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  1. Thanks for your response. The details regarding the mail that generated the error are on their way. However, I just realized I've done something I never ever do. I was so careful trying to post accurate and complete information, I neglected to obscure my email address in my original post. Is there any way I can modify that post or have one of the moderators/admins do it for me? I can't believe I did that (very red-faced and embarrassed
  2. I'm a little confused about the mailhost system after having read through the info several times. Part of my confusion stems from trying to configure my mailhosts a few times, encountering errors and deciding that this may not work for me. My first question has to do with DNS: I use zoneedit for DNS. My primary MX is a host in my domain and my backup MX is a host at zoneedit. When I clicked the "Add first hosts" link, entered my primary email address and proceeded to step 2, spamcop correctly offerred to send test emails for both MX's. I received two test emails. I can successfully complete processing for the one sent via my primary MX (dmz.theotherbell.com). But when I try to complete processing for the one sent via my backup, it fails with the following error: The email sample you submitted for <email address here> appears to traverse more than one domain. Please ensure that you configure each mailhost individually and in order. I get this error regardless of the order in which I process the two emails. My second question has to do with email accounts: I use qmail as my mail server and make wide-spread use of qmail's dash-extensions. That is, I can create new email addresses on-the-fly and these one-off addresses can be quickly disabled without impacting my real (permanent) email address. All of these addresses are in the same domain. I believe I saw something that said I only need to configure mailhosts once for one address in a domain... but I have not been able to relocate that reference. I would like to confirm that I'm understanding this correctly... i.e., I only need to configure a mailhost using a single email address from each domain -- that config would cover the host that handles all email for all recipients in the domain. Is that correct?