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  1. OK, so I guess I have to "forward inline" to add blank lines, rather than "forward as attachment" But no joy. Here's what the spam looks like -- I added the blank lines to the forward: Note the spam is coming via Spamcop, I have email forwarded from that old Spamcop address. ________ORIGINAL FOLLOWS______as forwarded inline to Spamcop reporting service, which won't handle it: "Spamcop could not find the spam message in this mail" --- I'm nobody. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: 12哈喽!现邀您领188圆 请在【554628点com】注册VIP 详情企鹅专员【2813339771】咨询VIP周周领工资 俸禄月月拿 天天都有红包雨 实力平台 出款安全保障 Date: 2018-04-25 20:14 From: "葛艳开" <351750069@qq.com> To: <[me]/@spamcop.net> blank blank blank this is spam
  2. Same problem ("no body text") happening with a deluge of spam from various numeric strings @qq.com (Chinese) I've been trying "forward as attachment" but spamcop rejects these. There is no visible body text. A read receipt is usually requested. Some of the spams come with malware attached. I've blocked @qq.com as graymail at my ISP, but since my ISP uses the Spamcop block list, I'd really like to be able to report this spam.
  3. hank

    server not works

    Yep, emailed them. No reply yet but problem solved. I booted up an old computer (OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks) and was able to log in to reporting with its old (2012) password. Odd. Same old password works with my newer computer, too. OSX Sierra The new passwords sent by the password reset button still don't work. Firefox and Chrome, same behavior. Odd.
  4. hank

    server not works

    Yeah, I know I can make misconfigured websites exceptions. But as I understand it, the misconfigured site can be hacked at any time so it's a silly risk to make an exception rather than mention it in hope whoever misconfigured the site will fix its security. Otherwise, eventually, some clever kid will hack the vulnerability. Right? Since I haven't been able to get a working password to let me use the reporting page for days now, I wonder if some crack hasn't already happened. Mentioned it here since the original poster is having similar problems, tho not identical error messages.
  5. hank

    server not works

    and: The information you have entered on this page will be sent over an insecure connection and could be read by a third party. Are you sure you want to send this information?
  6. hank

    server not works

    I can't log in; the new passwords sent in email aren't working. And I"m seeing this: The owner of cms.spamcop.net has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. Learn more… Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites
  7. Sigh. Now a new one has gotten past Google and is getting forwarded from my-userid@spamcop by the dozens per hour. Mostly ending up in my ISP's graymail folder, fortunately. " a massive spam Email campaign has recently gone viral after effectively bypassing the Gmail anti-spam algorithm ..." http://www.binaryscamalerts.com/quantum-code-scam-software-review/
  8. > just creat a gmail account Problem is I used Spamcop as my primary email for many years, so it's my address of record for a lot of older contacts. And there's no automatic way of validating a new spamcop address for reporting, if I cancel the current one. I'd have to do the mailhosts routine again. If I change forwarding from Spamcop to send it all to Google, I still have to read through all the headers; Gmail does false positives occasionally too. 400 of the same word salad spams in the past 8 hours (sigh). At least I have a computer. Imagine dealing with this with only a smartphone, the way so many people in the world use email. It'd be overwhelming. From: "=?utf-8?B?5pmv54i95riF?=" <745942123@qq.com> To: <xxx@spamcop.net> Subject: =?utf-8?B?5qyi6L+O5b2S6Zif77ya6YKA5oKo5L2P5YaK5ba64pGk4pKP?= =?utf-8?B?6LWiNThP5o+QLC3lorrpjYbmsLjliKkzMzI0OTjjgIJDT03kvL3lrqLmnI3miaM=?= =?utf-8?B?OjMxOTIxNjUyOOeTtO+8jOWPquimgeaKlee0uOe6ouiLnuWkqeWkqQ==?= =?utf-8?B?5oqi77yM6aaW5ou16aS4Mk8gM08gNU/igLDkuIvnpZ3ikbnkvZXlsLE=?= =?utf-8?B?6YCBJF8k54m556CBNDnotJ0gICAgIA==?= Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2017 23:10:29 +0800 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Disposition-Notification-To: 745942123@qq.com X-Orthrus: tar=0 grey=no co=US os=//29 spf=fail dkim=none <p><font color=3D"DarkSlateGray">=E6=9D=A5<span style=3D"font:0px = a"><=E8=BF=9E=E9=98=B4=E9=9B=A8></span>=E4=BA=86<span style=3D"font:0px = a"><=E9=9B=B6=E5=94=AE=E6=80=BB=E9=A2=9D></span>=E6=B0=B8<span = style=3D"font:0px a"><=E9=A9=AC=E9=93=83=E8=96=AF></span>=E5=88=A9<span = style=3D"font:0px =... and so on and so on. Google Translate can't make any sense of this. Damn qq.com
  9. It appears I got more than 4,000 spams in the past 24 hours, all addressed to my userid@spamcop.net and forwarded by Spamcop to my ISP, which graymailed almost all of them. Maybe one or two per hour get past the graymail and I report those. Tiresome. Good thing my ISP isn't charging me for storage, just automatically deleting the graymail. Big annoyance to review all the headers and catch the occasional non-junk email out of the deluge. Maybe the answer is to just cancel my spamcop email address? Perhaps that's what the spammer wants me to do? At this point I'm still using the "mole" reporting hoping that's informing whoever adds lines to the blocklist.
  10. hank

    Submitting as a mole

    Bump. Yes, I know this thread is ten years old. Would anyone familiar with current (not ten year old) practice at Spamcop please comment? Is it still true that "mole" reporting does not add the spammer's IP to Spamcop's blocking lists? I'm getting hundreds of spams from qq.net every few hours and have been for days, guessing it's retaliation for having used Spamcop reporting. Most of them are being blocked into graymail by my ISP now, fortunately.
  11. > block the IP address Unfortunately "qq.com" can't be blocked by Spamcop, and that source apparently owns (or uses, or forges?) a huge number of IP addresses. I'd have to comb through hundreds of spams to make a complete list. I wish Spamcop would do that little chore. The spam seems to be using some kind of randomization process to vary both the word salad text and the header lines. Hundreds more came through overnight.
  12. The Preferences says: So -- the real point of reporting is to inform the blocklist process, right? I realize reporting doesn't reduce spam and in actual experience reporting usually validates the reporting email and produces a flood of more spam at first. But eventually my ISP, which uses the Spamcop blocklist, starts accumulating the spam (e.g. from "qq.com" to myuserid@spamcop.net, automatically forwarded to my ISP) And the spam ends up in my ISP's graymail folder. So seems to me that's the point of using the "mole" approach -- not validating the email address being used to report the spam, but still informing the blocklist. Or rather informing the "SpamCop administrators" who presumably are updating the blocking list -- aren't they? Is there still someone doing that, and is this how it's being done? Can anyone clarify why Spamcop calls the "mole" reporting "mostly pointless" in the Preferences explanation of that option? What's not the point here about this?
  13. Wouldn't it make more sense to ask Spamcop to filter obvious botnet attack email rather than forwarding them uncritically? Something tells me the Chinese government is uninterested in being helpful in this kind of interaction. I wonder if anyone else with a userid@spamcop.net account is being so favored. Yeah, the email is still coming through, addressed to my-userid@spamcop.net and forwarded to my ISP; 450 more overnight.
  14. -- Spamcop reporting system. Oh, dear: "proceed your request"? This language suggests someone's not paying close attention over at Spamcop.