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  1. Ahh I understand. Well then, I've just changed so that my yahoo email address (where ALL other mail is routed...) now forwards to spamcop - SC then filters this and forwards to a "secret" address (random numbers and letters and symbols, another yahoo address) that I pick up from.... Fingers crossed it's all workin Thanks for your help, Ed
  2. How often does Spamcop check external mail accounts? All my mail is routed to one email address which spamcop then POP3s to, filters the mail and then forwards to an address which I pick up the mail from. My question is, how often does spamcop check the POP3 accounts? If there any way to up the frequency this happens? It seems that over the last few days it's been becoming less and less frequent. Cheers, Ed Ludlow
  3. If I own a few domains, and use different email addresses from all of these (eg help[at]x.com, info[at]x.com), which all forward to ONE account, can I add all accounts from this domain at once? Will entering simply "[at]x.com" work? Thanks, Ed Ludlow
  4. I belong to a number of lists, some of the messages of sometimes get caught as spam. For the most, I can add the address that's appears in the "from" line into my whitelist, but on a few lists, but some lists (majordomo, mailman) do not have a "list address" in the from field - it appears as the address of the actual sender. Is there a way around this? One way would be to add a filter to the mail that automatically clears anything with certain words in the subject, as most list's subjects are pre-fixed with specific words, but I can't see a way of doing this. Many thanks, Ed Ludlow