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  1. Hi folks. Well, their abuse dept. responded: -------------------------------------------------- "We checked on all the complaints we have received from SpamCop and found only 3 complaints received all related to the default autoresponder causing problems. We have resolved this issue. But there were not enough complaints to cause your server IP to become blacklisted by spamcop unless they are now adopting a zero tolerance policy. I have included an attachment titled Important information. Please read this attachment at your convenience. It contains important information. Could you please reply to the moderator that you spoke to and request that your servers IP be added to their list as a third party. This will ensure that you also will receive any spam complaints against any end user in your server. This will put you and your business at a great point of advantage. not listed in bl.spamcop.net not listed in bl.spamcop.net not listed in bl.spamcop.net If we can further assist you please do not hesitate in contacting us. Sincerely, Leon Alabanza Abuse" -------------------------------------------------- Sounds like it was a classic auto-response problem (spam, probably virus-sent, hits their domain, which sends an autoresponse to whomever is spoofed in the From address). They sent the mail headers too, so I could verify which domains it was for those 3 reports. I'll go ahead and email deputy<at>spamcop.net about getting the reports sent to us directly so we can cut out the Alabanza abuse dept. as a middleman (probably an overworked middleman at that). Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll need more than the Subjects to track them down, so I've opened a ticket with Alabanza regarding this. Our servers are maintained within their network.
  3. Thanks for the help! Yes, the only difference is that in virtual hosting you can have hundreds of domains using the same mail server, as opposed to dedicated hosting. I've been receiving "reports" from Spamcop, but all they seem to say is when one of those mail server IPs is blocked. Here's are the IPs in question: If I can get the mail headers and the email (if the reason it was blocked is that it advertised one of our sites in the spam) I believe I can find/take care of the cause. Thank you so much.
  4. I help maintain a virtual hosting company, which means that we have many web sites using shared mail servers. A couple of our mail servers keep getting blocked by SpamCop. I want to get a copy of the mail headers so I can identify who the offending domain is and give them the boot, but from what I can tell SpamCop's automatic delisting doesn't give you any of this info. How can I get a copy of the mail headers? I know that SpamCop doesn't give you the full headers (i.e. the recipient), but could they at least give you the full "From" headers? Thanks!