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    Can we get the name of the reporting person ?

    Do you have SMTP enabled for remote users. -> No I would also suggest that you require your users to change their passwords -> They have to every 30 days, no exceptions ....and delete unnecesary accounts. -> We always sustain a disabled account for 1 month and then delete it Have you renamed your Admin account -> Yes SpamCop's official policy is to recommend filtering, not blocking. -> I know, but most companies use blocking mode. BTW we don't have a problem with our ISP, but with our customers who sometimes use SpamCop. Hopefully you will be able to expain to your boss why your out bound traffic levels have varried. -> Well, thats our business, sometimes we need to send lots of mail. Especially last month, we contacted customers and prospects for the holidays It was previously noted that sender base indicated a 152% increase while now indicating a 43% decrease for the day but a 45% average increase for the past month does not quite match with your statement -> As said before, thats our business. Sometimes we send mail to lists of clients and prospects Today we are off the list again. Maybe disabling the systemmessages helped.....
  2. C2 Webmaster

    Can we get the name of the reporting person ?

    Weirdly enough, we can't see any abnormal messages going out from our server, nor an abnormal amount of mail. We do have mailings sometimes, but those are normal. Today we are listed again (4-7-2005). :angry: I've sent a nice mail, as suggested, to the deputies. But i can't figure out what's wrong. We have no virussen, no trojans, and i've disabled the system messages. But still, we're on the list. Now i've got an very angry boss, and all i can say is "sorry". As long as the companies we mail to, use SpamCop we're dependent on SpamCop for our mailservices. Seems a bit odd. In my opinion SpamCop is for filtering mailtraffic, not shutting companies down. So once again, i'll wait for the answer.
  3. C2 Webmaster

    Can we get the name of the reporting person ?

    Thank you all for your quick responses. I performed a full network scan and couldn't detect any virussen at all. Exchange and the firewall also didn't report any unusual activities. But we do have lots off people on vacation right now, and some disabled users. I'll take the advice for disabling the Exchange 2003 system messages, for i suspect that those are the cause of this situation. Unfortunately we are dependent on mail, as we are a helpdesk company with lots of customers. We have used Versatel as our ISP for their extremely high service-levels, Antivirus protection and high availability of the mailservice. Guess i'll have to wait for 16 hours now .... I'll keep you informed.
  4. My company was added to the blacklist, somewhere between yesterday en today. This has been the 3rd time this year :angry: . This also compromisses our business as we are heavily dependent on e-mail. Can i get an overview of the persons \ companies who reported the following ip: I manually removed the registration today, but i don't wanna be registered again. I read the Spamcop policy and terms and understand your point, but i do object if we are reported unfairly.