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  1. Hey and thanks for your help. In my recent reports section, the reports look like this: I noticed that clicking on the first link (69494888809) shows a site that doesn't contain the source code of the reported mail, but clicking on the other two links shows a site that does! To the time I asked the question, I only had tried the first one, thinking that all three would be the same. My case is therefore closed, thank you!
  2. Hey @petzl, thanks for your help. When you click on »View recent reports«, can you only see the report data (recipients of the reports) or also the complete source code of the reported spam mail? Best regards
  3. Hey folks, can you tell me if there is a way to see the source of the reported mail again? I noticed that in »Past Reports« I can see the reports and contacted addresses, but not the spam mail that was reported. Thanks for your help and best regards