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  1. Ronald Scelson, "The Cajun Spammer", says that he now sends millions of unwanted emails in full compliance with the law. He also says that if the millions of people who don't want his emails continue to block those unwanted emails, that he will stop sending them as CAN-spam compliant and begin using illegal tactics again. "When I'm forced into a situation where I cannot do legal business because other people are interfering with it, I will go back to spam," he told Reuters after the hearing. Maybe it's just me, but isn't this like John Gotti saying "If I can't skim union dues and shake down storeowners legally, then I'm going to be forced to become a criminal!" Considering that the man works out of an underground fallout shelter, I'm wondering if anyone in his area has access to a cement truck and is free during working hours...
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    No answer

    Nothing, probably. There are some system issues lately that are being worked out one by one. I just got confirmation this morning of a batch of spam I sent in six days ago!
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    beginner needs help!

    Before you burn yourself out, remember that you don't need to report anything. Every little bit helps, and if you have time to report 100+ messages a day, then by all means do so. I drove myself crazy and almost gave up reporting (and made myself late for work several times!) by thinking that I had to report each and every spam that I got. A post by Miss Betsy knocked some sense into me when she said "report what you have time for, and delete the rest." Don't drive yourself crazy. Concentrate on fighting the good fight and then go outside and enjoy some sun...
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    What's that? We play dirty too?

    And in case you haven't seen it... ...here's Scott Richter looking like a... well, a spammer.
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    What's that? We play dirty too?

    Score one more for the good guys.
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    It is, and they are. We aren't talking about legitimate retailers here, we're talking about spammers, scammers, liars, and thieves. If someone cares so little about their target audience that they send a "mortgage application" to 40,000,000 people while expecting only 5 - 10,000 responses, then I'm not going to shed a single tear if their response data is less than accurate. Do you think I give a damn about someone who sends me an email that says "WE R3C31V3D yU0r M0r+Gag3 4PPL1c4t10N?" I've said it before, and I'll say it again - my inbox is my property, and if you aren't an invited guest then keep the hell out. If you have to mangle your product's name just so that I can see it, then you should damned well know that I don't want to see it! Spammers know that almost nobody wants what they're peddling and yet they continue to spew their floods of offal out into the net, not giving a rat's ass where it ends up. With every *click* that starts a spam run, a spammer says "I am about to inconvenience millions of people, wasting both their time and money, but since I stand to make a few bucks... I am an a**h*#e, and I don't care." Well you know what? I'm an a**h*#e, and I do care. They want to inconvenience the world? Fine - then they can suffer the consequences. I don't care if their servers melt, I don't care if their bandwidth rates go sky-high, I don't care if their realworld mailboxes get stuffed with hate mail, I don't care if someone tosses bags of flaming sh** onto Alan Ralsky's Mercedes and beats the everloving sh** out of Scott Richter on the street. THEY decided that the rules of polite society don't apply to them, and I goddamned sure don't care WHO decides to play by the same rules. They want to go around all the "please don't intrude" signs I've placed around my inbox? Fine. But I don't want to hear one complaint out of them when someone decides to fight back using the same tactics. They drew the line in the sand, not me, and if they have a problem with that then fu** them. They started the dirty part of the war, and now they can reap the benefits.
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    Funny you should mention that... I think you might like this. Everyone's assignment for Friday - 1) Sign the petition if you haven't. 2) Join the Unsolicited Commandos. 3) Read HillsCap's exellent plan for using FriedSpam and cook up a batch. 4) Teach a newbie/parent/grandparent/tech challenged friend a little about safe computing and offensive anti-spam techniques. 5) ??? 6) Profit!! We need recruits, folks. I posted a glorious rant about this project on another site that I frequent and got exactly two responses, one of which said "you'll never stop spam, you should just ignore it." Grr. I quote HillsCap... "This is a war of attrition, and I will not be attritioned." I stand behind that, and I'm in this for the long haul.
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    I believe I speak for many when I say... BOO YAA, SCOTTY! Do you feel lucky, punk? Do you?
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    XShare - You might want to know that spammers like Richter and his oozy little friends have programs running that do nothing but crawl the web looking for email addresses that have been posted. Any time you post your email addy it's a good idea to obscure it a little to keep it out of the hands of the bots. I did it for you in my quote of your message, and you should probably edit your message in a similar manner. Thanks for joining in, and be sure to bring friends!
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    One down, too many to go...

    From http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial/20040401/1048828.asp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ERIE COUNTY COURT Spammer convicted, faces time in prison By MATT GRYTA News Staff Reporter 4/1/2004 Howard Carmack did not testify. Howard H. Carmack, known as the Buffalo spammer, was convicted Wednesday of illegally sending hundreds of millions of commercial e-mails. The conviction followed four hours of deliberations after a four-day trial before Senior Erie County Judge Michael L. D'Amico. A jury found Carmack, 37, guilty as charged on 14 counts covering forgery, identity theft, falsifying business records and criminal possession of a forgery device. Carmack, whose arrest last spring drew national attention, showed little reaction to the verdict. He was jailed minutes after his conviction - the first of its kind in New York State. Prosecutors Paul F. McCarthy and Cydney Kelly of the state attorney general's office said Carmack's conviction sends a message to illegal spammers. Carmack, of Parkridge Avenue, served a brief federal prison term on a 1997 fraud conviction and still faces fraud charges in Pennsylvania. He faces a mandatory prison term of two to seven years when sentenced May 27. Carmack, who did not testify or present any alibi witnesses, was convicted of defrauding the EarthLink Internet service and eight men from New York State, Ohio and Washington, D.C., by either fraudulently obtaining EarthLink accounts in their names or using their corporate e-mail addresses to sell products. Kelly and McCarthy said EarthLink officials, who obtained a $16.4 million judgment against Carmack last May in Atlanta, contend Carmack ran 343 illegal e-mail accounts under false names from 2002 until his arrest last May. Karen Cashion, EarthLink's assistant general counsel, who led the civil case against Carmack, said the Buffalo spammer's conviction "puts spammers on notice that in addition to being held liable for millions of dollars in civil damages, they can also be sent to prison for their intrusive and illegal e-mails." Wayne C. Felle, Carmack's attorney, said the conviction will be appealed. Based on the seizure of business and bank records and computer equipment from Carmack's home May 13, state prosecutors contended he was making $60,000 to $70,000 annually until his scheme was shut down. In their closing arguments, prosecutors emphasized that spam is legal and said Carmack was not being prosecuted for being a spammer, but for identify theft and forgery-related Internet crimes. The prosecutors stressed that a "black book" FBI agents seized from Carmack's own bedroom contained the names and information about all eight men victimized by the scheme and an EarthLink toll-free phone number for setting up service accounts. e-mail: mgryta[at]buffnews.com
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    Inappropriate Posts

    Then we'll be sure to ignore everything you say, too.
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    Why is SpamCop on MY domain?

    Then whoever provides the mail service for amcsweb.com is the one who did the blocking. As Miss Betsy said earlier, Spamcop does not block mail. They provide a list of spam sources that mail service providers can use to block mail. If you'll follow the link that Steven Underwood gave to you then you'll see that the ip address in question is a significant source of spam. If you have any connections with the owners of that address, then perhaps you can help us get the security problems fixed. Again, Spamcop doesn't block mail. They identify spam sources and ISP's are free to use or not use the Spamcop list. There is nothing at all illegal about that. Interesting in the "lawsuit brought for something that isn't illegal" way, yes.