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  1. Don't know what to say then. Logs showed that they where on the bl, and that was the ip address reported in exchange log that they where sent from. Any know know of any problems in GFI MailEssentials that could have caused this?
  2. servers that got blocked. "07/07/05 12:57:11","Blacklist/Whitelist Module","mike_mahne[at]hotmail.com","mike.mahne[at]vericore.com","test to vericore and yahoo","Deleted","Sending mail server found on bl.spamcop.net" "07/07/05 12:39:09","Blacklist/Whitelist Module","mike_mahne[at]hotmail.com","mike.mahne[at]vericore.com","test","Deleted","Sending mail server found on bl.spamcop.net" "07/07/05 12:38:28","Blacklist/Whitelist Module","washmore[at]hotmail.com","aaron.vicknair[at]vericore.com","RE: hey","Deleted","Sending mail server found on bl.spamcop.net"
  3. Give me a few min's and i'll go through the logs on exchange and get the info. We have everything deleted when it gets flaged by spamcop so i don't have the e-mails to get the headers off them.