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  1. As talented as I'm sure some of the SpamCop users are, I'm hoping one of them will crank out a freeware Outlook plugin. I wish I was a programmer, I'd certainly do it.
  2. To be honest with you, I don't use scheduling or anything else in Outlook. I only use it for email. But, aside from not having a "Forward As Attachment" feature to make spam reporting easy, I prefer Outlook 2003's interface to Outlook Express's. I used OE before because I hated Outlook before I saw the 2003 version. Jumping back and forth between the two would feel kinda silly to me... It seems to me like just a scri_pt to forward the email as an attachment to an addy (and optionally deleting the original message) should not be $20 worth of program. Or really even $5. Combatting spam is supposed to be a noble cause. Those that profit that much from spam reporting are about on the same level with the spammers themselves; Both are gaining from the spammers' behavior. I tried to follow a detailed instruction document someone wrote to install a macro to do it in Outlook, but it didn't work properly for me. I was hoping to go back and find the 3 or 4 suggested sources that JeffG had originally put in his reply post, but now they're gone and I'll basically have to start from scratch on finding something that'll work.
  3. Where did the links go for the Outlook add-ons suggested here? The one I downloaded ended up asking for $20 after 30 days, so I'm canning it. Any references to free replacements would be much appreciated.
  4. Gixter

    Invision Power Board

    I love InvisionBoard. I've used them for quite some time and have found the scri_pt to be not only extremely easy to set up and manage, but it is also VERY feature-rich. Excellent choice!! :-)
  5. I like to send my emails in for processessing by using the "forward as attachment" link in Outlook Express. I upgraded to Outlook 2003, and that option seems to be gone. I've searched the Outlook Help database as well as in this forum for "forward as attachment" and I haven't been able to find a solution. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. Thanks! :-) **Edit by Gixter: Maybe should've posted in the SpamCop Email Setup Forum...? Sorry. Mods can move this if necessary.