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  1. Sorry, I guess I didn't explain too well. What we (both) had was a 'first mail rejected, please resend' type system. But my understanding of the Argosoft system is that while the resend could be automated, normally it is not, and the original sender has to resend by hand. I'd just turned mine on, so it caught out my secondary who I've had no problems with previously, his was on for some time, but didn't know about spamcop.net till I told him. Between us we'd managed to render passing your confirmation coded mail from my secondary server to my own, primary, server, impossible. Whatever, I have decided NOT to use the Argosoft implementation of grey listing, since I believe it can lead to loss of mails from legitimate automated senders such as forum passwords and the like.
  2. It was a problem with greylisting basically, whereby the request for a resend by the receiving server needs to be human answered. Your automatic bots don't recognise it. When we (both!) killed greylisting it worked. Thanks for your help.
  3. I run my own mail server on a fixed IP. (call it mydomain.com priority 10) For backup I have a contact who acts as secondary for me. (call it hisdomain.com priority 20) First problem was he runs greylists on his server. (These demand confirmation the FIRST time a new IP sends mail. If the sender confirms all subsequent mails are accepted.) When Spamcop queried his server it returned an error 'please try later'. I contacted him and got him to turn off greylisting for a few hours. After that spamcop reported no errors. The second problem was that I was expecting to receive TWO mails, one relayed from hisdomain.com, the other direct, which I could copy the source from and paste into your web site. I only ever got the direct mail. My concern is that should I get relayed spam and submit it to spamcop, his IP might get pulled from the relayed mail and get blacklisted. Clearly I don't want this, and nor does he. I have no reason to believe he spams. Can someone either reassure me that all is well, or tell me how I should handle this? Thanks