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    Need help with my new laptop

    Ok some more info and a solution. The Message is outgoing, ie my machine is trying to contact those IPs. XP Service Pack 2. Always tries to connect in Pairs of attempts, TCP Port 445 and Net Bios Session It retries every 15 minutes. At some point I must have enabled Framework Services (McFee Virus Scanner) to have internet Access and the log stopped producing the errors. Checking Zone Labs logs, Program Alerts Network Associates: FrameworkServices.exe seems to be the user of this address. Strange that the addresses seemed to correlate with the Inktomi Block.
  2. andred_CT

    Need help with my new laptop

    Hi Guys New to this forum. I have just finished loading up a new Laptop, Hardley used it. Have spybot and zonalarm loaded. Since activating zonealarm i have had hundreds of blocked accesses to 68.142.234.* *=35,40,77,35,76,, Also to p3w1.geo.re2.yahoo.com Any idea what this is, or which process is causing the problem. Software Loaded on the Box Macfee Windows XP Pro MS Office 2003 Visual Studio 6 Extra 3270 Terminal Emulator Service Centre Client Adobe 6.0 Media Player Cisco VPN Outlook IE6 Java 2 Run Time Regards Andre