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    [Resolved] spamcop db -> dns syncing

    My entry is gone too. Thanks guys
  2. wightman.admin

    [Resolved] spamcop db -> dns syncing

    I've checked my SpamCop ISP account settings and all the settings are correct to accept reports. Is there someplace else I need to go to change that??
  3. wightman.admin

    [Resolved] spamcop db -> dns syncing

    When I check the IP it shows it as not being listed not "will be delisted". http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo... Thanks
  4. One of our mailservers had the misfortune to get listed yesterday. When I check the website it says the ip is no longer listed. When I query bl.spamcop.net it is still there. How long before the two systems are synced. Thanks. Scott Cunningham