in it: "We support ethical practices. This email was sent to X by ConsumerBase LLC because you have not previously unsubscribed to our email solicitations. By clicking on any link in this email, except the unsubscribe one below, you are reaffirming your interest in receiving future emails. Please know that we respect your right to be taken off our email lists. Removal is automatic through our system. Please click here http:// halfllama.com/t/kscx5d6f/3098 to start that process." So evidently they think it is OK to spam people because they have not 'unsubscribed' from previous solicitations. How many idiots in this world are there? Where do they get these moronic reasonings? [Note from SpamCop Forum Moderator turetzsr: removed hyperlink in post so that it is not accidentally clicked by anyone]
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    Spam Size

    Is it me, or is anyone else getting really irritated with not only recieving spam, but with recieving spam that is upwatds of 290kb per message!!!
  21. axxx007

    Spam Size

    Thanks for this info....it is useful. I am special I do appreciate the info. I just find it hard to think that these huge spams are going about....the wasted bandwidth!!