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    I am getting more spam when I report

    Thanks again! I might skip reporting altogether since voila dot net is in the Ukraine, and they have already gotten dozens of spamcop reports from me.
  2. bobk

    I am getting more spam when I report

    Thanks RobiBue. That seems exactly right. When I followed your "here" link, though, your examples of how you munged cloudflare would not load: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6493410150za18869ba12b686fd60a88c35e34dc44ez . I'm hoping it's easier than putting an x on 30+ instances of the name. What do you mean by deselecting the cloudflare report? The only way I can tell it's from them now is to recognize the scri_pt in the header.
  3. bobk

    I am getting more spam when I report

    Thanks all. I've had a spamcop account for 17 years and never before encountered well over 50 spams per day in my spam folder, and two dozen more within minutes of my reporting, all from the same source. I wonder if their intention in sending so many right away would be to get me to get tired reporting those bogus ones and leave the other older ones alone. These are all from cloudflare dot com. All until just recently were also from volia dot net from the Ukraine, I believe. All of the spams are using the same scripted header, with various creative bodies. Several times I have even tried to eliminate whatever code I could from the emails when I report them; I'm not sure if that helped any. I even contacted cloudflare separately using a throwaway email address (hosted by cloudflare!), and got back a form letter response saying something about their notifying the sender if they could. 6936557925 and 6936557926 are examples of one such spam reported without any alteration other than spamcop's munging. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6533678221z064eda6e37e20da61d4c35285b02f946z
  4. Shortly after I report a spam I get eight or ten new spams right away. It's as if abuse@colocrossing.com is the spammer itself! Should I continue to report the spams? Are the new ones just there to track me? What to do?