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  1. ok, thanks. But the FAQ notes "SCBL uses Spamtrap reports to weight total reports. For spamtrap scores less than 6, the SCBL multiplies by 5 the quantity of spamtrap reports and adds this to the report score. For larger spamtrap scores, the SCBL squares the quantity. Examples: If an IP address has 2 spamtrap reports and 3 SpamCop user-reported reports, its weighted score is 13: (2 * 5) + 3 = 13. " So I figured the 5 +3 in my case caused the issue. But now I read it again... it must still be early, I guess I completely misread the info. nvm Anyway, if any one of you, or a deputy can confirm that the on the 15th they SC didn't receive mail from my IP on a spamtrap address, I can remove the addresses of people who subscribed over the past two weeks and with it remove the spamtrap. Then the spamtrap would be removed from my mailing list, and if then SC receives mail from my server after that, Wazoo is right and it's not 'just' 'my' server. I doubt it's a coincidence that I got listed while sending out a mailing, hence I except the above would solve 'my' problem. Please enlighten me if I'm overlooking something here.
  2. We 'are' talking about 'my' server. It's dedicated for the site. The 1300% (which is now on 828%) is (hence, partly) because I sent out the second half of the list (without getting blocked obviously and as it should be). I understand you guys are involved with spam all day, but there are still honest lists with subscribers that actually expect to receive mail. I don't want to withhold my members a great offer that allows them to get a fair discount on a product many of them are likely to buy regardless of whether I send a mailing, because of a spamtrap. Rebuilding as suggested would shrink the list a lot even under the most ideal circumstances (while I don't spam in the first place). Let me just say that is far from necessary, 'if' it is caused by a spamtrap, because I'd be able to identify at least a block of several thousands (instead of tens of thousands) that caused me to get listed and delete the block rigorously, or I'd be able to use a older backup of the list as 'unsubscribes' are kept in the online forum profile. The list what makes the site possible, hence I and my 100K+ members rather get rid of the spamtrap address that you created, and your enemies abuse making me and my community, while I don't spam, an indirect target and victim. Again, 'if' that is the case. No offense btw, I appreciate the suggestions nevertheless. Needless to say, I 'will' create a more strict double opt-in subscribe system. I noticed that yesterday, which is of course a good thing of course, and just. I haven't contacted a deputy yet btw, because I want to dig into it myself as much as possible before I do. Here's a thought though: I noticed the reports (which I unfortunately never received) posted earlier in this thread where sent on the 15th this month, and I read the SCBL ignores reports older than 14 days. I think I got listed because of those three reports in combination with a spamtrap, and that the reason I got de-listed so quickly yesterday/today (when date became 29th) is that the 3 reports are 14 days ago and one spamtrap 'alert' wouldn't be enough to keep me listed? Anyway, I'm trying to find out who reported (on the 15th) and why because those are false or either caused by someone else using their address to register (which again they would ahve noticed by the confirmation). And, again, unsubscribing is easy and unsubscribe request by email are never ignored. Thanks again all.
  3. Ok, Steve T. It's kinda a habbit at my forums to refer to each other by the username. Most people actually refer to me as 'Webmaster', but Johan will do fine. Ok, sounds fair and logical. I can do all that by changing some settings and modifying some code fairly easily, and surely that's worth the effort if that keeps me of the list. Some concerns though (I have to double-check both): - I've sent the mailing to only the first half of the list. That part contains addresses that are at least 6 months old, meaning it's unlikely it contains a spamtrap, considering it would have received a message at least 10 times in the last 6 months. - If you spoof an email to my mailserver using a spamtrap as the sender address, and a bogus[at]techexams.net as the recipient, it would go to a catch-all account, hence not sent an undeliverable. I stopped the mailing when it got listed again after the express delisting, basically means that if there are going to be reports of ongoing objectionable email from mysystem it will not be delisted automatically in approximately 15 hours, and I will be sure it's not my mailing list.
  4. Thanks for the reply turetzsr. Well, as explained above, that innocent victim would receive a confirmation with hist unwanted account info. But what can I do to prevent someone from registering a spamtrap address. If someone uses a spamtrap address to register the IP would get listed because a registration confirmation would be sent directly to the spamtrap. I'll do some more reading here first, before contacting the deputy.
  5. It's an opt-in list, which is a separate list from the forum member list, but one can only subscribe by registering for the latter. I.o.w. when someone signs up for the forums there is an option in the user profile for receiving our Info Letter. They don't get actually confirmation like "you have been subscribed to the Info Letter, but receive a general welcome message with their account info. I.o.w. whether they opt-in to receive mail or not they receive a confirmation. So, as I mentioned in my previous post, someone can enter an email address of someone else, but the latter would receive confirmation. I get a message about 3 times a year from users that received a confirmation message but didn't sign up. Of course those are removed immediately. People can unsubscribe from the mailing list without losing their forum account, and can create a forum account without having to receive mailings, at all.
