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    Blacklist Evidence

    I said one complaint, because that is what I was told by the ISP. If there has been more than one complaint, I don't know about it. I signed up with the hosting company that canceled me about 6 months ago. I kept my website hosted at the same provider I have always used. I just decided to change my outgoing mail server to a new one because of problems at my original hosting company. The problem with the original hosting company was they did not require authorization for outgoing mail. So literally anyone with this knowledge could send mail from any domain on the server. My website was also hosted on a server with many other websites, and my outgoing mail could be shut down once every 2 - 3 months due to problems with other users on the server. At this point, the hosting provider put a 1,000 a day limit on outgoing mail. This was not a problem for me until the once every 2 months I wanted to send to my mail list. So that is why I made the change. I thought it was very over reactive myself. I made the case that they had access to my outgoing mail and know I only emailed to my list very rarely. It made no difference. They still canceled my account. I guess I don't understand the data you mention. I have no idea how this implicates me as a "spammer" or more than one time offender. Yes, when there have been problems from the server, IPOWER has fixed the problem very quickly. There has no been a shutdown of outgoing mail on this server for many months. Thanks for you reply. I'll read the FAQ you suggest. Brent
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    Blacklist Evidence

    I own 3 different domain names that I use to market my products. Over the last four years, I have built a subscriber database of 12,000 OPT IN's ONLY. I don't send out newsletters very frequently. Usually, I'll send one every 2 months. I am hardly a spammer, but I was kicked off my mail server because of one complaint. Even with the evidence that I send mass mailing very infrequently, my mail server provider still canceled my account. My hosting provider claimed I sent email to a honeypot? I had no idea what a honeypot was until doing some research. If there is a honey pot address in my list, it is because someone intentionally entered it into my opt in form. The problem is I don't know what email address it is to remove it! My hosting provider recommends I use a double opt in method which makes sense to me at this point. (I never recognized why this was important) But at this point, I have spent 4 years building a list that contains 1 honeypot address. How can I clean up my list? Another problem with my list is I have never used software to remove bounced emails. With many email addresses 4 years old, I usually get 1,500 bounces out of the 12,000 emails. I never recognized the importance of removing bounces until now. I just bought software that will remove bounces after 2 times. I found this forum because my domain names are posted above. jilliandistributors.com and jillianleather.com Unfortunately, there is no book "Everything you need to Know about Internet Marketing". I have learned most of my lessons as I go. Can someone please tell me what method I need to use to clean up my lists, and keep from being confused with a spammer? Thanks for your help, Brent Crouch brent[at]jilliandistributors.com