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    Reporting addresses

    dbiel, I'll see what I can do. Unfortunatly, there are only a few areas in the website that we are able to customize. Everything else is put together by Reliance. I have not found a way to customize the sign-up page at all. I am going to try to get some of the higher ups to do it though, per your advice. Thanks for the input. This is part of the problem when they sell such fully featured websites for dummies--we dummies aren't trusted with that much control.
  2. JoeGilesRE

    Reporting addresses

    agsteele, Actually the benefits are plenty because the site structure includes the ability to search the MLS with fairly specific criteria. That is the one thing visitors like to do more than anything else on a real estate website. Moreover, it also provides current real estate news articles & tips, when people set up accounts, they're not just signing up to receive email; they also have the ability to set up very specific searches and save them. They can also set up "favorites" folders for specific listiings that they find, print out flyers in various formats, email listings to friends, request a tour or further information from me, etc. There is no way that I could put all of that together and maintain it. Even if I could, the limited download licensing that our MLS provides to our broker would prevent me from being able to add search capability. The only way around that is by becoming a broker and managing my own office--sorry, but no thanks! hehe. As far as getting blocked is concerned, that has been a problem from time to time. I've directed people to my site and they would not get the emails. Fortunately, most of them are able to come up with an alternative address to use, but I'm sure that there are folks who use the search engines to find me, sign up for an account, and then never get emails. In fact, I find new addresses in the database from time to time that are highlighted for being undeliverable. So I'm sure I'm getting blacklisted. Of course some of them are just fake addresses to begin with because people don't like giving out their info. I can certainly understand that. I take pretty extreme measures myself to prevent spam. Miss Betsy, the disclosure you're looking for is on the page where you sign up for an account. If you run a search for property, it will take you to that page right before it shows you the search results.
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    Reporting addresses

    StevenUnderwood, No information is taken from anywhere other than what is manually entered. Merlyn, you are correct, there is no "confirmed opt-in". Jeff G., Dad? is that you? Sorry, I had to ask. My dad's name is Jeff. hehe. Anyway, you're right. The quote from the page that you got to says: By providing this phone number, you give us permission to call you in response to this request, even if this phone number is in the State and/or National Do Not Call Registry. Your privacy is important to us. We never sell, trade or share your personal information with any third party or organization, and only one of our associates will contact you in response to this request. If your property is listed with another real estate company or if you have a buyer's agency agreement with an agent, please disregard this offer. It is not our intention to solicit the offerings of other real estate brokers. That form that you went to is more specifically for the purpose of sending me an email via the website. For example, if a user had a particular question about real estate or a particular home. Of course, in this instance you would have clicked a link that says "Contact me by Email". Now, of course a prankster could use someone elses address in this box but the information entered is not getting stored on a database. It is just an email sent straight to me, and it would not be causing the regular newsletters or "Email Property Finder Properties" emails either. So the bottom line there is that the earlier mentioned disclosure is not there because it does not apply and you are not entered into a mailing list by using that particular form. dbiel, I understand your caution regarding cookies. Like I was telling Jeff G. I am not receiving any information that you do not manually enter, so I don't know what the cookies are for. If anyone reading this is receiving unwanted emails from my site, you can call my phone number to tell me what email address to delete and I would be happy to do so. However, I understand if you don't want to, afterall, you might not be willing to trust me just yet. But other than that and using the unsubscribe process, I don't know what to tell you. Presently I do not plan to stop subscribing to the service that Reliance provides due to the fact that it has help my business so significantly and that the overwhelming majority of registrants find the service to be helpful. However, I would like to see some revisions where the user walks/clicks through a short interview as to what kind of emails they would like to receive and then send them a confirmation. I've told our IT/Reliance go-between guy about this. But I personally have no skills to produce and maintain a site like that so I'm fairly bound to use this service. What makes my options even slimmer is that our MLS only allows each brokerage to have only 2 download licenses from their database regardless of how many agents work for that broker. Without an MLS download license, a real estate website is pretty worthless because people would not be able to search the MLS for homes which is what most visitors want to do.
  4. JoeGilesRE

    Reporting addresses

    While sending out and waiting for a response from a "confirmation" email seems like a great method for ensuring that the controller of the address actually wants the email. This type of system still does not guarantee that the website is trustworthy with the information that it receives. That information can still be abused or hijacked, in which case unsubscriptions would still not necessarily be honored later on down the road. Of course I can only speak for myself and how I handle information that is forwarded to me via Reliance Networks when I say that unsubscriptions are honored fully. In fact, just to be as safe as possible, I routinely delete unsubscribers from the database entirely so that their information does not get picked up by anyone else or misallocated. Afterall, a blacklist is still a list. So if anyone unsubscribes from my site, their email address, phone number and address are all deleted permanantly to further prevent unwanted future contact. For those who are concerned about how Reliance Networks handles information, I have personally entered several profiles with different email addresses and then followed the unsubscription links. I have never received another email from them at those addresses. So even if some prankster has entered your address on my site, I would encourage you that email from my site will stop if you use the unsubscription process. one final note: on the pages where users enter their information, there is a disclosure immediately under the email address entry box that says: "By providing a telephone number and/or email address, you give express permission for us to call you or email you, even if your phone number is on a state or national "Do Not Call" list." So by entering the inforamation to begin with, you are basically "subscribing"
  5. JoeGilesRE

    Reporting addresses

    Hello, My name is Joe Giles of JoeGilesRE.com. I am posting this message to clear the air here. My website emails its registrants with a regular newsletter and other helpful information. Moreover, if somebody runs a property search and saves the search with a request to receive email updates of new listings that come on the market, those email updates will come with the above mentioned subject "Email Property Finder Properties". Recipients of these emails can login at www.JoeGilesRE.com, using just their email address, to delete the saved searches that are generating these emails. Also, if the registrant never want to receive another email from www.JoeGilesRE.com again, they can simply use the "unsubscribe" link that is at the bottom of every email that they receive. All unsubscriptions are honored fully--it is not a fraudulent attempt to determine whether your address is "live" or not. Merlyn mentioned this operation as a spammer "sneaking through the cracks". While I can see how that would appear to be the case, it actually has to do with how the website is generated. I am a real estate agent, not a web designer or webmaster or anything of that sort. I, along with numerous other agents who work at Preview Properties, inc., pay an annual subscription fee to Reliance Networks in return for a pre-designed website that is rich in useful features for prospective homebuyers and sellers. The website itself is somewhat customizable but for the most part it is very similar to other websites of agents who subscribe to this same service. The automatic emails are just some of the many features that are included in the subscription service. They are generated through the "mother site" built by Reliance Networks. But they are sent in such a way that they appear to be coming from www.joegilesre.com. That is a good thing because I want prospective clients to contact me, not Reliance. It has nothing to do with being sneaky. I do legitimate and reputable business in the greater Snohomish County area of Washington State. Unlike other products that frequently get promoted through spam, I sell property in the area that I have lived all my life. And unlike most spammers, I look forward to meeting my customers face-to-face, not just during a sale, but from time to time afterward in the same area. For this reason, my reputation is important to me and that is why I decided to post this message. If anyone reading this is receiving unwanted emails from my site, simply follow the "unsubscribe" link. Your unsubscription will be honored. Sincerely, Joe Giles Preview Properties, Inc.