  6. If you are suggesting that basically anyone can submit an email address to the list, then yes, they can. Single opt-in, but they do receive a welcome message and account information/registration confirmation. Meaning, if someone would submit an address of someone else, the latter would notice it. I'm running my mailing list as well as the website with the utmost responsibility. Members in the forums know that very well. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Thanks. I didn't notice your post while I posted the above, but as I mentioned, my host told me they didn't receive any reports on this IP. Probable referring to recently, over a period that could be of influence on this situation. Still, can I see who reported back then? Should I not have received a message? I don't want to send mail to people who don't want it, but I'd like to know why they report instead of contacting me. Apart from two easy methods to unsubscribe, if I'd really spam someone he/she could post/complain about it in my forums, which is obviously something I'd like to avoid in the first place. Yes, it does receive email from the internet, ie. for my webmaster account. Quite honestly, it would not surprise me if it does what you describe. I'd have to double-check and fix if necessary. However, it would be a major coincidence if 'that' would cause me to get listed here on the same day I sent out my mailing (twice). I.o.w. it seems highly unlikely that that's the cause. www.techexams.net/technotes/securityplus/emailsecurity.shtml#spam You got the wrong guy
  8. I just had a chat with my host ev1.net. They are not involved and never received any abuse reports for my IP or mail domain. Here are some details about my sending process. - I use Dada mail, a fairly advanced cgi scri_pt. - I send out a mailing in batches, only 60 messages per minute. - In addition to manual unsubscribe requests (when they reply to the message instead of changing their member profile online) I clean up the list at least once every month by removing bounced addresses (inactive, incorrect email addresses) - The following text is at the bottom of each message: "You are receiving this message because you joined our Info Letter when you registered at TechExams.Net. To remove yourself from the TechExams.net Info Letter, update your profile at the TechExams.Net Forums. Just follow this link: Member Profile, or reply to this message." - I don't spam. I understand the spamtraps are secret, but please advice on what to do next. - How to get off the list? - How to stay off the list? - Should I hit that Dispute listing link? Is it possible that the sole reason for getting listed today is that I made the classic mistake of sending the mailing twice (though partly)?
  9. Not likely considering that I'm getting listed while sending out our mailing. Total size is about 40,000. Note that I carefully built up this list over the past 3 year, all IT professionals that use my free study material and they all registered and subscribed themselves. Obviously that's not something one attains by spamming. I guess there's no need to express my feelings regarding this, more importantly, how do I get delisted this time? I don't spam. I will contact my host and will keep you posted here. What does that mean? I know I know, rtfm, but it conflicts with the following quote. And does that at least mean that you haven't received spam reports from a person (in regards to my suspicion of a banned member)? Spamtraps, bounced messages... can it be that my host (ev1.net) notices the bounced messages (inactive address, full mailboxes) that are sent back to their network/my mail server and that that is getting my IP listed here? Thanks for the help so far.
  10. Silly me... I knew you needed the IP and I did plan to include it: Yeah rub it in Seriously though, I know, I should have digged further before using the express delist option. Forgive me for wanting to remove my IP as quickly as possible from a list it shouldn't be on in the first place. I admit, I panicked, plus I got 120 new members registering every day who need to be able receive their account information/confirmation. well, that's apparantly not what I want to do, hence my questions here....... I did notice the word 'spamtrap' in the corner of my eyes when using the delist option... Thanks for the quick reply btw.
  11. Hi, I was just sending out our bi-weekly offer to my 'real opt-in' mailing list for which my forum members opted in (using a separate opt-in option when registering for member access) to receive special offers twice a month. I do not spam, I actually use the spamcop bl on my own server. I delisted it through the web form, but of course want to prevent this from happening again, because I think I know the reason*. I've been doing this for three years and always receive friendly unsubscribe requests (which users can do manually by editing their member profile online, or simply by replying to the email, as listed at the bottom of the email). I have never received a "stop spamming me' message, only "please remove/unsubscribe me". *The reason I suspect caused me to be listed is that I accidentally started the mailing process twice, cause a couple of thousand subscribers to receive the message twice. However, I assume everyone agrees a mistake like that shouldn't get me listed. Another possible reason is that we have very strict rules on our forums, we don't tolerate any crap (making spam very unlike us), and don't hesitate to ban users when we feel is necessary to keep the experience for other visitors a pleasant one. I fear one of the banned individuals (which we do remove from the list manually) is trying to get back at us. Regardless of what I suspect, I'd like to know who reported my IP and why. Based on what I read on this site, I should have received a report and be able to reply directly. I take very great care in not sending spam for ethical reasons and like to maintain a good relationship with my host. I'd definitely get burned in our forums if I would actually send spam. The mailings I send, again for which my subscribers opted-in, are not like the crap you receive in 99% of the spam ads but are actually real discounts on training products for IT certifications, which is exactly what my visitors want. Obviously not the subscriber who reported me, but that's why it's an opt-in list and provides several easy ways to unsubscribe. Sorry for the rant. I tried to find a email address to contact someone here for more info but could only find the form for ISP personel. Thanks, Johan