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  1. wg3

    Invision Power Board

    I, for one, am having a bit of trouble figuring out one or two of the icons the interface offers. The one most intriguing right now is the one among the instant messenger buttons called "PM". I'm no IM user (by choice), and consequently I believe that I'm not up to speed on what they're all called. Indeed, it isn't even clear to me that PM is even an IM at all. So ... what is it? Thanks!
  2. In trying to get set up here, I looked at all the help before trying to log in -- and nowhere could I find any instruction on whether this system's log-in is, or is NOT, derived from SpamCop's authentication servers. So I took ten extra minutes and putzed around with it. By so doing, I was able to determine that this system in fact is NOT tied in with SpamCop -- IOW, that its own log-in is separate from the one I use for SpamCop e-mail. Might I suggest adding something to that effect on any page where the user is invited to log in, or where s/he attempts to do so? Thanks very much.