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  1. This is what happened.....I clicked on a link in Compdough.com to enter a contest. It came back. I wrote to Gregg at Compdough.com and he said it did not go through because I am blacklisted at Spamcop.com I went to Spamcop.com and put in my IP address and it says this: (numbers)not listed in bl.spamcop.net If Spamcop.com says I am not listed how did the owner of Compdough.com to the conclusion that I am? Am I misreading something? Could I be in Spamcop.com even though I read the above. If I am in it, I want out of it.....I do not spam anyone. Can someone help? Could someone do this to be nasty or what? Can someone just go to Spamcop.com without due proof and report a person just to be malicious? Thanks. Kimberly