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  1. Okay Jeff. I've done that. I hope everything is set up correctly now. I've begun reporting spam again. Thanks to all who helped.
  2. I tried. But the original screen that had the two check boxes never appeared again. I don't know how to get back to that point. What should I do?
  3. Correct. I do not receive mail through any account from my Cable company. What puzzled me is that when I registered, there were two servers it suggested I set up. One was an SMTP. I unchecked it. It is impossible to receive email through an SMTP as far as I'm aware. That's what confused me. I will assume that I am now correctly set up and that I can continue to report spam through Mailhost unless I hear otherwise. Thanks.
  4. Hi Wazoo. With respect, I must say that StevenUnderwood's response makes more sense to me than yours did. Will you read his response and see if you agree with it? Pop3 is the way I receive my email. That comes from the ISP that hosts my domain and my email account. SMTP is the way I send my email. That comes form my Cable company. I don't know how to explain it more clearly than that. This is how my Outlook Express is set up. StevenUnderwood said that Mailhost registration isn't concerned with how I send email, only with how I reveive it. If you agree with him, then my question is answered and my Mailhost registration is correctly and completely set up. I do not use any forwarding email accounts.
  5. When I registered my Mailhost, it gave me my correct Pop3 address where I receive email. However, it used my domain's ISP's SMTP, which I don't use to send email. I send email from my Cable ISP's SMTP. Do I need to add this SMTP for my registration to be complete?