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  1. My isp cihost.com shut down my site because a spammer pirated one of my pictures to save bandwidth. Does this happen all the time. cihost.com said they shut me down because spamcop sent them an email. Does anybody at spamcop analyze emails to determine where they originated, and to avoid reporting as spam sites that have been abused by the spammer. My site was shut down for doing nothing. I am happy to give a copy of the spam email and my site, but do not know if this is the appropriate channel, and couldn't find another place to post. I am sure isp's are shutting down lots of legitamate business's like my own because spam is not getting analyzed for pirated pictures, and pirating of return email adresses. Any help on this topic would be appreciated, plus how to clear my site's name would also be helpful. I am writing to hopefully save other legitamate sites from getting shut down from pirated pictures and emails, that the average person thinks is the spammer themselves. Thanks for any and all feedback. Let's learn how to fight spam without damaging legitamate business web sites. take care. Doug