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    Reporting spam-friendly sites useful?

    I see what you mean. Very well; thanks for the quick turnaround!
  2. cputrdoc

    Reporting spam-friendly sites useful?

    Then let me take this thread down a slightly different (though related) route which is probably a FAQ that I just couldn't find -- How can I find a list of the ISPs participating in SpamCop already? If Yahoo is already running this through Spamcop, there's no point in me doing it again, and I can focus on just my one remaining troublesome account with absolutely no filtering (on netscape.net). That'll cut my spam reporting time in half!
  3. I get about 50-80 spam messages a day, 9 in 10 of them are from chinanet. Yahoo Mail already identifies them as junk mail and sorts them out accordingly. The real question I have, though, is whether reporting these messages to SpamCop is really doing any good. It looks like SpamCop isn't bothering to report chinanet spam any more and instead sorts it to general tracking e-mail addresses and to ctsummary[at]special.abuse.net. If it's doing someone some good for me to continue forwarding these messages as I receive them, or most especially if there is some sort of activity going on to make chinanet enforce their spam rules some day, I'll continue doing it. If, on the other hand, all I'm doing is make the reported spam rate graphs go up, I'll just start emptying my spam buckets more regularly and skip the spamcop reporting process. I'm a community service volunteer, I'm a SETI[at]home advocate, and I'm a distributed.net participant. If it makes the world a better place, I'll do all kinds of things that have no benefit to me directly or immediately. That includes reporting spam for domains like chinanet. But I'll quit if it's not doing anyone any good.