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  1. Yeah, This is the first time I've seen any mail that late from anyone. I was quite surprised. I don't see any point complaining that my spam was late though, surely thats asking for trouble. I thought it must be someone up to tricks playing with the dates, but its probably just late mail. Cheers
  2. Thanks turetzsr, maybe you're right... I've only been reporting spam for about 3 weeks and this is the first one that I noticed has showed me a recieve date in outlook that doesn't match the header recieve date. I have checked a couple of other spam messages and they too have un-matching recieve dates... although they are only ever 1 day apart, not 3days as in this case. Well, you learn something new everday... Thanks for the link too, I will check that out now!! Cheers
  3. Tracking url: Tracking URL Today is thursday 9th june 2005. This spam arrived at 17:48. But I can't report it, because the header's have been back dated to Mon 6th June Can anyone suggest how to report this. Can I report the spam itself and also the practice of backdating spam to avoid reporting? Thanks!!