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  1. Thanks. I am beginning to understand your reporting system a bit now. I assumed that reports should go to all parties related to the spam. Other spam reporting software does that. It seems like you only send it to whoever is the registered party for the ip address. I have sent in my "interested third party" request.
  2. I am just talking about $10 hosting accounts with a dedicated ip. Probably the same kind of thing this guy is talking about. The first thing I hear about it is an email from the isp saying they've suspended my site due to a spam report. I then have to go through a process which ends up with them unsuspending the site. It's annoying. If I received the same report then I could investigate it myself and ease some of the pain.
  3. I was asking a generic question: Why doesn't spamcop notify the domain administrator when it notifies the isp? If the answer is "it does" then I'll make a specific complaint away from a public forum.
  4. 095

    Banned But No Link-Back

    I can sympathise with the original poster. You say he hasn't provided evidence, but that's not the point. If you look at the evidence you'll see that he's not to blame and he'll be unblocked. But in the meantime your activities have disrupted his life. ISPs are scared of spam so if they get a spam report that links to them they'll suspend the offending site. To quote the FAQ: Do you really think ISPs do that?
  5. Hello Several times over the last few years I have had sites of mine falsely suspended because spamcop sent a spam report to the isp that is hosting the site, ie the ip owner, but they have never sent a notification to me, ie the administrator that is listed in the domain's whois record. I have then had to convince the isp that I was not responsible for the spam. If spamcop had notified me I could have avoided all this trouble caused by bad spamcop reports. Why doesn't spamcop notify the domain administrator when it notifies the isp?