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  1. Hello Wazoo, I would not say you hit the nail on the head, but your suggestion to cc myself and take a look did the trick. When I sent myself the "forwarded" mail, I saw that there was no header info (but my own). Something changed in that before the header of the spam displayed with the "forwarded" mail, and now it's not. Thats a question for the Evolution forum. I found that if I just highlited the spam header, did a ^c, then fordarded to the SRS, and did a paste with a ^V, it transfered without much fuss, and the reporting service then correctly processes. Thankyou for your suggestion, it enabled me to see things in a different (and problem solving) way Chris Curtis P.S. Evolution is an excellent client. I have been completely MS free for over two years, having a good mail client helped. Also, I use messagewall spam filter for my companies mail, and it works well on an old P166 with 32MB RAM.
  2. I am using Ximian Evolution, V 1.4.4. Like I said in my previous post, it worked for a number of weeks. It just stopped one day. Is there any to "reset" the reporting address? Thanks for your input. CC
  3. Hello Everyone. For weeks I was able to forward all my spam to the spamcop reporting service. It worked great, and I was in love. Recently I started to notice I was not able to "process spam" on the reporting page. When I took a look at my spamcop mail, I had craploads of "SpamCop encountered errors" errors. When I look at the error mail, it tells me: SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email: I don't think I changed anything. Does anyone know what causes this. I bought a spamcop account just to report spam, now it's a big hassle! Thanks for any advice you can give. CC