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  1. I don't like this at all! Don't you think the list should show some amount of improvement? Are you guys really improving the areas that needed atention? I'm glad the "FAULTY MAINTENANCE PAGE" issue was pointed out, for example.

    Ive clipped out the repetitive items in the Confirmed & Unconfirmed lists, but I don't think you guys are showing any improvements were made.

    I have been using the new version for a few weeks, back when it really was a Beta version.

    -Now even that URL is wrong (the beta is no longer necessary)

    -The intermittent "read receipt" seems unfixed and still not mentioned in lists above. As I complained, the lists stay static as nothing is being fixed nor added!

    I'm certainly not seeing any updates to either list. I have sent in 2 emails complaining about being unable to login, and I haven't gotten a reply, nor has it been put on the unconfirmed list.

  2. Dumb question, not even sure how to phrase it ... any possibility of accessing one SpamCop e-mail account with different access privileges?  The word "personalities" is floating in my head ...????


    I was thinking something similar, since the settings are different. I thought they might be tied to the cookies, but I'm not sure. I'll have to check the filters from school and another computer at home, to see which ones show up.

    I noticed today that one of the filters wasn't even applied. I found an email in my held mail from one of the mailing lists that I do see a filter for here at work. Are they being checked before or after the blacklists?

    Is there an easier way to handle mailing lists, where the message is sent from a user to a list-id which does the forwarding, rather than a message sent from the list-id? Browsing through the forums, I saw a similar question from another user, but no answer. It's not really feasible to whitelist every single user of the list, even if I knew who they all were beforehand.