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  1. bonecrusher

    What about 'picture' spam?

    It is time consuming, and I do not know if it works, but I look up the URL (using GEEKTOOLS), and when the admin lists a USA person, I forward the spam and that lookup to the Attorney General of that state, with a request for the website to be shut down. On second request, I ask the AG to be sure the guy is paying income tax on his spam earnings. Natch, I don't expect to hear back, but if simpleRX.org goes away; =;+)
  2. bonecrusher

    URL question

    Looking at several of my past reports, I note that none of them had the "return path" that you noted. So it would appear that that is not a mandatory e-mail field; is that correct? Also follows that one should watch for it and any field other than "To" and munge any ID. Is this sound thinking? I am, as shown, a newbie in this field.
  3. bonecrusher

    URL question

    Thanks, did that and saw <To: Customer <x>> so SC at least in this case removed the ID from the header. I would assume it is a good idea to check the body for ID.
  4. bonecrusher

    URL question

    I am a bit confused on this. When I paste the spam into Spamcop, I do not alter it. After SC processes it, it appears that there is no ID of mine left, so I would assume SC has done the munge. I looked at the tracked URL and the only thing I could recognise was name of my ISP. I did not see any link back from the tracked URL to the source document. Thanks
  5. bonecrusher

    URL question

    So, should one or should one not, when pasting to the Spamcop, edit the "link" to make it be a recognisable one. Also, does the presence of tracking URL on this board expose one to spam? If so please now delete them. Thanks
  6. bonecrusher

    URL question

    How's this: Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z802021042z44...86248d8ceff91fz
  7. bonecrusher

    URL question

    Correct; paste entire spam "no links"; paste only the last portion with "www" it gives links.
  8. bonecrusher

    URL question

    Thanks, that is interesting, since when I pasted the complete spam, Spamcop handled the header but said no links in body.
  9. bonecrusher

    URL question

    I am curious about what may be a new form of link obfuscation: sample follows, note the absence of the usual prefixes >>link below ) gate.6ucibic4tccbao64t6omb6o6.dehairernfke.com << If one deletes through "6o6" and inserts "www." Spamcop returns a valid URL Edit: Jeff G. removed extraneous quote.