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  1. Probably a stupid question here. I was trying to configure my mailhosts. I'm loving this site by the way. Here's my problem: LiveJournal's mail server, the source of most of my spam, directs mail sent to myusername[at]livejournal.com* to my Gmail address - simply a forwarding service. So, I configured the last link in the chain, the gmail account, first as instructed. However, I have TWO [at]livejournal.com addresses to list - because I renamed my journal, and receive spam directed to both. i.e. spam that is sent to oldusername[at]livejournal.com still arrives -- it forwards to newusername[at]livejournal.com -- which sends to my GMail account. And of course, any spam mail sent to newusername[at]livejournal.com also comes in. I configured newusername with no problems, but when trying to add oldusername, even with adding a different shortcut name (LJ instead of LiveJournal) it basically.. overwrote my old address -- doesn't show both. How do I get the Mailhost system to recognize the two Livejournal addresses? * obviously not my real user name
  2. Well, I've checked all of my folders including Junk/spam/whatever, and still nothing, despite requesting the mailhost config emails about three times. Can't exactly help if Hotmail trashes it before it even has a chance to get to me at all though FWIW even GMail occasionally throws a spamcop message into my spam folder..
  3. Ok, I will try to request again later tonight then. What lunacy? I really wanted to add my Hotmail address, because that's where I get 99% of my spam. Thanks for such a quick reply!
  4. Apologies, this question has probably been answered umpteen times (and as a former volunteer for Support of a large site I know how annoying that gets). I did read the whole FAQ and could not find a resolution to my problem. I just joined SpamCop and am in the process of configuring all my email addresses. I was able to receive the configuration emails to all of my GMail accounts but for some reason the ones I had sent to my [at]hotmail.com address have not showed up (Requested them to be sent yesterday or so). Would adding the spamcop domain to my contact list help? Nothing from spam Cop has shown up in my 'junk' mail folder. Or can I just re-request the config emails, or would that mess up the system? Thanks, and sorry again for the probably repetitive and stupid question.