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  1. I have gone through your site, and if i had the answer then it would be fine. How about an answer ? On your site it mentions the following !!! If there are no reports of ongoing objectionable email from this system it will be delisted automatically in approximately 0 hours. How about a contact number to talk
  2. Sorry but your answer is not helping me, we have been unable to work since early hours of this morning GMT. :angry: How long must this go on ?
  3. Can you provide a contact number
  4. Not a good enough answer...
  5. ok, i understand. Are you able to provide me with the address that caused us to be listed? Also this is affecting business? What i the quickest way to fix this ?
  6. Hi, So basically what you are saying it that due to emails being sent from us to external clients are being bounced back, becuase either there mail server is down or what ever the case my be. This has resulted in us being listed
  7. :angry: Hi, We have been black listed IP, How can we get off ? regards Barry