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  1. Upon being asked to re-examine the different forums, yes this one looks to be exactly the one I was looking for. The forum title however Mailhost System Configuration reads (to me) like "Mail server configuration", which isn't what it means, or what I was looking for, which is why I passed over it. Its presence underneath the paid services also added to my confusion, I presumed that under some paid services I would do some special mail server configuration. The mail path terminology used in the FAQ makes sense, and if used universally might be more clear. Yes, obviously if I posted in the wrong forum, I missed the FAQs visible there. Presently there's 14 threads Announced or Pinned, that's a lot. In my instance it's just A -> B, I've registered B already, I'm working on A. Is the FAQ right? There's discussion about it later in the thread. The A, then B, then C recomendation contridicts this thread: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4068 Never Gets Forwarded: The message from the spamcop robot appears fine in the University webmail system, however unlike the messages that come before and after it, it is never forwarded on to my non-university account. I've checked my local spam filter and grep'd maillog, it never gets forwarded. I presumed that spamcop was using some special tag that marked the message as don't foward or something. Only contains data pertaining to the university: The email contains (trimmed): All the information in that block pertains to the University, however normally emails will hit the university server, then mine. If I set up this email account with the new mailhost configuration stuff, and only tell spamcop about the university server, won't it get confused when the messages I report contain both my mail server and my university mail server in the headers. Does the cut/paste option entry do you any good (or do you know anything about that?) ... I'm moving this to the "correct" Forum .... As per above, I wasn't sure if that would do more harm than good. StevenUnderwood: Yes, all email gets forwarded to me, however for reasons unknown to me (some weird don't forward tag?) the spamcop message does not. Also, as per above, I wasn't sure what would happen if I used the copy/paste method to add the server, since the entire mail path wasn't yet included in the message.
  2. Hi, I'm currently reporting mail under the 'new' system, where spamcop knows which mailhosts are mine/trustworthy. This works great for all the mail that gets sent directly there. However, I have an email account with my University, mail that gets sent there is automatically forwarded to an email account on my mail server. When I ask spamcop to send the "learn a new mailhost" message, it gets sent to the university fine, but never gets forwarded (which is odd), and contains information only pertaining to the university mail server. How can I teach spamcop about my forwarding settings, and help it learn that the university and my server are both in fact trustworthy.
  3. So, had I not unchecked the boxes, only a single spam report would have been sent?
  4. I got the mail below, when the spam reporting options came up, the system indicated it was ready to send mail to both the administrators of www.EXperIenCELIfe.InFO and of EXperIenCELIfe.InFO, which was the same set of email addreses. I unchecked the boxes for the second set to avoid duplicate mailings, but was surprised they were there to begin with. Is this a bug or desired behavior? Admins: If it's bad form or just a bad idea to post full headers please feel free to trim.