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    Open proxy checking

    The lines that I pasted in post 4 were copied directly from the reporting data from a report that I sent inthis morning.
  2. spaceman

    Open proxy checking

    I suspect that the OP was describing where, in the full report from submitting spam for reporting, it would say: not listed in dnsbl.njabl.org not listed in dnsbl.njabl.org listed in cbl.abuseat.org ( ) is an open proxy not listed in accredit.habeas.com not listed in plus.bondedsender.org not listed in iadb.isipp.com I would suggest that the OP is unfamiliar with SC terminology and used "email" to refer to the reports that I don't know the correct name for either. Like me, (s)he is probably dazzled by the numerous terms that normally have no sigificance until one actually is confronted with a situation where more information is needed or desired. There are tons of TLA's and FLA's that require definitions of definitions for one to translate and understand the significance. This is really foreign territory for someone who is not in IT and hasn't had the time, interest or need to study in-depth and doesn't work with this stuff every day. I don't read this to be a request by the OP for specifics on a particular IP address so much as "Can sombody tell me, in simple terms, what an open proxy is? I don't know what a closed proxy is, and I'm a little uncertain of what a proxy is because I've seen the term used but the context didn't really help with understanding it." A simple "No, it cant be explained simply" would probably do the trick. At least this one tried to do some research before posting here, which is more than I can say for numerous others who refuse to do anything before posting a question that is answered under 5 or 6 different headings. I followed the link that the OP included and found myriads of information that I already knew (at my current level of understanding), much that had no relationship to proxies but nothing that I found in a hurry that contributed much toward decyphering "open proxy". I can understand coming here for clarification.
  3. spaceman

    Do spammers take holidays?

    I don't know about anyone else, but my daily spam count, normally 15 to 20 per day, (I know, you should be so lucky) has dropped to zero for the past two days, and there's nothing fresh this morning. Coincidentally (?) it's been Chineese New Years.
  4. spaceman

    FTC contemplating bounties

    Just to clarify, are we talking about the fascists of the BushReich?
  5. spaceman

    FTC contemplating bounties

    Maybe I'm dreaming about an ideal world, but what I was referring to was not sites automatically being added to a blocking list. The initial post was about the FTC paying bounties for fingering spammers. Well, if the FTC has the authority and ability to act against the spammers that they would pay bounties on, then surely they would have the ability and authority to act against the sites who pay spammers to spam. And the ability to discern between innocent sites reported by accident or with malice and those who actually encourage spam. Do they have the resources to investigate and prosecute all of them? No more than they could investigate and prosecute all the spammers reported for bounties. If, however, it became widely known (and you could bet it would) that there was an agency with the ability to enforce legislation with teeth, I'm betting that it would have a serious impact on the volume of spam which we now are buried under. Would it stop spamming completely? No more than traffic laws prevent all speeding and careless driving. But it sure would improve the odds against your 12 year old daughter getting emails promoting a site where women have sex with horses. It's a lot safer to go for a drive than it is to open your inbox right now.
  6. spaceman

    FTC contemplating bounties

    About as innocent as a pawnshop hanging a sign that says "We buy hubcaps and stereos from anybody- No questions asked". They have given permission by the way they do business. Who gives the spammers a specific, identifiable code so that they can be paid for successful spamming? This is the 'point of convergence' when you follow the money. The one place that's unlikely to be forged or zombied. The terms "aiding and abetting" and "accessory before the fact" are used to describe the practices of those who set up and enable other crimes. Shouldn't those who buy the goods have a resonsibility for knowing where they come from? I'm not advocating that this should be justification for hacking into those sites; I don't believe that for a second. It's just that spamvertized sites are not that innocent of responsiblity for the fact that they are spamverized. And also that they hold the key to the identity of the spammers that they pay.
  7. Thinking back now, yes I did get the last chance warning or, at least, I must have. I guess it was mindless reflex; clicking on that button when it appears in the dialog box is an almost automatic thing so that I obviously didn't stop to think about it. Sorta like closing your car door just as you notice your keys in the ignition. This forum showed me where to find a coathanger.
  8. Wazoo, thanks for the direction; I knew I'd read it somewhere but couldn't remember where, or what title to look for. I really get confused finding my way around the various forums at times. Jeff, I have sent a grovel off to the addy you suggested, thanx. I have created a mailbox in my SpamCop email for keeping report data copies. While moving the cursor from selecting the message (so it didn't get included with the spam I was reporting) on the way to the 'move to' box, I got a twitch in my trigger finger, right over the "report as spam" button. And it was too late. I need an emoticon with a red face.
  9. While I was checking my SpamCop email inbox and reporting spam, I inadvertently reported Quick report data report. What's my next move? Bill
  10. spaceman

    Screen sizes / resolutions

    Count me in for another 1024x768; my office machine and home system both are set to that res.
  11. spaceman

    [Resolved] Those crafty spammers

    Is this some new variation, or a just a coincidence? From one I got today: http://bullwhack.torrence-store.com/farm/?...ater=bwligbreak