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    [Resolved] spamcontrol outlook tool

    Thanks, Jeff. I'll follow up on some of these suggestions. I'm grateful for your advice. Best wishes, Graham *Moderator* Merged your last 2 posts together properly to create one post.
  2. grooth

    [Resolved] spamcontrol outlook tool

    I'm afraid my good news was premature. Jeff H.'s promised refund never materialized and I am now trying to mobilize the credit card company. Luckily it's a small sum, but it's irritating to be treated like this. :angry: Graham
  3. grooth

    [Resolved] spamcontrol outlook tool

    I'm grateful for the advice you've all sent. There seems to be a consensus that Outlook is unlikely to work with Spamcop, and a further attempt by the seller of the SpamControl Outlook Tool to provide a CDO installer has proved unsuccessful. He has finally agreed to refund the cost, and I suspect that my invoking the 30 day guarantee helped. Thanks, Jeff G., for pointing out something which I had not noticed and should have. I am reluctant to stop using Outlook (incidentally a CDO installation is not available on my original XP Office CD), and seem to be having some success in reporting spam using Mailwasher Pro. Thanks again for your help. Graham
  4. I bought the SpamControl Outlook Tool from one of the sources suggested by SpamCop, but discovered that I had to have CDO enabled in Outlook. I hadn't heard of this and have been unable to activate the cdo.dll eventually sent me by the seller. The effect is that the program does not recognize the folder inwhich the spam is stored. I use XP Home which does not come with the CDO option. Has anyone else had a similar problem? The software as it stands is useless to me and I cannot get the seller to refund. I would be grateful for any suggestions.