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    What about 'picture' spam?

    Hi Snaller, I don't know if this is helpful or not, but when I get this kind of spam, I manually LART it. Since I have heard some reporting addresses reject emails with attachments, I send one complaint with the picture attached (usually as a BMP), and one without. I add a note at the top of the LART explaining I will be sending two copies, one with the picture attached and one without. Examples: "spam email contained an image with a telephone number (095) xxx-xx-xx. A copy of this complaint will also be sent with the image as an attachment." "A second copy of this complaint will be sent with the email's embedded image as an attachment." Good luck, Nigel
  2. Nigel F.

    SC wants to LART the wrong web host

    Hello, Any comments on the below reporting strategy? spam advertised URL: http://www.optinemailtoday.com Name Servers supporting this spam adverstised web site: ns1.virtualuse.com. A IN 172800 Reporting: igor(at)hostelecom(dot)ru(dot)com Upstream: abuse(at)hopone(dot)net ns2.virtualuse.com. A IN 172800 Reporting: mixailovich(at)tekcom(dot)ru Upstream: bmanning(at)karoshi(dot)com ns3.virtualuse.com. A IN 172800 Reporting: abuse(at)mci(dot)com ns4.virtualuse.com. A IN 172800 Reporting: abuse(at)chinanet(dot)cn(dot)net Reporting: abuse(at)cnc-noc(dot)net Registrar providing services for this spammer: YesNIC Reporting: cowork(at)yesnic(dot)com Reporting: info(at)yesnic(dot)com (Also, a Domain Registration Complaint sent to YesNIC since contact email addr is invalid for the spam advertised domain.) Thanks in advance, Nigel
  3. Nigel F.

    SC wants to LART the wrong web host

    Thank you Steve T. and Wazoo, Getting used to this format, I just found page 2, Previously I was unable to ping the spamadvertised URL, now I am able to do so. Thank you very much for the assistance, Nigel
  4. Nigel F.

    SC wants to LART the wrong web host

    Hello turetzsr, Thanks for the help. I cannot seem to duplicate your results, what did you plug into Geektools WHOIS? ---------------------------------- An admin (Wazoo) has moved my two posts into this thread. Could someone please explain to me how my spamadvertized URL: http://www.optinemailtoday.com Associates with: inetnum: - netname: Tekcom >>> UPDATE: found that ns2.virtualuse.com resolves to the above IP block. Thanks, Nigel
  5. Nigel F.

    SC wants to LART the wrong web host

    SpamCop cannot seem to find reporting address and IP for this new (Soloway) site http://www.optinemailtoday.com Registrar is YesNIC Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z794278664z64...d45e9df2777b27z This appears to have something to do with: ns4.virtualuse.com Web site comes up at my location. Would love to know more about this too. Thanks in advance, Nigel