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  1. Is there a list of abbreviations and phrases that are used in the spam Reports that I can use to look up the definitions? I'd like to know what some of the phrases, etc mean to better understand what SC is doing and what the spammers have figured out to hide their identity, etc. Such as : is not an MX for ....[at]...com Using last resort contacts Quick reporting Cached whois The above are just a few examples. I've looked through the FAQ and don't find any mention of many of the phrases and abbreviations that are used on the reports. Thanks for your help, Steph
  2. sstephy

    Reporting with OE6 question

    Jeff G.,May 12 2005 said: Your ISP's reporting address will appear as the intended recipient of your Report if you're reporting yourself. Thanks Jeff!
  3. sstephy

    Reporting with OE6 question

    Thanks Jeff, you answered all my questions about e-mail submittal and using the on-line form. You said in your reply: you should be able to quickly note if something went wrong. In particular, the evaluation of the parser results to make sure that you are not reporting yourself. How will I know if I've done just that -- reported myself! Yikes! Thanks again, sstephy
  4. sstephy

    Reporting with OE6 question

    Ok, now another new member's question. After I were to submit 50 "forward as attachment" for spam submittal to SpamCop, what are the other methods to use to report spam? Yes, I've read all the instructions, but they haven't been very clear at all, other than what I've come upon when reading your posts on the forum. (< : Thanks! Edit: 2005/05/12 13:52 EDT - Jeff G. replaced the missing snapback link.
  5. Jeff, I'm a new user and just want to clarify the process before I mess up and send something in the wrong way. I use outlook express and IE. The way I understand the instructions is that I'm to go to the properties of the spam mail and copy the headers and other info that will help spam Cop "trace" the origin of the e-mail. Then, I paste it into an e-mail and send it to the e-mail address I've been given to use. Is this correct? I saw your detailed post from 1/30/05 and that's the way you explained it then and I understand it with no questions, but have seen other confusing posts and just want to clarify the correct instructions. Thanks for your help, sstephy Edit: 2005/05/12 14:01 EDT - Jeff G. replaced the missing snapback link.