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    Report Ends With "Parsing Header:"

    I'm sorry I have not responded earlier, looks like I did not get any notifications, I will look into my forum settings. I apologize for this. Thanks a lot for thinking about this problem. It is good to see something like this is picked up by advanced members to discuss and educate. As I understand correctly everything works fine with mailhosts disabled. I guess we should check our mailhosts anyway, because of recent network changes. So, how should we interpret this? The mailhost check code of SC "crashes" when it tries to parse a host with a dot, - and could be fixed - or The mailhost check code "crashes" when it tries to parse a host with a dot, while the mailhost setup for the particular reporter is out of date (but as I get it, other people, with different mailhosts, experience the same issue), We should not use mailhosts as it crashes stuff I will now first reconfigure our mailhosts, and see what happens. I will keep you posted! Jelmer
  2. Jelmer Jellema

    Report Ends With "Parsing Header:"

    We have the same trouble with more and more e-mails. See for example https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6541277205z262b53d0d8f53ad38a6303589a630c33z If I understand this correctly, it is because of the dot in the seconds Received header? Could it be that spammers found a new way to block Spamcop from parsing their mails? We send the spams as an attachment to spamcop, so it would be hard to change each of them manually. Would it be possible to fix the parser in such a way that it won't hickup on messages like this? Cheers, Jelmer