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    reports disabled for abuse at zohocorp.com

    Thank you very much for the reply. I've raised the request over there.
  2. Dear SC, I'm from Zoho Abuse Monitoring Desk. Recently one or two users report to me that they cannot report to our abuse contact i.e abuse@zohocorp.com via SC. 1) We never pass on the complete information that you provide to our customers we either block them or warn them with few non trackable information like date of complaint/subject etc. 2) We never opted out of reports from SC. We want them. 3) We take action on all complaints by our monitoring desk persons manually. Kindly provide further information to resolve this issue. Regards, Rajasekar.S.V
  3. Rajasekar.svel

    Spamcop no longer works with Outlook/Exchange

    This is from Zoho Abuse Monitoring Desk. We had taken action on the account who sent the email in 2 days of report from spamcop by warning and also unsubscribing you. Kindly let us know if you receive such complaints.